Thursday, June 14, 2012

My very first Birchbox!

Posted By: Leah
I first heard about Birchbox through another blog. And I admit... I was kind of jealous. She got a package of high end beauty products and samples every month. And she got good stuff. Full-size products like mascara, lip gloss, nail polish, and hair accessories. Plus samples of lotions, creams, fragrance and more! Then one day last month I did it, I put my name on the Birchbox waiting list. On the very last day in May I received an e-mail that I was next on the list had 72 hrs to activate my membership EEK!

It costs $10 a month and you know, that ads up. After thinking on it for a few minutes I decided this was something I was doing for ME! Gav and I can eat out one less time a month. I can buy one less clearance top at Target. Getting mail is the best, and surprises hand-picked for me... um YES! So I went ahead and signed up for the monthly subscription.

... and this past Tuesday I received my very first Birchbox! The company describes it as the best way to discover new beauty, grooming and lifestyle products. Receive monthly deliveries of top product samples from high-end brands.
.... and I LOVE IT! I'm sooo not a beauty/make-up girl. I mean, I enjoy feeling pretty with make-up on. But I hate how much it costs. Plus I'm totally clueless when it comes to what to buy. So I just didn't buy it. Until NOW!

 I took pics to walk you guys through what it's like to get one. It is the surprise of Christmas and the fun of Sephora in one! So the Birchbox arrives in a pink packing box. Then this sturdy cardboard box is inside.
Inside the cardboard box are that month's goodies. The company has a monthly theme, however there are several versions of the box, so you never know exactly what you will get. It's super fun! This Month's theme was 'jet set.' 

 I really love everything, from the full-size bronzing serum by Stila, to the Stiniac lip and cheek stain. Taylor Swift's perfume smells amazing (who would have thought?) And I've always heard great things about self-tanning cloths. Needless to say, I'm stoked about the contents of my June Birchbox. And yes, I totally snacked on the Luna bar as I went through the box. They know how to make this girl happy!
 AND... because I knew you guys would be curious, I did a demo of how awesome the bronzer serum is. See how it makes me look sunkissed? And the lip stain is awesome. It's this super thin gel. (Ok so I put all this on right after I got out of the shower. Sorry for my super uneven skin-tone and hot mess skin. Normally I use concealer and foundation)

HERE's the link to learn more about Birchbox. I know this is my first one, but I am hooked. Do you receive Birchbox in the mail or My Glam Bag or any other beauty subscriptions?

Another thing I LOVED was the #Birchbox hashtag on instagram and pics by everyone else as received their BBoxes that day too. It seemed like thousands and thousands of girls posted pics of their boxes right then. There are quite a few variations of the boxes. Some people got a little travel bag instead of a Luna bar (jealous!) some people got a headband from ModCloth (SUPER JEALOUS!) but I still really loved what I got too. I can't wait until next month!

When you first are added to the list and sign up, you fill out a survey of your skin type, tone, favorite products, if you are trendy, more natural, etc. I think this is why they have variations of the boxes, but who knows!? I had heard about there being waits of months and months to get on the Birchbox list, but I only had to wait a few weeks. I totally recommend it for the instant excitement and happiness. Plus awesome products  I would NEVER buy myself... but now maybe I will ...


  1. So cool! I'm going to have to think about signing up.

  2. How exciting! I received mine yesterday and it has the same items as you! love it, im extra excited for the Taylor Swift perfume cuz im a dork like that, lol.

  3. We've got something similar in the UK for £10 a month called Glossybox and I've been thinking about signing up for ages. I think you've just convinced me. LOL

  4. I've always wondering about signing up for something like this!

    Go girl! Do it for you! :)

  5. Thats so exciting! I just spent like 20 minutes doing some extra research on these boxes (that I never heard of before now) and am totally into it!


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