Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday's Letters - Words Otherwise Unsaid

Posted By: Leah

Dear Gav, I am a little bit sad about being away from you all next week. It will be an adjustment for both of us, but this is the closest thing to a week of 'real summer vacation' that you will get this summer. Everyone who is taking care of you this week is so excited and can't wait for you to visit. You will not have to wake up early just so I can be to work on time. You can sleep in, lay around and relax.

Growing up I was lucky with teachers for parents and they were on vacation all summer so I could be to. But this is the hand that we've been dealt and that means you have a mama with a full time, year-round job. Maybe one day I'll have the opportunity to work from home, but I think that the opportunities you've had with so many friends through daycare and afterschool outweighs that.
Plus who are we kidding? If I was home with you 24/7 we'd probably end up watching wayyy too much tv.

Dear Cubee (aka Courtney), We've gotten to be such good  friends these past three years. It still hasn't really sunk in that Monday was your last day and I won't be able to talk to you all day, every day, like I'm used to. Right now it just feels like you're on vacation. I hope they hire someone who will end up being a good friend to me. I guess you can't really ask for that from the boss's but guess what, I did ask them. And I don't think they thought I was serious. But I was. Sitting next to someone for 9 hrs a day, everyday is more time than I spend with anyone else. I really hope they find a nice person to replace you. I mean not 'replace' but to do your work.

Dear New Blog Followers (friends), Wow... I've gained almost 30 new friends this week. Maybe a few of you are only here because I am offering a giveaway (actually I have another one coming up next week!). But hopefully you will find something about me that you identify with. I will try to think of some better adjectives to use in my writing other than 'adorable, awesome, cute...' etc. Unfortunately, that's really how I speak. I can put on my 'professional voice' aka 'phone voice' but people who really know me, know that's not real. I can't promise to keep it real all the time with you guys like some bloggers do. I wish I could use this blog as a 'diary' or be super snarky. I am a professional (minus the 5 year old vocab) as well as a separated mom. I just can't open up and vent all the stuff that's REALLY happening most of the time. I allude pretty well. And as a bonus, as we become better friends I'll e-mail back and forth with you the good stuff. promise.

Dear Nails, (weird transition but whatever) we've had a pretty exciting week in nail design. You started out the week with my kind of weird ombré attempt, and we're closing out the week 3D magnetic polish. I'm working on taking better photos and making you look better. Time and practice, time and practice.

Dear Delicious Foods in My Belly, I'll be quitting you again very shortly. We have an unhealthy relationship. You are so attractive and delicious. You make me happy. Then you leave me feeling bad about myself. I'll be going on a detox from you next week. Clean eating for sure. I need to look good when I go to San Diego and you aren't helping me. Bread + cheese = YUM! especially with HK's face, but those are the 2 things I need to avoid :(  Bread and cheese - not HK's face

Dear Hair, I'll be getting you cut next week. Nothing drastic. I wish you would not have random gray hairs. I know I'm 32 and this is the age this sort of thing happens, but I'm not excited about investing in dying my hair. So if you knew what was good for you, you'd go away. Thanks.

Dear Everyone Watching Gav Next Week, Sorry to put you last. I didn't mean it because I forgot about you. I know you are each very capable of taking care of him. He's not like any other kid, so just remember to treat him for who he is, not like anyone else. He doesn't like ice cream, or marshmallows and fried foods hurt his belly. He doesn't really like vegetables but he does like to stay up very very late. Just speak to him like a an adult; like you would your friend, not like you would a typical 5 yr old and you'll be okay. Here he was this week when I caught him packing his lunch for daycamp while I watched the Bachelorette. He is the sweetest.

PS - Dear Blogger, I had 3 posts scheduled for today at various times. Why did you not post ANY of them at the right time and then wait and publish all 3 at once? You suck. Oh well, not much I can do. Sorry everyone who's reading my stuff through blogger. I promise I didn't do that on purpose. 
I feel a little like a link-up whore, but I do like the nails I included in this post. So if you are visiting from The Nail Files, than geez... sorry about depression central over here! 


  1. Aww Gav is such a cutie! I'm sure he will be JUST fine, but I'm sure saying goodbye to your dude for a week is tough!

  2. You are hilarious. This post is full of awesome. I can't even attempt to type out much more than that because I'm busy giggling like a little girl.

  3. ohhh your magnetic polish looks perfect!

  4. that picture of him is so precious!

    Come to and say hello!


  5. Well you did a really great job with the magnetic - I can never get mine to look that good!


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