Friday, July 6, 2012

Cool. Not Cool. Undecided.

Posted By: Leah

I have a lot of cool, not cool, and undecided things going on right now... lets discuss:


  • You guys, I've gotten to share the hookups on the best stuff recently. Remember the 5 free hardback book promo codes from Shutterfly I gave away last week? And the free Zoya red nail polish for the 4th?

  • And OMG... the Stylish Surprise in my size from Modcloth? (it's $15 for a surprise Modcloth item in your size $29-$249 in value). Mine arrived yesterday! Isn't this dress adorable? 

  • Also cool- as I was at Party City looking for large quantities of birthday supplies for Gav (more on this coming soon!) I saw they had TONS of Hello Kitty stuff. Not that I'm planning a HK party soon, but just being around Hello Kitty. She makes me so Happy! Check out these pics I snapped on instagram. LOVE!


Not Cool!

  • That Zoya ran out of the free polish colors before all of you guys could get them, then they tried to make them 'free' with a $10 purchase from their site. 
  • That more of you guys don't follow me on FB. Honestly, I don't care either way on 'likes' or followers, but just FYI- FB is where I post to FIRST about giveaways that will be on the blog, freebies, etc. I feel bad that sometimes people see my blog posts later in the day or when the giveaway is over. If only you all followed my FB you would be the first to know about the Modcloth Stylish Suprise, my freebies, sales, giveaways on other blogs, etc. 
  • That I figured out the issue with the background highlighting itself white on my blog. It's when I move the text around (or add bullets etc). I really wanted a 'warm' background feeling, but this clearly was a mistake and if I had white this would be solved. 
  • That Gav has stomach issues. again. First it was the Norovirus back in May, but it's something else now. Or it's back. I took him to the Dr. on Tuesday and she really didn't have a clear reason he keeps getting sick. For now I have eliminated all the processed and bad foods from his diet. But I can only do so much. He's not always in my care, so I need to teach him how to better tell people that eating crap will make him sick. Like throw-up sick. 
  • I also think he has a dairy & gluten intolerance. We very rarely eat anything dairy (it's so so bad, and just ignore my ice cream photos coming up lol!) But wheat/oats... that's in everything. So I'm seeing how he will do eliminating different things, adding probiotics. I'll talk more about this next week. 
  • Last night my (only!) house key got stuck in the back storage room door! I had to call maintenance at 9:15pm to come help me get it out. Embarassing! But the guy was super nice got the key out of the door. A TON of WD-40 and a good wrenching later! These things happen as a single mama when the only man in the house is 5 yrs old. 


  • I'm not linking up for Foxy Friday today. Kayleigh is my diet/fitness/motivation/blog sister. She took this week off from the gym and tracking knowingly because she planned to have tons of fun this week and didn't want to stress over food. I ended up taking this week off not on purpose, but because it has been ROUGH to even attempt to eat well this week. Here are some examples: 
  • I thought it would be 'so great' to come in and work the 4th of July. As a 'reward' (yes, me using food to reward myself). There's a place right by the hospital that has local/vegan/healthy foods (clearly not what is pictured above). But oh yeah! Places like this care about their employees and CLOSE on holidays. So I ended up finding the 1 place open (that wasn't fast food or a sports bar) and it was Greek! By then it was 1pm like 103 deg outside and I didn't even care, I wanted fooood. Sooo I got the greek hummus platter. That came with a hummus gyro, greek salad, and fries! Oh and a Cheerwine too (it's the south y'all!)
  • I have a new secret obsession. Technically I've only had this one time and a bite of bf's one time before that... but I feel an obsession coming on and it's a bad thing. Especially because it ONLY costs $1.59 It's the McDonalds chocolate dipped cone! I LOVE Dairy Queen dipped cones. I'll get that over a blizard any day. And this is EVEN BETTER than that! BF says the reason he thinks it's better at Mickie D's is because the employees don't have the 'cone dipping technique' down, therefore they leave it in there wayyy too long. Thus a thicker shell. AMAZING.

(Nope, this isn't me, you'd think it was with the pink nails and Hello Kitty!!! 
But it is someone else... who could CLEARLY be my BFF :) I found this photo here.)

Speaking of amazing desserts... have you had/heard of the Birthday Cake Milkshake at Zaxbys.... with chocolate whipped cream?! In the words of Usher 2 yrs ago... "O.O.O.O.o.o.o.O.MY GOD!!" 

  • Ok only one last undecided food related thing-  and by undecided this section clearly really means: "Things Leah LOVES yet has guilt about. But apparently not much guilt."Remember Dressler's only THE BEST RESTAURANT ever? Well BF and I snatched up about 4 more of their groupons so that means we'll be going back! YES! I have my dress from Modcloth (in the photo above from the stylish surprise). To wear and we're going back this Saturday night. Excited!!! So that means me having even more days of eating and it not being as healthy as I should be. 
  • I PROMISE next week I'll be back on it. (After Courtney's going away party involving Coldstone cake on Monday). But for my Shape Up Link Up on Tuesday it's SOOOO ON!!!!

What are you saying Cool, Not Cool or are Undecided about this week? Link up with Janette!


  1. We will do better next week. Most everyone else bailed this week. I feel better about myself. Haha Thanks for being bad with me! Even if it wasn't on purpose.

  2. That birthday cake shake looks AMAZING. AMAZING!!! Love this post!

  3. LOVE the Modcloth dress - looks awesome on you!

  4. Hey Leah! Thanks sooo much for linking up! I love reading these.. And yeah, not stressing about food is a good thing..I could NOT have resisted all the goodies you had! Especially that birthday cake milk shake! WOW!

    Janette, the Jongleur


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