Thursday, July 26, 2012

Dream Vacation 'My Happy Place' Paradise

Posted By: Leah

Today's Random Thursdays' subject is 'what is your dream vacation.' Today I'm going to share with you where I go when I close my eyes and go to my 'happy place' through visualization.

The first time I did this was in college. I remember being in a recreational therapy course. The professor turned off the lights, had us close our eyes and it was dark. REALLY, REALLY DARK. And looking back yes, this seems a little weird. But at the time, in my medatative state I found for the very first time, my 'happy place.' This of course also translates into my dream vacation because I can 'see' the surroundings and it's a place I feel like one day I will vacation to.
I'm not sure if this is me being vain, or superficial, but the first thing I 'see' in my 'happy place' is how I look. It's me looking down at myself. I look very different. I'm in a bright pink bikini and I look very tanned and toned.
I have dark brown wavy hair falling all the way down to my elbows. I see it all so clearly that I feel like one day this really will be me. I'll be on this exact dream vacation and it'll feel like deja vu.

I'm on a beach, I can feel the warm sun beating down on me and the sand between my toes.
I'm alone on the beach but I'm not lonely. I am there with someone else and I feel very complete. 

I'm not worried about anyone or anything while I'm on that beach. The air is still. I feel very calm. My mind is free for all stress, anxiety, and worry. Everything in my life is taken care of and I'm truly in my Happy Place. And to me, this is my Dream Vacation, or my

And without me being overly cheesy (I know, too late). Clearly you can guess what comes next (just ignore the overly lame youtube video. Hit play, but Don't even watch it. Seriously.)

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Here are some more from photos of my Dream Vacation 'Happy Place' Paradise....

I'm not 100% sure, but I feel like I'm in Jamaica. I've never been there, but for some reason think this is what I'm 'seeing' in my mind. I'm guessing everyone else's Dream Vacations will be very similar to mine. What is it about the sand and the sea that is so perfect, peaceful and relaxing?

 I remember a couple times when I HAD to go to my 'happy place.' Once was when I was giving birth to Gav. I was in the operating room getting my emergency c-section and I was cold. It may have been the morphine, but I was shivering uncontrollably. The anestesisiologist was standing over me and telling me to 'think warm thoughts.' I was so scared to shiver, worried the doctors would cut me incorrectly. So I closed my eyes and went to the 'happy place' you see in the above photos.

More recently, when I was getting my anchor tattoo on my ribs, I honestly thought I would pass out from the pain. I tried counting, I tried breathing with the pain, but it was so unberrable that I had no choice but to imagine the 'happy place' and somehow I made it through (and if you are new to my blog- this was my 5th tattoo, technically my 9th because I had the 4 others each retouched. Nothing has ever hurt to the extent this one on my ribs did. Nope, still not ready to share my 'tattoo story.' Because almost 2 weeks later it's still too soon to relive any part of that experience).

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  1. Um, is the person you're with ME? Because I'm pretty sure this is my dream vacation too. And my dream body.

  2. Such a beautiful post! I love it!

  3. Love it! I'm kind of sad that I dont have a 'happy place' since yours sounds so awesome.

  4. That is my favorite Coldplay song =] Love the pictures!


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