Monday, June 25, 2012

Need a blog button?

Posted By: Leah

Blog Buttons (also called badges) are one of the best ways to promote, track, and link back to your blog. Ever have someone ask for your button and *gasp* you don't have one, or the one you have isn't the image you want promoting your blog? I'm here to help! I will design a custom button for you blog, for only $10!

You've probably noticed that for every one of my posts, I make a really fun intro photo. Usually it has the post's name and a picture of what the post will be about... this is because I LOVE graphic design. So so much. I have a blast designing these and wanted to offer my skills to you to help promote your blog! I also can make buttons for link-ups, ads, anything you'd like!

So how does designing a button with me work?
Simply contact me at leahwinstead*at* and I will get to work for you! Let me know your blog's name and what you have in mind for your button. If you don't know where to start, that's okay too! I usually will go ahead and click around your blog on my own and see what photos you have already up that would work, and I feel out your style and taste. From there, I'll start sending you choices. This one, for example, was for a blogger who wasn't sure if she wanted me to use a photo or have a patterned button. I was happy to send both from a photo I found on her blog:

I am super easy-going and if there's anything you don't like, or want to suggest I am totally open to your feedback, this is YOUR button! I also have a pretty fast turnaround time! Usually 24 hours or less.

This is the final button that was selected from the drafts above. I can work with any size specifications you would like. Rectangular, square, even round (for white background blogs), I can do it!
You will receive the code to your button via e-mail and I can help you with directions on how to paste it into your sidebar if you need it. The final product will look something like this:

Here are a few more of my designs (images only, these aren't the actual clickable buttons):

You're free to use your button anywhere around the internet. From using it as an avatar, to a link-up, this button is YOURS! And if you ever need it resized, or something different... I will always help you with that for FREE!

You never know who'll you will be linking up with in the future, and don't worry I won't leave you stuck with a rectangular badge forever if you end up needing a square one or visa-versa!

Let me know how I can help with your blog badge needs. I'm happy to help you grow your blog!

Also, I offer a free ad-swap! Want me to promote your blog on my page? Of Course!! You may link-up anytime and let me know what size you'd like of my button for your page. I'm down to only 5 spots for July! 


  1. Seriously you ROCK! Thanks again for being so patient when I was SO picky with my button! And to the people wondering if they should do it? You definitely should, Leah is the bees knees!

  2. Woo hoo I love my button! Thank you! Did you get my email about our book club button? :)


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