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Meet my June Sponsors, Passionfruit Ads & Giveaway info!

Posted By: Leah
June is my first time having sponsors on my blog. Actually, the gorgeous ladies and I are swapping. My button is on their page and their button on mine. I have also sponsored a few blogs this month as well... but we'll get to that in a second.

Before I introduce you to these sweet ladies, I want to let you know about the company that rocks my socks, Passionfruit ads. I can't wrap my head around how anyone ever managed their sponsorships prior to Passionfruit. This site makes it soo easy. Everything from the sizing, upload, linking, pricing etc. And if you're like me... wanting to do a button swap or offer free ads, they makes that super simple too. If you are even remotely interested in having sponsors, this is the site for you.

Now onto the ladies I've swapped buttons with for June! Some of these gals I've known for a while and others are new friends. Some already had buttons created, and some gave me the honor of designing a custom button for them!

Here's who I'm swapping with for June (you can see these ladies over to the right as well)

Wendy loves Hello Kitty big time like me and had one of the most gorgeous weddings ever. Her pink shoes she wore were to die for! You have to see her pics. You can seriously feel the love of her husband and family through reading her blog. A gorgeous girl with a sweet pup named Miley. And I still can't get over her shoes... omg. LOVE.

Sharee is totally rocking the family, work, life, balance. Shes stylish, supports an awesome cause, Bands For Arms, and has a super awesome husband. Aren't her kids so adorable? I want Sharee's life... seriously! This mama has it all, is super sweet, and focuses on her family. True happiness you guys, visit her blog and find out how she does it. 

Stephanie is a fun, single, utterly adorable southern girl who loves to laugh. She doesn't have kids yet, but is an awesome aunt/unofficial nanny to 4 sweet angels. On her blog she has a quote that I love, "We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us." Stephanie is a self-proclaimed princess and I think that's awesome :) She also loves Starbucks and sweet tea. Stephanie is a doll for sure!

Jessica is the little hottie who I was paired with for the coffee mug exchange swap. She's a city gal who's moved to the country and is excitedly planning her wedding! Her blog has pretty much doubled in size since I first met her about a month ago. This girl is going places... fast. She is so sweet, humble and is thankful for all the blessings in her life. Stop by and say hi!

Jill is a writer, poet, and stay at home mom. Her hubby's a fireman and Jill is also a sign language interpreter. She's super crafty and also posts healthy recipes, messages about her strong faith, and the importance of slowing down to enjoy the gifts in our lives each day. Check out her poetry, it's awesome!

Gretchen is a natural mama (cloth diapering, healthy eating mom) who lives right outside of Portland, WA. She's preggers with her 2nd and has a wonderful husband and family who give her unconditional love and support. Check out her blog for fascinating info on natural birthing, breastfeeding, and more! 

K is about 3 months from her wedding and doing an amazing job keeping her nerves in tact. Sometimes she gets a little frazzled, but has an amazing fiance, Big A, who calms her down and assures her everything will be perfect. She hosts Foxy Friday, a diet and fitness link-up. K's lost a good bit of weight and inches this year and is keeping up the good work to look amazing in her wedding pictures. This girl is hilarious and fun, you will love her writing and throw backs to 90's sit-coms!

Brandy is a book editor and mama to two sweet children. She has a wonderful husband and loves desserts! She truly is happy with everything in her life and it shows through her blog. She randomly sings her thoughts, how cute is that? A gorgeous girl from Texas with a whole lot of sweetness. Super positive and upbeat. Reading her blog will bring sunshine to your day. 

Alynne is my newest blog friend. She's a Christian and a self diagnosed shop-a-holic. She loves chipotle and coffee (but not together). She drives fast, makes lists and is a self-confessed anti-domestic. She is obsessed with pinterest and is working on becoming a teacher! Follow Alynne's journey as she figures it all out. 

....And, like I said earlier, there are blogs I choose to support by buying ad space as well. All these pretty ladies had to do was ask and I was more than happy to do my part in supporting them. These bloggers are amazing. And I mean AMAZING. They each have a large following and I am thrilled to support them and their families in their blogging journey. Each are using the funds from selling ad space for amazing causes. From sending their kids to college, to furthering their journey in faith. Each of these ladies are different and super unique. You've probably heard of at least a couple of them. If not, these blogs are guaranteed to be your new favorites. And all of their husbands are hotties... humm... I see a theme. Ha!

The Paper Mama


So! Now that you've met some of my favorite ladies... you may have some questions for me about MY blog:

1- You keep teasing us saying you'll have a giveaway soon. What gives?
I have four (yes 4!) giveaways of ShopLeah (my etsy shop)'s items coming up in June. They will be via the blogs I'm a paid sponsor for, as well as through blogs I'm swapping with. I will absolutely make 110% that you, the followers of Lovely Life of Leah know about them and can enter them too.

2- Why do you not charge for ad space? 
Right now I'm in the process of making LovelyLifeofLeah the very best it can be. I am working with growing my readership and exposure. But I want the right readers. I want to work with blogs that I agree with. With ladies I trust and respect. Maybe when my blog gets bigger, or if I have a cause I am raising money for I'll offer ads that cost $. For now, I will continue to offer free button swaps.

3- Will you design me a button or banner for my blog?
Um, yes! By working with blogs and bloggers I identify with, it is easy for me to 'see your vision' and design a button you'll love. Right now buttons are $10 and banners are $15. The price of banners will most likely go up in July because those do take a little more work.

4- What do you mean the husbands of the blogs you sponsor's husbands are hotties?
These things I can't control. Maybe the hot husbands give the lovely ladies self confidence to run a super awesome blog? I have no idea. Just check them out, you'll see for yourself!

5- Well then duh I want to swap buttons with you asap, what's the deal?
See above on my sponsor tab. I may shrink the ad sizes a tad if I start to get an overwhelming amount of participation. For now my ads are 250 x 150 pixels. But through passionfruit, any rectangular photo will work.


  1. OMG Leah you are in amazing person. Thank you for the caring, thoughtful and sweet words! I have enjoyed getting to know you via this amazing blog and the emails that we went back and forth with. You took what I am and strive to be and was able to turn it into the most amazing button and banner!! Thank you so much. Here is to both of growing our blogs and friendship!! xoxo

  2. Thanks for coming over and LINKING up with me for the first time and entering the give a way!! Happy Sunday to you and your fam!!!

  3. Your sooo sweet!!!
    Thank you for the shout out!! Can't wait to post your guest post next monday :)

    Happy Monday

  4. Thanks for doing this! I really appreciate this opportunity and i just love your blog! :) Ill make sure to write up something about you!


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