Monday, July 2, 2012

HerosCon - 2012

Posted By: Leah
The weekend before last I attended my very first comic book convention, HeroesCon in Charlotte, NC. No, I am not a comic book fan, but I love Hello Kitty. Last year BF attended ComiCon in San Diego and it looked so awesome! When I found out there was a similar convention in Charlotte where I could find some unique Hello Kitty items, I thought it might be worth checking out. When I found out I could also dress up as HK, I was there! And it was really fun!

Here's a potentially awkward situation: you want to get your photo with Batman and then he holds open his cape. So your choice is to go under it, touching his spandex for the sidehug or you can go over it and be blocked out of the picture. I chose the under method. I guess I could have just hung my left arm at my side. But no, I went in for the sidehug! Batman and I are close like that. Clearly.

Gav dressed as Mario! Actually he just wore the hat and I used eyeliner to draw on his mustache. He LOVES Adventure Time on Cartoon Network. Remember Ren and Stempy? It was a cartoon... but not so much for kids. That's how Adventure Time is. And it's Gav's favorite show. He's not old enough to understand the inappropriate dialogue. Anyhow, he was super excited when we saw these girls. He said it was Cake instead of Jake and Princess Fiona. I thought it was Finn and Jake but obviously I'm not down with the show like all of them are.
 This year was the 30th anniversary of the Heroes Convention and they had this awesome photobooth! You can look like your own action figure!

This was from the collection where Mario and Hello Kitty hang out. It's from Japan, you just haven't seen it yet :)

 Everybody gets thirsty, especially from saving the world.

I'll be doing an entire post on these Necomimi ears. They are cat ears that read brain waves... perfect for cosplay or you know, me who is super real-life animated all the time. 

It's the Avengers! (sorta)
Edit: BF just saw this and said not one of these were avenges. So I take it back. Clearly I do not know my comic books.

...if only I was into buying comic books!  ;)

This was the whole reason I went... Hello Kitty! YAYAYAY!!!!

I seriously love these. The artist had every possible character and super hero drawn on the side of cardboard boxes. Robocop was extra cool because his face was a handle. And I can look through it. I got all 5 of these, they were my favorites!

Then I met some new friends.

If you ever need a Superman or Wonder Woman bikini, this is the place to be.

These people were taking pictures of other people dressed up. It's so funny because so many people were dressed up, everyone just takes pictures of each other.

These were adorable earrings! And looking through my pictures I think possibly on the left is Hello Kitty Bling! Dang, I missed it :(
So that was my HeroesCon recap! I have another post recap via my Instagram photos HERE. It has more of mine and Gav's adorableness plus we ran into Stan Lee! (sorta). Thanks to BF for taking all these awesome photos of Gav and I!

Have you ever been to a comic book convention?

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