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So What! Wednesday - Why I Love Hello Kitty

Posted By: Leah

It's tough to put into words my love of all things Hello Kitty. I'm an addict and totally obsessed. Hi, my name is Leah, I'm 32 years old, and I LOVE Hello Kitty. So What! 
Yes, my real HK 5 1/2" heels by Sanrio

This week's So What! Wednesday is going to be about why this little mouthless kitty from Japan makes me, and so many other girls from around the world, of all ages, happy.

So What! I was first introduced to this sweet kitty when I was 4 years old. My grandparents would take me to Belk department store's cafeteria each week and I'd get to pick out a new Hello Kitty item. 

So What! I wore a Hello Kitty barrette in my hair daily for 3 years in a row. 

So What! I found the exact one on etsy... here's a pic. It costs $23.95 and no, I won't be re-buying it.
So What! by middle school, I was over Hello Kitty. I mean I still liked her, but she wasn't popular. I almost forgot about her. Until I went to college and met Mary, my Hello Kitty sister. She had all sorts of HK things, and I had the confidence to embrace my love of this tiny white kitty again.

So What! is it about Hello Kitty that is so attractive yet addictive? To be completely honest, she makes me happy. In this crazy hectic world, if you can find something that just by looking at it, you become instantly happy... you buy A LOT of it.

So What! I didn't realize she had no mouth until at my first job out of college, when I was 22, my boss asked me why she had no mouth. I googled it and here's what I found... and printed for my boss (geez she should have written me up for being a smart ass haha):
Spokespeople for Sanrio have said that Hello Kitty does not have a mouth because they want people to "project their feelings onto the character" and "be happy or sad together with Hello Kitty."[18][6] Another explanation Sanrio has given for her lack of a mouth is that she "speaks from the heart. She's Sanrio's ambassador to the world and isn't bound to any particular language".[15] Representatives for Sanrio have said they see Hello Kitty as a symbol of friendship, and they hope she will encourage friendship between people across the world.[6] 
So What! I totally get what Sanrio is saying. I have met many a girl and asked if she knew Hello Kitty. If you also 'get' HK, you are an immediate friend of mine. It's a special kinship that transcends age, race, color and creed.

So What! I actually buy very little Hello Kitty merchandise for myself these days. People find her and give her to me... and if they don't buy her, they will tag me in photos on FB. This weekend, for example, my friend from HS was in London and tagged a HK bag at Harrod's. Here's a pic.  

So What! Here are a few more of my favorite HK pics people have tagged me in from around the world. I don't ask them to do it, but I think everyone who knows me associates HK and me. And it's awesome :) Ok.. and possibly my surprise and delight motivates others to keep on tagging me in HK pics. 
Travel Agency in Japan





(I seriously love this shirt and am kind of bummed my sister didn't get it for me. I think she said it was like 100 euros or something, so it's understandable not to get it. HK is pricey!)

So What! I considered for .05 seconds walking around my apartment and trying to capture photos some of my HK items. There are so many in every room, it would just be too much. But here are a couple from earlier last month at my Birthday, not even MY apt. Just brought to the beach for me.... think about if this is the amount of items I get just for my birthday, just one year... how many that ads up to around my house. It's not overwhelming, but HK definitely has a presence. 

So What! I have a HK cd player, sandwich press, mugs, plates, plastic containers with lids, lunch boxes, easter basket, build-a-bear, shoes... you get the idea.

So What! I have every possible article of clothes HK. From t-shirts to jackets to underwear. I also have a ton of accessories, purses, wallets... etc.

So What! I have no shame in wearing HK anytime, anywhere. HK gives me happiness, and being happy gives me strength. Here are a couple photos from a 5k I ran last fall. Yup, that's a HK headband. Cool story - BF ran into a girl at Comi Con in San Diego last year wearing a bow like this and asked where she got it. She said she made them and sold them on etsy. He txt me her info and I purchased one from her right there, customized to my HK 5 1/2" heels. I had the headband within the next week. Awesome, right? 

(yes I wore a tutu and it's the best motivator when running. Hearing 'go tutu girl go!' was awesome. I also knew I couldn't be that crazy girl in a tutu walking across the finish line. This tutu girl RAN! and yes, I DIY'd my own tutu)

So What! The month before I turned 30 I got a HK tattoo. I had wanted one forever and finally got one. I was terrified she wouldn't be drawn exactly perfect. I have seen sooo many disproportionate ones. But mine turned out exactly like I wanted. Thank goodness!

So What! It's a miracle Gav was not a girl. I would have gone completely bankrupt in buying HK EVERYTHING. And yes I already had this picked out, ready for my registry:

So What! There is a Hello Kitty theme park in Tokyo created by Sanrio called Puroland. It's like Disney World but for HK instead of Mickey and Minnie. I WILL GO THERE SOMEDAY! Here are some pics:

So What! I would LOVE to have a photo with HK, more than anything.

But until then I'll settle on this one... pretty close:

So What! I'll leave you with a few more HK pics. Looking at these make me so happy, all the wrongs in my world are turned right. 

So What! I know that HK is not as special to everyone as she is to me. What makes you happy? Do you or have you ever liked HK? 

So What! Yes I know this website exists. But the funny thing is that most people who follow are fans, not haters. It's probably the best place to see really cool and unusual HK swag.

So What! (non-hello kitty related) I'm super excited about taking part in this gift swap! And whoever gets me doesn't have to get me HK themed stuff. I mean it makes me happy, but I like other things too! Like Kawaii (ok HK is Kawaii!), rainbows, vintage, kitch, cupcakes, etc.

So What! speaking of gifts you must enter my giveaway over on Shannon (yes, Life After I Dew Shannon)'s blog if you haven't already! I'm slightly jealous I'm giving this adorable set away... the bright earrings and bobbie are sooo perfect for summer! This is a one of a kid set. Soo adorable!

What are you saying So What! to this week? Link up with Shannon and let us all know! I'm also linking up with Chelsey for Wordless{ish} Wednesday. HK is absolutely wordless.... she has no mouth =^.^=

All images are via my IRL facebook friends who have granted me usage rights. Other images used are linked back to their owners where possible. 


  1. Oh em gee! LOVE the heels. I'm a sucker for a cute pair of shoes. I mean... I will never wear them, but they look so pretty in my closet just in case I somehow learn how to walk in heels without killing myself. And I entered the swap too! I'm nervous though because I've had a shady experience before.

  2. I love the walk you did! Amazing. I thank you for the explanation on the NO MOUTh thing I like it!

  3. The Hello Kitty [Paris] is AWESOME! Hello Kitty world looks amazing! Gavin is TOO cute in the pic of u posing with HK. And I totally would love to tag u in MY HK photo on FB so i'll tag ur fan page =]

  4. I’ve been gone from the blog world for about a week and missed this post, but can i just say, OMG! I LOVE this post and I felt like we are HK twins!! lol. I feel the exact same way as you about so many things! My husband thinks I’m crazy but he loves that I love HK so much. We even sleep with 3 HK build a bears :) HK makes me happy too, I just love how cute everything is! I even wore a HK necklace on my wedding day. I had a fancy one to wear but I decided not to wear it at the last minute because it just wasn’t me.

    You are the coolest! :) Im so glad that i found you in the blog world!

  5. Wow,you must be addicted to Hello Kitty!Cute!I would enjoy riding in pink Hello Kitty train.
    Nice post!I had me following.


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