Friday, June 29, 2012

Leah's Five Friday Fav's

Posted By: Leah

I started this post last week, just because there were sooo many amazing posts that you all may or may not have seen. I saw five more this week that I had to share! They are from blogs of all sizes and I got super happy reading these posts... and wanted you to know about them too! Nope, none are sponsored. Just genuinely good posts and I think you will like them :)

5. Goodbye Yellowbrick Road's " the summertime; a picnic for one."

Dottie is SUCH an effortlessly cool girl. And on Wednesday evening she packed herself only the most adorable dinner and went on a picnic by herself. She brought strawberry mojitos and sat alone in her town's square and listened to a band play bob marley covers. Her photography and writing are exquisite and I felt like I was right there next to her, having my own picnic of one.

4. Pamplemousse1983's "Thursday's Things: Funny HaHa Edition"
Maryam's post is of funny pictures I wish I found myself! But I didn't have to because she found them for us to enjoy!!! These gang signs have me DYING of laughter. Don't act like you and your girls haven't at some point flashed these. There are probably photos to prove it!

3. The Poop Whisperer's "Chocolate Hailey"
Oh, the sweet irony of a site called 'poop whisperer' talking about a dessert that looks like... *ahem* this. But no, that's not the reason I'm loving the post (ok well not the WHOLE reason). Let me give you the back story on why this recipe has me so jazzed. In Charlotte there is this super cool diner (hipster occupied) called The Diamond. They serve this exact dessert and also call it Chocolate Delight. I LOVE it!!! I wanted banana pudding one day when I was there, but the server said they were out and promised I'd love this. OMG HECK YES I DID! This is one of my top favorite desserts OF ALL TIME! I order it every time I'm there. I just figured the recipe was a magical secret that never could be duplicated. But my girl Hailey spilled the secret... and it looks e.a.s.y. oooh dangerous knowledge :)

2. restlessRISA's "Clothespin Doll"
Risa is gorgeous, like so pretty she should be on TV... and oh wait! She is! Yup, she does a craft segment for a local morning show and has the most adorable ideas. This week she made little clothespin doll peg people. She saw them on Etsy and figure out how to make them, and is now teaching all of us to make them too! And it looks pretty simple!!! I want a million of these. I want to make them for all my friends. I want them on every cake, cookie, cupcake, pop-tart, and pancake I serve... and eat!

1. Hundreds of Hundreds' "Grand"

Jill is a blogger living in Portland and received a large inheritance after her mother's death a couple of years ago. Jill wanted to use the funds to make a difference. Her blog is about the experiences she has had handing out $100 bills to strangers. I truly get chills reading this blog, Jill is amazing and meets the most deserving people. In October 2010, she gave a $100 bill to a stranger every single day of that month. Every time Jill surprises a stranger with $$, she says she receives even more back. She looks them in the eye and truly feels she is helping them with their own burden. Jill is amazing; a wonderful writer, and I am sooo happy to have learned about her amazing giving project via The Paper Mama's blog. It's not even a project, this is Jill's life. It is a truly wonderful thing she is doing and I'm so happy she shares it through her blog. A true example of 'paying it forward.'

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  1. LMAO @ the gang hand signs! HAHA!

  2. haha that hang hand signs omggg !

  3. You are the nicest!!! What kind words :) Made my whole day. If you make them, I want to see!!! Thanks for the feature! You're the BEST! LOVE the gang signs - lol!



  4. hahahah the handsigns! Where does one find stuff like this? Love it and hilar! Thanks for linking up XOXO!

  5. Oh my goodness. I checked out Hundreds of Hundreds and what an amazing story that is. Every time I read a different story about a different hundred I got teary eyed. What an amazing thing she is doing. I am totally going to post a blog about that!

  6. love this, leah! :) you're absolutely stellar..!



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