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Tutorial - Getting a Domain Name and Favicon

Posted By: Leah

A month ago I made the decision to get serious with my blogging... not meaning serious on the topics, but serious on the look and feel. To me, that meant getting a real domain name and becoming a .com (no more blogspot in my web address). I also wanted to make this thing look legit. Just as people judge us by the clothes we wear, they judge our blogs by their template as well as if it's a .com vs

Today I'm going to tell you how to become a .com it's quicker, cheaper and easier than I thought. I would have done it sooner if someone had shown me how. But now I'm going to show you so you can be a .com too! I'm also going to tell you how to update your favicon as well. It's that cute little square icon in the upper left corner of this page. In blogger, it'll be orange square with a B

If you're new to blogging, you might not care about any of this. It probably makes no difference to you what your blog's web address is and don't care if the blog you're reading at ends in .com or etc. 

But if you have had your blog for a while, and want to tell people about it, the whole after your blog's name gets a little long. Also, in my opinion, I wanted to have a .com because it seems more legit. It's a pride thing. Like... I care enough about this blog to give it a real domain name. 

But here was my problem, I had NO CLUE how to be a .com. I have seen those go daddy commercials, but honestly I didn't want to ask anyone. It seemed like it should be so easy, who doesn't know how to register their blog? uh me. Well... I knew what to do, turn to google. And all I could find were boring articles with different opinions. 

So I did what I thought I had to do and headed over to Yes, the models in teeny tank top's marketing worked and I was there. I filled out all my info, Lovely Life of Leah was available (pfew!! what if someone else already took my name!?) and right as I was going to hit 'submit'  I thought wait.....
I have always had my blog on blogger, I wonder if blogger can help me with this....
So I minimized the screen, and found the following (click to make full size, I just had to shrink to fit)

Yes! This is what I wanted! A custom domain, through Blogger, so I could kept my content and not have any transfer. I had no clue how it would work to take my content from blogger to godaddy for the .com but now I didn't have to worry! Yay!

And... just like godaddy, it was only $10 for a whole year being a .com I think it's worth it, less than $1 a month. As I checked out through google look what I realized? Google and Blogger use godaddy for their domain registration! 

And it was as simple as that! I still go to to update, do my blog posts and all that. The transition has been really easy. My address still works for me too, which is nice (for those who had me bookmarked from before I was a .com)
 So now you have no excuse for not being a .com if you want to be. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who had not become a .com, just because they didn't know how.

Next Lesson.... Favicon

This guy!

No, I didn't say fibercon (eew). It's a favicon, or the little avatar at the top of some pages. I had seen them before but didn't know what they were called. Changing this is quick and easy. You don't need to be a .com or anything fancy. It's a feature at the top of your layout screen in blogger. You just select, 'edit' upload an image (must be a perfect square) and you're set!

 Next up, I'll talk about my blog template. This is something I've tried on my own to update and look awesome for years. I still make very cool buttons, banners, tabs, etc. I just wanted it next-level awesome.  I  reached a point where I wanted an official graphic artist to make my vision a reality. I'll talk about where I found this amazing girl soon (hint: she's from Australia!)

This post was not sponsored by or It was just my own experience in becoming a .com I know there are may other options out there, however this is what worked for me. 

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  1. Thanks for the tips. I just got my .com last week and I love it! I also went over to LAID and entered the giveaway. Fingers crossed!

  2. Ok so I bought my domain already can I just convert it from blogger

  3. Just so happens the best domain for you is for sale, obviously not cheap but you pay for quality!


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