Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Happy Christmas in July Eve!

Posted By: Leah
Tomorrow is July 25, also known as Christmas in July. It's the day that Elfie, our beloved Elf on the Shelf will make a rare mid-year appearance.

In honor of Elfie flying in to deliver us a surprise at the Lovely Life of Leah Household, I'm hosting a Christmas in July link-up and giveaway with surprises for you too!

(and if this is looking a little familiar, it's because this is a repost! I have a few updates as we go along. Are you guys excited? I am! I LOVE the Christmas holidays, especially celebrating with our elf on the shelf)

Just a small hint of what will be included in the giveaway winner's prize pack of my favorites.
Elfie zoomed in and posed with his favorite item in the giveaway for .005 seconds so I could  quickly grab this shot.

Elfie has to fly back to the North Pole, so an Elf on the Shelf doll will not be included for the winner. But the winner will receive all of my favorite beauty products ($30+ value), and LOTS of fun extras thrown in. Hello Kitty + Cupcakes of course!

You may enter now through next Sunday the 29th (to allow enough time to put together an awesome recap post of everything Christmas in July themed that you did to celebrate). The winner will be announced on Monday, July 30.

As you see below, there are quite a few ways to participate! AND... if celebrating Christmas in July is NOT your thing, but you still want to get in on the giveaway, that's cool too! Just know the entries are HEAVILY weighted towards those who go all out, link-up and participate. But I didn't want to leave anyone without the opportunity to enter :) 

ALSO- If you don't celebrate Christmas, I know a lot of my friends don't, you can still enter the giveaway! There will be nothing actually Christmas-themed in the package that the winner will receive.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Christmas in July is a non-official holiday. With the heat-wave this year, I'm excited to add a dash of holiday joy into our lives right now.  All you will need to do to enter the link up portion of this giveaway are 3 simple steps.

1- Add my 'Christmas in July Giveaway & Link-Up' button (below) to your post about Christmas in July.
2- From there, you will link up your Christmas in July post to my Wednesday, July 25th Post. And by 'link up' i mean include a link in the comments. I am to cheap to actually pay once my 30 day link-up trial ran out)
3-Don't forget to also add the link to your postthe rafflecopter giveaway! (above, it will also be in my July 25 post).

Sorry in advance if the code appears broken...
I have tried and tried and for whatever reason it doesn't want to work :(
Feel free to copy, paste, and link the above photo back for your entry below!

Need inspiration?
Have a holiday-themed breakfast with red and green foods and accessories.

maybe serve winter-themed pancakes?

how about a little holiday toast & jam (with frosting designs)

throw some peppermint on... anything!

You can make a Christmas in July gift...

Or just get weird and theme it out crazy like this girl!

I'll be linking up with Elfie, our Elf on the Shelf. Feel free to invite your Elf out of  the attic  the North Pole for some fun in the summertime sun too!

Here are some photos of places Elfie landed last year:

Need more inspiration? Check out the zillions of ideas for Elf on the Shelf on Pinterest HERE.

Oh and yes, Gav looks a little like Elfie. He's my own Elf on the Shelf year round LOL!

If you were wondering...

Who or What is Elf on the Shelf?
As the story goes, this elf normally ' flies in' around Thanksgiving from the North Pole and lands in your house(probably on a shelf because he can't really stand anywhere). You must name him Gav went with Elfie, works for me. And YOU MUST NEVER EVER TOUCH HIM OR HE LOSES HIS MAGIC AND CAN'T FLY TO TELL SANTA IF YOU WERE GOOD OR BAD. SANTA, THEN WILL NOT KNOW YOU EVEN EXIST, LET ALONE GIVE YOU ANY GIFTS ON CHRISTMAS.
What kind of crap is that? Scaring poor kids by telling them that this creepy, shifty-eyed little doll can cancel christmas for your whole family? That's a freakin' heap of pressure for the kid.

.... but guess what.... IT WORKS!!!!!!!! Gav had some discipline problems last fall... I know, what!? my sweet angel child was extra talkative and distracted at school. Elfie came in and WOOSH overnight the child was 'cured.' Seriously, he was attentive, his grades improved, I think Elfie is truly a magic elf!

Gav is so so sweet. Elfie is not always used as a discipline tool (even though he's a very effective one!) Elfie will be making an appearance to bring Gav a small gift and leave a note just to let him know that Santa has his eye on him until he comes back at Christmas. I think it'll be a little mid-year motivation. 
I am really excited about Elfie coming back, even if it's just for one day. 

Mark your calendars and get ready for this exciting Christmas in July link-up and giveaway! I can't wait to see what you all have planned for the 25th.


  1. My favorite thing about Christmas is all the food!! for some reason, i always make homemade candy during this time & lots & lots of cookies!! :) its my weakness!!! :)


  2. My favorite thing about Christmas is spending time with my family and keeping up with old family traditions and starting new ones with my husband!

  3. my favorite thing about christmas is watching how excited pie gets about...everything. so fun to watch.


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