Friday, July 13, 2012

Free Starbucks today! 7/13 Noon - 3pm

Posted By: Leah
Good Morning,
If you haven't already heard, Starbucks is giving away a free tall (12 oz) Refreshers Beverage today from Noon - 3pm. Did I mention it's FREE? Totally worth checking out!
 Just a wanrning - I've heard from several reliable sources, including Natalie, that the Hibiscus one is really weird and gross. Those of you into drinking flowers (if you like jasmine tea) this might be your thing. Otherwise to be safe, my advice is to stick to the lime one.

Note: The Hibiscus drink is not Passionfruit Tea or Passionfruit Lemonade, a super delish Starbucks drink. And it has blackberries floating in it.

I'm super excited to run out during lunch and try one! (The lime one, duh :)

Nope, not a Starbucks sponsored post... just me giving you all the hook-up on a free summertime drink!

Let me know which one you try and what you think!


So I just got back from going to Starbucks with a couple of coworkers and omg, these drinks truly are weird. And not in a 'weirdly delicious' way. Weird-o creeper gross weird.

So I REALLY did not like the lime. It was this wattery, bitter, tart, grossness. Nothing like a margarita or limeaid or anything good. The Hybiscus was better... it tasted like a flowerie tea. But not very sweet. And the blackberries in it... GROSS! You'd think they would pluck them fresh from the Starbucks gardens, but no. They had a weird crunch. First I thought it was because they were frozen. But chewing them up it was a really crispy crunch (weirdness). So yes, like everyone has been saying - these drinks are NOT good. All 3 of us got separate 'real' drinks from Starbucks and sort-of nursed these free drinks.


  1. I was walking by the Starbucks in my grocery store yesterday and they had free samples of the drink. I had heard the lime was really good so I tried the hibiscus one and it was kind of weird. I pictured it to have a somewhat tart taste like lemonade but it was really sweet and tasted like a flower. I guess that would explain the name! Ha!

  2. I tried the lime one and it's pretty good! I think I like the ones in the cans a little better, though.

  3. Thanks for the update...I live too far from one just to go get a free drink but I was wondering about them. I LOVE greentea/passiontea mix so i was going to try these but not now. I will stick to what I know..and not try to change it up!!

    Happy Friday


  4. hey leah! here's a shout-out to ya!


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