Wednesday, June 20, 2012

So What! Wednesday - IG Dump :)

Posted By: Leah

So What! I have wanted an anchor tattoo since... yikes, two years ago. And I've also really wanted a sugar skull. I saw the above pin on pinterest and HAD to buy it (it is from Etsy). I love it. I'll try wearing it as a pin, but I have a feeling I'll have it inked on me sooner than later!

So What! I got a new phone (Droid 4) a few weeks back and have had the worst time transfering photos to the computer. I've had to e-mail them to myself more often than not. I miss my old LG Ally crappy phone :/

So What! I FINALLY called Verizon and realized I was using an old mini usb adaptor and apparently that is only good for charging and the new one has a DATA usb cord... so get ready for an Instagram Photo Dump!

So What! I have no clue what's up with my blog making some stuff highlighted in white. That is the one bad thing about not having a white background. I don't know how to fix it. I've been trying different shades of pink highlight. Oh well!

So What! I was in the other room and Gav took out his paints and set up a little art studio in the middle of his room. And no, I totally didn't get mad. He knows not to make a mess. Look at his awesome dinosaur!

So What! My sister brought me the most adorable umbrella from Berlin (yes it's french but she got it in Germany). I love it! and the cool bag it came in.

So What! This is stalker mode... but I follow Dani from Sometimes Sweet on IG and she's all the time wearing her dress like this from Target (different pattern). I found two of them for myself (aren't they the best?) and tagged her and she wrote back that loved them too and how gorgeous I looked. Gah! I wish I could be as adorable as she is. And her chest piece... soo amazing. She's a blogger to follow for sure if you don't! (pretty sure EVERYONE follows her already lol).

 So What! Speaking of Target, I am LOVING their HK summer $1 section items right now. So So much!

 So What! I found these in my closet. I haven't worn them in forever, but they are actually pretty comfortable (for 5 1/2" heels)
 So What! BF is seriously the most amazing cook/chef ever. He makes me the best food I've ever had. There is no reason for us ever to go out to eat (except to Dressler's ohmyword!)
 So What! I LOVE food trucks. That is one thing BF can't replicate Like there should be a support group for this. Gav loves them too.
 So What! Chirba Chirba dumplings that we got at the Mosaic festival a few weeks back were extra delish. YUM!
 So What! We also love the taco truck (duh). Sorry about Gav being inaprop!
 So What! Gav loves tattoos too. He calls them 'stamps.' These were air brushed on and lasted a couple of weeks!
 So What! We also went to the Parisian Festival (Greensboro has a lot of festivals) at the Bicentennial gardens. Isn't this a great picture of a flower and bee I took? Super proud.
 So What! They had a poodle parade. It was awesome.
 So What! They had no real french food at this thing. Give us an eclair or macaroon or something!
 So What! BF is teaching Gav to ride his bike with no training wheels. We looked up how to teach him online and they said take off the pedals and training wheels so he can balance. He's doing pretty well, we need to keep on practicing.
So What! I'm hosting another free opportunity for you to post your button on my blog! Yup, I have a July button swap going on. Click HERE for more info.

So What! Not sure if all moms do this, but Gav and I love pedi's. He requests them all the time. I mean who doesn't like their feet done?
 So What! Gav is totally a hipster in training. And I'm okay with this (yes BF dressed him.)
 So What! I never have the chance to shop, but when I do I have the most fun looking at anything and everything.
 So What! I found these Lilly Pulitzer animal crackers at Target and HAD to get them. Are they not the best!?
 So What! I got this amazing ring from Avon! It looks like a tiny martini glass.... ok cheesy I know, but whatever it's sooo cute! PS Shannon, the one hosting So What! Wednesday every week sells Avon! If you don't already have an Avon rep, check her out.
 So What! We went to the park two times with BF last weekend. Gav's learning to swing on his own. He's doing super well.

So What! BF and I went to the US Whitewater Center this past weekend to the Moustache Beer Bash. It was really fun. I want to go back and go rafting soon!
 So What! After that we went to a party and then to play pool... even though I totally have no pool skills.

So What! I have tons more pics... but whatever, just follow me on IG if you want to see them lol. I don't post ALL the time + I try to make the pics semi-interesting. Maybe. 

So What! the app's I use to get my effects in IG are Diptic for collages, Line Camera for the clip art overlays and  fun frames and Pixlr-o-matic for the other borders and effects.

So What! I'm sooo HAPPY Emily kicked Ryan off the Bachelorette. He's such a good salesman and very manipulative, but somehow my girl saw through it! YES!

So What! I sort of like that Arie came over after Emily got back, but idk... I'm still not sold on him being as genuine as Jef of Shaun. And Arie used to date a producer on the show. that's not a So What... that's a WHAT!?

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  1. Gav is such a cutie patootie! And of course, I am also thrilled that Emily dumped Ryan - what a douchey tool! I'm not sold on Arie either, so I am very curious about what goes down next week. I just want to know the ending so badly - damn you Steve!

  2. yea! following on ig seeing you, gav and bf getting into trouble :)

  3. Are the crackers themselves Lilly Pulitzer colored? Because that would make me super happy.

  4. Get the tattoo!!! hehe I am a big fan. So LOVE the shoes that you are rocking! Great job!

  5. Love that tatt idea! Awesome! My Hubs is a great cook too and I love it!

    And yes, I'm in full baby mode :)

  6. Oh my goodness, Gav is SO cute! Such a great artist and a cute hipster :) Also, I MUST head to Target ASAP and grab some of the awesome HK things that you got, so jealous! You got a new follower on instagram! :) Have a fabulous Wednesday! I just love your blog!

  7. Gav is transitioning into a big boy!! And i totally can't play pool either but I love it haha. Cute "So What" this week!

  8. Totally raided the same Hello Kitty stuff at Target! You should link this tomorrow for My Life in an Instagram!


  9. Awe. Gav is adorable! Love this list!!


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