Friday, June 22, 2012

Leah's Five Friday Fav's

Posted By: Leah

Today wanted to highlight 5 posts from 5 bloggers that I've seen either already today or earlier this week that rocked my socks. These are from blogs of all sizes that I follow. These posts have made me happy and/or thoughtful and/or I just HAD to share them with you... They are worth checking out!

5- Pink Lemondade: On Freebie Friday!
You know those little buttons a lot of blogs have over to the side? The icons to follow the blogger's other social media sites like FB, IG, etc? Alynne Leigh not only created these in adorable colors for you for FREE, she's offering to help you upload them to your blog if you need it. FOR FREE too! How awesome is she!?

4- Everyday is a Holiday: Summertime Traveling Art Kit (DIY)

Not just this post, but seriously EVERY SINGLE POST Jenny writes is amazing. She is an artist/designer from the Jersey shore but the exact oppisite of the GTL crowd. She.Is.Adorable. From her pink hair to her love of aqua, gold and pink, she's like a flashback to 50/60's kitsch but in modern-day awesomeness. I *may* have done a tiny cheer when I looked at my followers list and saw she followed me back a few weeks ago. ANYWAY (geez,do I have a blogcrush or what? ) The DIY summertime traveling art kit Jenny posted a tutorial for this week rocks my socks. Sarah (my sister, not any other Sarah), don't read this because I'm soo making this for you for xmas!

3- Sakura Haruka on Bargain Hunting in Hong Kong

You already know about my love of Hello Kitty. But did you know I also love everything kawaii, not to mention bright, colorful and fun? I love so much about the Asian culture from the food to the fashion to the people, they are just gorgeous! Anyway, Sakura had the coolest family ever. This week she took us on a bargain hunting trip in Hong Kong! I need to shop in Hong Kong immediately!

2- First Comes Love: On Blog Snobs

So many of us comment on other blogs that 'I could have written this post myself' but this one I REALLY truly could have. I think about topic this pretty much daily... as I scroll through my blogger feed. I sometimes don't even read the 'big blogs' anymore and 99% of the time I don't comment, just because more often than not these girls don't take the time to reply or care who's reading their stuff. It's rude. Brittany said "A blogger's mantra should be: humility and respect." Truer words have never been spoken (typed).

1- The Nearsighted Owl: I am proud of my size Link-up #3

Rachele is a big girl, she's a size 26. She posts all the time about loving yourself no matter what size you are, and that we are all beautiful. Just like so many girls, I am guilty of self-hate due to thinking I need to be a perfect size 4/6. In reality I'm a 10. I have not had a chance to take a full-body photo (lack of full-length mirrors in my life... and yes I probably have deeper issues considering I don't even own one). But I really do want to link up with her soon. Next week. For sure. Another amazing post Rachele wrote this week is on The Word Fat. You should check this one out too. She is not self-deprecating or making jokes in her blog. She's a super pretty, happily married, adorable, funny, fashionable, motivational, PNW blogger. A must-read.


AND.... I'm sponsoring another giveaway! You know how my favorite thing (other than HK, Gav, and BF) is cupcakes? I have an *EXCLUSIVE* ShopLeah CUPCAKE giveaway! And they have zero calories! These are not currently available in my Shop anymore (those custom orders were beginning to kill a mama!) but for you guys, heck yes I'll drive all over town searching for the 'perfect' shade of coral washcloth to make these. Hit me up for details on how you can order my super awesome Washcloth Cupcakes (I can make 1 or 100. The more you order the less expensive they become)! In the meantime check out the giveaway!


  1. Hilarious we both wrote about blog snobs, of course referencing different folks, but great minds think alike. Totally love your blog now.. and the clips. I just can't stop adding them. I must look into buying some more. :)

  2. I come across blog snobs on a daily bases. They suck. That's why I stick with the little fish in the pond like me :)

    ps... I got your package :)! I am emailing you NOW!


  3. Hi Leah, thanks for coming by and including me in your 5 Friday Faves. Glad you are so interested in our culture :) Ope to bring more interesting info to ou and my readers and don't worry, i'm not a blog snob haha. Will b checking out the rest of the links. Have a good weekend!

    Ai @ Sakura Haruka

  4. Aww, I'm so flattered to be listed in your Friday Favorites! (:

    Love your other picks, especially Rachele! Love her blog!

  5. Oh my gosh Leah!! Thank you so so so much for the too too kind words! gosh! You made me blush, and smile big! :) Thank you so much for the love!

    Happy Weekend!!
    xo Jenny

  6. You are too nice! Thanks for the encouragement. I totally appreciate it. <3

    P.S. Hope to see you on the link up soon, beautiful!


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