Wednesday, June 13, 2012

So What! Wednesday

Posted By: Leah

So What! I've had a lot of people asking me what was up with us not going to Bonaroo this year. Honestly, the line-up sucked (sorry I don't like Phish or Radio Head and deff not Chili Peppers. I would have been into seeing Bon Iver, Fun, Skrillex, and Ludacris, but it's not worth 4 nights camping in the heat with no bathrooms for any of them. Worst Bonnaroo lineup ever).

So What! Looking at everyone's photos on IG of Bonnaroo made me very very jealous. Envious, actually. I genuinely felt like I should have been there (bad line-up or not). And with that, here's a Bonnaroo video BF made of us last year (warning! me (in a bathing suit) taking a sun shower. yikes!)

(If you were wondering, that's Donald Glover (Childish Gambino), Florence + the Machine, Mumford and Sons, Lil Wayne, Arcade Fire, Black Keys... ok there's a lot of musicians in this video, duh it's Bonnaroo :)

So What! My favorite part of the bachelorette this week was when Emily said she was going to go 'west virginia back woods hood rat gangster' (I think I got that right).

So What! I really like Jef (1F) on the bachelorette. I thought Arie was my #1 choice but I'm crossing over to team Jef. Talking about having a dance party? Oh yes, Jef can have a rockabilly party anyday. I get the 'best friends' vibe from him... Not so much chemistry but whatev. Hes super genuine.

So What! My sister's roommate (in college and now in Nashville)'s mom took a super cute picture of my step-mom, me and my sister Sarah at her graduation party. (yup she sent me a picture of a picture). I love it when I have a genuine smile in pics! So rare lol. PS I have brown hair like our dad, Sarah is blondie like her mom.

So What! this is Gav's first week of daycamp and I've had to do something that I have never done before... pack his lunch and snacks daily. And this had me stressed out for weeks. Seriously.

So What! I had this same fear when I switches Gav from formula to milk and solid foods full-time. It's that feeling where I want to make sure he eats enough, but I am so worried he won't like it or won't eat. I really worried for nothing. My mom took Gav to BJ's wholesale and they picked out snacks he'd love. Plus she has a million years experience packing my lunch from when I was growing up, so I knew she and he would pick out good stuff.

So What! Gav ate all of his lunch (minus a few crackers). Even the veggies and fruits! This made me so happy. Maybe I'll be able to keep it up and pack it for him when school starts in the fall.

So What! I am doing 30 day abs and didn't do them Friday and Saturday. And I'm not so sure that I'm doing them right. I really want the results that the other girls have gotten so I'm going to keep it up. sigh.

So What! BF and I went to another fancy dinner this past weekend and I wanted to write an awesome post about it. But unfortunately the restaurant was not good. It was actually one of the worst meals I've ever eaten. I wrote the restaurant to let them know. BF and I looked adorable, too. I had a darling Anthro dress on and of course, story of my life... no pics.

So What! after the awful meal we left, went down the street and got my favorite chicken wings (Jabari wings from East Blvd Bar & Grill if you're from Charlotte). And yes, we were still in our fancy outfits. And those wings were GOOD.

So What! A lot of weird stuff has been happening. Like... things that should be easy aren't. And stuff that should not be happening is. I miss the days that life was smooth sailing. BF deserves a medal for putting up with me the past few weeks. Since booking our trip to San Diego I've been really happy.

So What! I am really excited about my diet/fitness shape up makeover I'm in the process of right now for the next 12 weeks. I always feel so in control when I'm eating healthy, working out, and tracking all of it. There's not a lot in my life I have total control over, but the foods I eat, is one of those things.

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  1. I did them Friday, and then Sunday, Monday, Tuesday. And... I'm not dying. So I feel like I am doing them wrong too. I feel it a bit, but NOT like the first time.

  2. Okay THANK GOD I finally found someone else who doesn't RHCP. I cannot stand them, don't know why but I just can't. I got dragged to an entire concert of theirs once so I don't blame you for nixing that at Bonnaroo.

  3. I loved Emily's WV comment too! I like Arie, but per Reality Steve, he has a history of being a jerk. I also like Jef and Sean. Thanks for checking out my blog :)

  4. omheck, Childish Gambino - drooool.
    And YES!!! For healthy eating and working out! You're doing your body so much good! It's so important. And holy balls, you're beautiful, btw - the pic of you...stunning!

    PS - thanks for stopping by the blog!

  5. I didn't see bachelorette, but that quote is freakin hilarious!

  6. I loved that quote too! And I think the producers did as well since they played it a couple of times. Thanks for follow today, new friends make me happy. :)


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