Friday, July 20, 2012

Cool / Not Cool / Undecided

Posted By: Leah
I want to start this post with taking a moment to send out thoughts and prayers to the victims of the Colorado tragidy early this morning. It is such a scary situation that could have happened anywhere. It is sad and my heart goes out to the families and friends of all those involved.
 I got my hair cut last night! Nothing drastic, just a trim. I love the girl who cuts my hair. I randomly found her last year and she's just a doll. She looks just like Carrie Underwood and is this gorgeous girl who always is in a fun floral skirt, cowgirl boots and her hair is perfectly blonde and wavy. She must like me too, because she hooked me up with a discount! It's a kind of fancy (for around here) salon I go to and the cut & style was only $50 (instead of like $75). It's one of those 'experience' places with the soundproof shampoo room where they play music that is all farie sounding and reminds me of walking around Disney World lol. I sit there sipping wine and overlooking the lake. My stylist just leaves me feeling really pretty and happy!

And clearly I'm incapeable of making a decent face. 

OH! Speaking of that! So remember yesterday's Celebrity Doppleganger post I did? I was so flattered, not to mention FLOORED that soooo many of you thought I look like Dita Von Teese! omg maybe I should go do burlesque (SO KIDDING!). her teeth are a little jacked up, but with her mouth closed (and if I wore a TON more make-up) I can kinda see the resemblance! We're both pale, have dark hair, and a similar face shape and line our eyes at the top only so they don't disappear lol!

Also cool, I got the Save the Date to my cousin (technically step-cousin, it's my step-mom's sister's daughter)'s wedding in Philly next year! They are the CUTEST hipster couple. It's going to be a small wedding and I already know it will be sooo sweet. Adorable Save The Date, right?!

BF Posted this video to FB and said this was me if I ran track. OMG this girl is the coolest and cutest ever! You must watch her !
The president of Chick-Fil-A has openly talked about how he opposes same-sex marriage. I understand and respect that they are closed on Sundays for religious reasons. But when the president of the company openly talks about the over $2 million funding used to boycott gay marriage, this literally makes me sick. Their delicious chick-fil-a chicken sandwiches and polynesian sauce and waffle fries are not worth supporting this company. I believe everyone has a right to support what they believe in. I think Chick-fil-a has made a huge mistake to alienate customers. I support families, loving realtionships, and the absense of hate. Unfortuinately Chick-fil-a disagrees with me. AND, let's be honest, Zaxbys is better. Go there instead for even BETTER chicken and that oh so amazing Zaxby's sauce. Or do yourself a favor and stop feeding yourself and your kids fastfood.

Also uncool (2nd time I've brought this up this week because I'm so bummed). I'm going to miss the opening of the summer olympics next Friday because I'll be at a Childish Gambino concert. The show was origionally going to be last March, Donald Glover broke his foot, and rescheduled the show for 6 months later... AT A DIFFERENT VENUE. So instead of having awesome general admission standing-room in front of the stage spot... My tickets from the last show have transfered into stupid lawn seats. Not happy.

This week I was gav-free and accomplished exactly nothing. My house is not any cleaner. I didn't do laundry, didn't run the dishwasher. I didn't even go to the gym. And I totally could have. The biggest accomplishment was that I watched the Bachelorette in peace lol.
Have I talked about $1 tacos on here yet? Well they're amazing. Not sure if it's cool or not that Lauren and I have eaten them on three different occassions in the past week. They are super fresh, totally gluten free. I actually have lost weight this past week. So tacos are good for me, maybe? (not so sure on the mango water I down like it's going out of style that I also drink with my tacos. oh and the crazy amounts of chips I also eat when I'm there).
 This is 3 tacos and that's a raddish on top. 

I think I may have a mail subscription obsession. Technically I only get 2 boxes a month (Birchbox and Julep... I'm doing a full post on Monday about these). The issue is that they make me SO SO SO SO happy. But do I really need more 'stuff' in my life? What if it's consumable stuff, like make-up samples that I go through pretty quickly? I keep seeing more and more of these boxes pop up and I want them all :/

Link up with Janette the Jongleur and post on what you think is Cool, Not Cool and Undecided this week! She's sooo adorable! 


  1. Totally see the Dita von Teese! I think she is so gorgeous although I have no idea how Marilyn Manson ever stole her heart.

    I've never had a Chick fil-a and I know now that I probably won't. I don't know why corporations shove their foot in their mouths and pick a side when they should just remain neutral so they don't alienate their customer base.

    Whatever, less money in their pockets hopefully means more money towards supporting EQUALITY. Supporting gay rights doesn't make you a brave person, it just makes you a decent human being.

  2. Your haircut is so cute. I wish I could do straight bangs, but I wind up looking like a 12-year-old. Also, I hope you're enjoying Julep!

  3. Love those save the dates! Very original! I live about 45 mintues from Philly! My first thought was Dita Von Teese as well. Definite resemblence. I didn't know about Chik Fil A until just recently when (one Sunday) my husband told me. I don't like their food anyway! Awesome video. I love how much she smiles!

  4. You are waaayy prettier than all those girls Leah!

    Janette the Jongleur

    PS. Thanks for linking up girl!


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