Thursday, July 12, 2012

Christmas in July Link-Up and Giveaway Coming soon!

Posted By: Leah
Not to rush us all through July (Independence day was just last week, jeez!) but I am sooo super excited about my Christmas in July link-up and Giveaway for 7/25 that I had to tell you about it right now! The official post with all the information about how to link up and enter the giveaway will be posted next week.

I was at the mall this past weekend and Hallmark had a countdown to their holiday ornament reveal in their window. I was like OMG this is crazy! Then this week, I came across photos of Elfie, Gav's and my Elf on the Shelf. I knew what I had to do.... put together a Christmas in July Link Up and Giveaway for July 25!

So what's up with me and all these giveaways anyhow? 
First and foremost it's as a THANK YOU to all of my readers. You guys really rock my life. I'm not one to sit back and cross my fingers, hoping to have a company contact me to sponsor a post & giveaway. If I want to give you all a giveaway... I will do it, just because! (Link to my current $50 of Leah's Favorite things giveaway HERE). 

Also, here's a little fact about me. I am one of 'those girls.' You know, the ones who have an entire closet in their home as a dedicated 'Gift Closet." Yeah, that's me. I see cool stuff on clearance or at a great price (I'm in Target A LOT, it's right across the street from me, I can't help it!) so I pick up little things here and there to stock up for birthdays and holidays. I've come into some great hauls at a few cool stores (ok, AND Target) recently... so why not share them with you guys too as a special treat?

"I hate getting presents in the mail" - Said No One Ever

So check back in with me next week for the official reveal and information on Lovely Life of Leah's Christmas in July Link-Up and Giveaway! (okay okay you've twisted my arm, the post is set for next Tuesday morning)

OH! And of course I do not discriminate if you don't celebrate Christmas The items that will be in the package that the winner receives have nothing to do with Christmas or Red and Green or even winter. 

Here's a SNEAK PEEK (and yup this is about to make it's way to Instagram soon too, so get excited!) 

Start planning NOW for how you'll be celebrating Christmas in July. I will heavily weigh the entries of the  link-up posts of how you celebrate 7/25. I'll even include simple and cheap ideas for what to do (even if you have no clue who Elf on the Shelf is). these will be in next week's post too. 

I was just so excited for this one I couldn't keep it a secret another day!


  1. I love this!!
    LOL, "said no one ever"
    so true.

  2. Exciting! Can't wait to see what this is really all about. :)

    I have got to find an Elf on the Shelf for Isaac this year. Unfortunately, I couldn't find one in the UK last year so I'm going to have to order one from America.

  3. Ooh how fun!

    On a side note: your little elf scares me. I've been afraid of these lil guys for years. Sorry Elfie.

    1. oh don't even worry... elf on the shelf dolls look freakin creepy!

      when I first got it I was like aww he's cute! but after he sat around my house for a few days... YIKES!

      his eyes follow me everywhere. But he's an amazing (silent) discipline tool. I actually dont know how we would have gotten through last winter without him. He scared the crap out of Gav lol! Ok more on that on Tuesday!!!

  4. you are so smart!! I have been wanting an elf on the shelf for Eli this year... sadly we dont have hallmark out here in cali anymore! :( but cant wait for the link up & chance to win!!!

  5. I love this! I'm too excited to learn more about it!
    XO Anna


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