Friday, July 6, 2012

Friday's Letters

Posted By: Leah

Dear Blog Readers:
Fine. I did it. I changed my post backgrounds to white. Please tell me it looks awesome and you still feel the 'warmth' of LLoL even though it's not a beautifully textured background. I can switch it back anytime, but I know deep down inside white is best. Ugh.

Dear Self:
I know I want another tattoo. And I know I want this sugar scull anchor. And I have no clue where to get it. I have a professional job and am already constantly having to adjust my footwear to hide my HK and stars on my feet. I have a tatoo on my upper back on the side as well as a 'tramp stamp.' Where should I put this? I don't want it anywhere that can stretch if I gain or lose weight?

Dear BF:
It was so so so so special to me that you came up after I got off of work and spent the 4th of July with me. I was sadder about spending the holiday alone than i let on. Thank you for seeing through that and coming up here even though you were JUST up here this past weekend. Oh, and thank you for the McDonalds chocolate covered ice cream cone. I'm glad I got an entire one to myself this time.

Dear Blog Readers again:
I am super close to reaching 200 followers. I think that's the 'unofficial' number that changes you from having a super tiny blog that only your mom reads (hi! I know you're still reading) to having a larger audience. It seems like when people see you having more followers, they give you more credit and figure what you have to say is worth reading.

Dear Blog un-Readers:
Yes, those are the ones of you who haven't found my blog. I get it, I'm a kind of niche blog over here. I don't really have mass appeal and that's okay. I don't live in the PNW or do super hipster stuff every day. I live in North Carolina. I have found that way more people read my posts when they are about gav. I say this all the time, but I'm not a mommy-blogger. I am a mom who blogs, but this isn't about him. It's about me.

Dear future blog swap friends:
I ran into some spectacular deals last night at some really cute places. I wanted SOOo badly to IG the crap out of what I got. But lets just say the next ... yikes... probably 3 people who I get for blog swap matches are going to be VERY lucky. Yup, an awesome haul for sure.

Dear Gav:
I'm sorry your stomach hurts alll the time. I took you to the Dr. on Tuesday. You don't have anything major wrong, but it is hard not knowing how to help you. I'm glad you got some strong medicine I can give you if it gets too bad. We'll figure out what the issue is. I wish I could make it better :/

Dear Car:
Thank you for hanging in there with me. I have no plans on selling you even though I've had you for almost 10 years. I got your oil changed today, inspected, and detailed yesterday. You're a sweet car and I hope you enjoy Hello Kitty stickers on you. You're from Japan, HK is from Japan, you're practically sisters!

Dear Blog Self:
I wonder if your readers mind that I do so many link ups. It's not because I don't have unoriginal content, just sometimes other people have good ideas and I want to take part. I'm not paying to sponsor any posts this month, so if I want to take a break I can and wouldn't feel like a bad blogger. But the ideas keep coming to me. As long as they keep coming, I'll keep writing.


  1. I like the new background better! Its a lot easier to read, but it hasn’t lost any of its cuteness! Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!

  2. Your new background looks AMAZING! And I say the back of your neck under your hair line for the tattoo.e. Easily covered.

  3. I link up a lot too. I am starting to feel like maybe I do it too much?

  4. I appreciate the new background! I also wanted to say I love your blog, link ups and all!

  5. I love the new background! And I also do a lot of link-ups. It's fun! Also, I want another tattoo as well!!

  6. I am in LOVE with the white background..& i dont think it changed the mood of your blog at all!! I also LOVEE that sugar skull anchor.. I am a freak about anchors.. I have always wanted one down my side but know it will stretch out :( maybe your upper arm? not too sure!! && always count me in for swapping!! :) I LOVE reading your blog..lets reach 200 blog readers... I couldnt agree more with you that people start to respect you more if you reach that # & i have no idea why... & gav is adorable but it isn't about him, its ALL about you!!! but speaking of him - does he use regular toothpaste? Eli had the same problem & i had to change him to fluoride free toothpaste and it seems his tummy stopped hurting so much... maybe can try that to see. Hope he feels better!! && the BF sounds like a great guy to come visit you for the holiday & bring you dipped cone from Mcdonalds!! :)

    Sorry I wrote you a novel.. lol Happy Friday & Enjoy your weekend!!

  7. just came across your blog and wanted to say hello :) I am a new follower :D please come check out my blog some time!

  8. I found your blog on Before The I Do's! Super cute... How large are you wanting to get your anchor tattoo? I am getting a new one soon and I can't wait! I would love for you to come and check out my blog!

  9. Who cares what people think of YOUR blog and colors! If you feel as if you want to change it back... then DO IT! And I do a lot of link ups too. Sometimes that's ALL I do! I try not to get too personal on here... my stories would be juicy but it would honestly hurt someone!

  10. love the new look! still so very cute!


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