Friday, June 22, 2012

Foxy Friday - Weekend Plans HeroCon

Posted By: Leah

You guys, I've wanted to throw the towel in sooo many times this week. I am not even joking. My heart was in my 12 Week Shape Up last week when I created this motivational plan for my trip to California. And this week... I'm just not feeling it. In the weight-loss journey there are highs and lows. My lows are hitting me sooner than later this time. I'm still down weight-wise, but not much.

To be honest, here were are a couple things holding me back from total calling Papa John's and stopping by the fro-yo place on the way to pick it up.... the biggest thing was my accountability to all of you. I feel like I have so much support on my blog, and am kind-of putting myself out there with my 12 Week Shape Up... and I keep thinking how embarrassing it will be if I give up. Or stop it all together. I have made the commitment to myself and all of you so I'm keeping it up!

That said.... here's my Friday weigh-in: -2.6 lbs

(Reminder: I was at 3.8 lbs down last week this time... yeah.) 
So I'm still in the game. I am. This is normal, healthy weight loss.
My energy is low. I feel super unfocused. I'm just going through the motions until it all clicks again for me. I've been asked to do not 1 but two guest blogs. I need to pull myself together and be there for you guys. It's in me, I just need a minute to re-focus. 

Update on this week's missions:
  • Tracking - UM.... when I remember. I need to make it a habit. I WILL make it a priority.
  • 30 Day Abs - I've done these exactly 1x this week. And skipped 4 days last weekend. Not awesome.
  • Fruit 'till Noon - YES! Always! And blackberries are out, that means FREE fruit :) (plus it's all organic and local obviously, and seasonal. yay)
Enough abut that. Sorry for being Debbie Downer....... onto my weekend plans that don't involve food (isn't it crazy how our lives revolve around our meals!)

BF, Gav and I are going to Hero Con!

So get ready for a whole bunch of pictures next week of me dressed as Hello Kitty and Gav dressed as (Mario - this is espec funny if you followed my IG this week regarding him being Mario and lipstick. HA!)

Things I've said today, that you probably haven't, "I can only find one of my scull  thigh-highs, I will just pack my superman ones, and 8 other pairs of knee-highs, thigh-highs and leg warmers. Ugh where is it?"Really, this came out of my mouth. 

Get ready for pictures, I'm taking my actual, real camera to this thing. I'm pretty excited to wear my Hello Kitty Ears. 
(For the record: NO I'm not into cosplay or plushies and furries, role-playing, plushophilia, or any of that weird crap I'm sure I'll be around. I love Hello Kitty. But not Like That. gross! Clearly BF, Gav and I will be the coolest people there. and HELL to the NO (RIP Whitney) BF will NOT be dressing up. only me & Gav... and thousands of other people) 

This really is NOT how I will be dressed. I promise to take pics of people who do look like this. maybe. I will have on a t-shirt and real clothes. PROMISE!

Have an amazing weekend!
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  1. 2.6 pounds is great and most importantly, HEALTHY. You rock girlfran.

    Also, Hero Con looks like so much fun. C and his best friend went to Dragon Con for years and I want him to go and take me so I can basically drink my face off and people watch. It helps that I actually know who a lot of the characters are too :)

  2. 2.6lbs in one week is amazing!!! You're being too hard on yourself... usually the weight loss slows after a week or so but it'll be steady.

    And yeah, I'm totally slacking on the 30day Abs Challenge. But I know it'll work if I stick to it, because I feel like my stomach looks so much better the day after I do it. I might be imagining that though.... ;-)

    Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks girl, you are right! I really am being too hard on myself. I am so all or nothing. That will need to be my next week's mission. To cut myself some slack :)

  3. YEAH 2.6 lbs that is great! I feel you on the motivate. I tell you I feel that always! I started and stopped - started and stopped the 30 day crunch! I would love to get results like Shannon but I would have to actually keep it up. I really like to stay fit and lose pounds but on this journey has taught me to eat better, eat healtier and oh so excersice!


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