Tuesday, July 3, 2012

12 Week Shape Up - Week 4 Link Up!

Posted By: Leah

Welcome to my 12 week shape up for Cali! What are you getting in shape for? Link up below and join me!

This week my weight loss was 0. Yup, stayed the same. But after my s'mores for dinner + Indian food + everything else, I'm okay with this. 

Mission 4 - Water!
Everyone knows you're supposed to drink 8 cups of water a day. And it seems sooo easy, right? I mean it's easily accessible, it's free, but for some reason most people somehow skip out on their 8 cups a day. Yes, I get it... water is really boring. And it's hard to remember, even if you sit at a desk all day with a cute monogrammed cup next to you. Drinking water is not fun, but it's sooo good for you! And you know this! 

A lot of times people think they are hungry but really they are bored. Another thing people need to be aware of is that we can feel hungry if we are thirsty. It's true! Also, some people believe if you don't get enough water you get sleepy. For me, if I get even the slightest bit dehydrated I get a headache. All of these can be solved by just drinking water!

So how can you make it fun? Well... as fun as drinking water can be. I have a few obvious tricks to help you get up to your 8 glasses a day. 

1) Carry a water bottle at all times. Most people don't drink their 8 cups a day simply because they forget to. If you have a water bottle with you at all times, you will be reminded to drink more. Get a bottle you like, there are a zillion cute and fun ones out there.

2) Add things to your water to make it more delicious. Personally, I'm a fan of herbal tea. YES- hot water = water. Herbal tea = just herbs, nothing bad for you and no extra calories. But if you aren't a fan of hot drinks, try adding fruit to your water. Or even cucumber. It's really good! Have fresh mint? try throwing a few sprigs in. 

3) Replace other drinks with water. When you go to a restaurant, order water instead of tea or a soda. You'll be getting your water in and you will save money! Same thing when you have a meal at your house. Just serve everyone water instead of soda, juice, or whatever you normally have. You will all save on calories and save money. 

4) Drink your water through a straw. I know this sounds really childish, but trust me it works. Simply by adding a straw your drink instantly seems more 'fun.' Trust me, it works.

5)  Drinking water helps your skin look younger. There's all sorts of scientific evidence on the health of drinking water. So if you don't care about being healthy, at least drink your 8 cups a day to have clear skin. 

Link up with me and lets support each other! Don't forget to visit the other people who link up and support them on their journeys as well! 

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  1. OMG me and Kristen were just talking about how much I loathe drinking water! I'm terrible about it! I literally drink coffee and wine or beer, that's it!

  2. I've actually been doing really good with water. I have sucked with everything else. I think I am taking this week off so I don't feel like a total failure.

  3. great tips!!! I can really tell when I do not drink enough water like I normally do. I think it makes me more tired.. haha weird. anyways that water looks yummy up there in the pitched.
    Happy Tuesday!!

  4. Completely agree with drinking it from a straw. I always find myself drinking more water from my cool pink straw cup at work than from the bottle at home.

  5. One great tip I have found that works for me is I carry a gallon of water and make it a goal to drink the whole thing. It's worked going on 2 weeks now! Oh, and I put the water in a water bottle that has a straw and it does make it so much easier :)

  6. I just noticed this post on your sidebar. I missed it somehow! I was wondering what happened to the 12 week shape-up!


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