Friday, June 15, 2012

Fruit till Noon on this Foxy Friday

Posted By: Leah

Happy Friday to you!
I'm linking up with K with Down at Fraggle Rock's Foxy Friday!

I'm thrilled that so many of you have contacted me about Fruit 'till Noon. How's it going ladies? I'm also happy that I've gotten a lot of support and encouragement for doing a link-up for my 12 Week Shape Up I'll be posting on Tuesdays.

It's now time for my public weigh-in aka my ticker of weight-loss:

3.8 lbs down's not bad for not even the end of week one if I do say so myself (considering I've done next to no exercise other than that damn 30 day abs)

I also have a smaller ticker that has a permanent home on my right side-bar below my Shape-Up button (Ugh this sounds like a Sketchers commercial. gross!) I meant to say my awesome 12 week Cali surf girl button!

So what exactly have I been doing this week to get my foxy on?
 Fruit till noon, Duh :)
I've gotten quite a few questions on Fruit 'till Noon and wanted to post all the answers here. To learn what the heck I'm talking about, go read my official Fruit 'till Noon post from a couple years back. It talks about how and why this is such an important thing to incorporate into your routine for health and weight loss.

In summary, it's eating nothing but fresh, raw fruit from the time you wake up until you eat lunch. Fruit is your only breakfast. It's really easy.
1) What if I get hungry? You need to be prepared with a TON of fruit. I'm talking cups and cups of cut-up fruit, and/or multiple pieces. You want to pretty much stuff yourself on fruit. As your body adapts to not being used to the heavy proteins/carbs you will be satisfied on less and less fruit. I personally eat a piece of fruit (peach, apple, etc) as soon as I get to work around 8-ish, then another piece around 10-ish and am fine. You may require more and that's normal. 
2) But fruit is so boring/gross, how can I make myself eat it? There are tons of fun things you can do with fruit! Plus with a zillion varieties out there, there HAS to be at least one type you like. Cut it up and make a fruit salad! Blend it with ice and make a fruit smoothie! Try a new kind... maybe you love papaya or mango and just never gave it a chance? Apples are ALWAYS available, and who doesn't like pineapple? There's sooo much in season this time of year, you will find fruit that you love. I Promise :)
3) So can I have coffee or maybe a small something else to eat along with my fruit? No! go back up and read my Fruit 'till Noon post again. If you HAVE to have 1 cup of coffee so you don't murder people, then fine. But I'm not telling you it's okay. And make sure your creamer is non-dairy if you must use it too
4) I heard that eating a lot of fruit might give me 'bathroom issues.' No and yes. For some people when they eat very high-fiber foods like BEANS, they may become gassy or run to the bathroom. This is NOT as a result of the high-fiber foods (such as fruit), it is a result of everything you have eaten PRIOR. If you don't believe me, try eating black beans 5 days in a row. I GUARANTEE you that yes you may experience 'issues' the first few days, but very soon your body will 'eliminate' all the 'crap' you have eaten prior, and you'll be eating fruits, beans, anything high-fiber with no 'issues.' Think of it as a cleanse ;) **Please note, very few people experience these 'issues' so don't give it a second thought on the fruit. Mostly people have this problem with just beans**
5) Who are you and why do you think you're the fruit expert? I am only speaking from personal experience. Before you knock this or say it's not for you, give it a FULL WEEK. Then as a test (be sure to do this on a weekend day) go back to your regular breakfast of breads, meats, eggs, whatever. Then tell me how you feel. 99.99% of you will be tired, lethargic, and your body will want you to rest so it can work hard to digest all the non-fruit you've suddenly given it for breakfast. But no, I'm no physician. If you have any sort of glucose issue- diabetes, hypoglycemia, etc. Consult your Dr. or don't do it. 
6) Let's be for real, I'm only doing Fruit 'till Noon to lose weight... how much will I lose? That is totally up to you. With your increased energy you'll be more likely to hit the gym, and your body will be flushing out all the non-fiber 'crap' so it could be 2 lbs in a week... it could be 10. I have no idea. Try it and let me know!
Link up with a bloggie bestie of mine K and share what you're doing to become Foxy this Friday!

PS I just got accepted as a  with Cleaver Girls Collective. Pretty stoked! 


  1. Was the coffee comment at me? Haha

  2. Thanks for the link to your old post about fruit in the mornings.

    I've been eating and egg and a slice of toast for breakfast since January so it's a bit hard breaking that habit but I am doing it and I will give this an honest chance! So far I've just been sticking with half a fresh pineapple for breakfast. I just started buying them a couple of weeks ago and, believe it or not, it's the first time I've ever had FRESH pineapple. I was surprised at how mellow it is compared to the canned stuff. It's really really lovely.

  3. I had a nectarine and grapes so far today - I am alittle hungry but I am going to make it!


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