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It's Ok Thursday - On Last Friday Night

Posted By: Leah
It's Ok- That I was really bummed about working on 4th of July yesterday (even though it was my own idea to come in). And that I was also sad I didn't have Gav (he was with his dad).

It's Ok - That after spending some time with his fam at the lake, BF suprised me and came up to spend the 4th with me! OMG it was the best ever! We got dinner at Natty Green's and ate outside and sort-of watched the fireworks through downtown bldgs.

It's Ok - That after we left downtown, we stopped by Mickie D's and each got a chocolate dipped cone. You guys, they're better than at dairy queen. It's seriously the best!

It's Ok - I totally forgot to tell you guys about what I did last Friday night too! So I'm telling you now (because you know you live vicariously through me ;)

It's Ok - Gav was with his dad, and BF came up to Greensboro and we went out to eat and to a concert. Grown up date style!

It's Ok - BF and I packed the car (we were taking Gav tubing 1st thing Sat morning) and got HOTT in the 103 deg weather Friday. So BF and I  went and jumped in the pool. I am so happy I have a pool :) ok really, I live in an apartment with a pool.

It's Ok - that cooling off swimming put us behind taking showers and getting out the door for dinner. OH! And the YMCA called about Gav being waitlisted. UGH being a mom is hard sometimes, even when Gav's not with me. So we ran over to the Y so I could get Gav in camp for August.

It's Ok - FINALLY BF and I got to The Red Onion for dinner. ... and found out the next day it was closing, forever! (That's why it's in black & white. for the sadness)

It's Ok - I used Red Onion closing as an excuse to order anything I wanted. So that was the Campfire dog (hotdog w/ roasted marshmallows & chocolate) and chimichanga dog (fried with queso & guacamole).

It's Ok - That I ordered sweet tea and it was delicious! But something in my stomach (my food hadn't come out yet) said No! No! No! and I thought it would be best if I excused myself to the restroom.

It's Ok - Not sure why or how, but I threw up A LOT OF TIMES. I don't know if it was the sweet tea, the thought of a hotdog with chocolate and marshmallows... but I knew something in my stomach hated me and needed to exit ASAP.

It's Ok - that I was FINE after that. I told BF and he had no clue I was even feeling bad. And I hadn't been... it just came on suddenly. I puked my brains out... and then felt A-OK :)

It's Ok - That I was totally ready for my campfire dog and chimichanga dog after that. I know... I know... you'd think I would need to go home or something but I'm telling you, I was fine. And no I'm not pregnant. Geez why can't a girl be allowed to be randomly sick for once in her life? 

It's Ok - The chimichanga dog was amazing (duh!) and the campfire dog... oh man... DELICIOUS! (yes, hotdog + marshmallows + chocolate on a bun. don't judge me). Man, I will miss this place. The Red Onion rocked my life & everyone else's who ever at there. 

It's Ok - we were soooo late getting out of there. By the time we got our food and headed out to the concert, it was almost 2 hrs after it started!

It's Ok - I hadn't even purchased our tickets until the day of the show and I had no idea where our seats were. Row BBB upper level? sounds good right?

It's Ok - UM... we were on the VERY LAST ROW of the coliseum. You know the term 'nosebleed' well this was it. And these weren't even the cheap $10 seats! I have no idea how our much more expensive seats could have been worse, but it's Ok!

It's Ok - As we sat down Wale was singing the one song I wanted to hear. Kinda bummed we missed it, but .... that's life. (here it is:)

It's Ok - We got there for the 2 acts we most wanted to see. J. Cole and Rick Ross. I've seen them both before, but they are both really awesome live, so it was okay we were late. HERE for J. Cole and TI and HERE for Rick Ross, Nicki Minaj, Lil Wayne... I love hip hop. clearly!

It's Ok - J. Cole did an extended version of my favorite song 'Cant' get enough' I swear it went on 10 minutes. Here it is, you know it (well maybe).

It's Ok - I kind of love J. Cole. BF knows it, it's fine. It's our 3rd time seeing him together. HERE was the 1st time at Bonnaroo. I was like idk who this dude is but he's amazing!!!

It's Ok - these were by far the worst seats I've ever had to any show ever. And I didn't care. I would pick bad seats at a hip hop show over floor seats to a boring, low-energy show any day. Here's our view. J. Cole's down there. He's super tall in the middle of the stage.

It's Ok - BF and I got a little confused when Rick Ross came out. This other large black guy came out, but was running around the stage. We thought Rick Ross lost about a hundred lbs and we were so proud! Then The BO$$ came out (no not Bruce Springsteen) and yeah... he looked the same like 400 lbs lol. See how high up we were? seriously... it's hard to tell what was happening. Wale came out and was rapping too. It was confusing lol!

It's Ok - that I'm thinking pretty much none of you reading this have a clue who J. Cole is let alone Rick Ross (aside from me talking about them). It's okay, I'm going to help you. So Rick Ross aka BO$$ aka Ricky Rosay is the really big black dude in the video with the beard and glasses. Meek Mill is the other guy who's doing most of the rapping. Just watch the video....

It's Ok - that I've started each of these with 'So What' then had to go back and delete it. These link-ups are confusing me. So similar!

It's Ok - I'm taking part in another blog swap. 2 things about me you may or may not know: 1- I am super creative, and I really enjoy giving.  2- I Love getting mail. Big time.
I have been very lucky in all the blog swaps I've been a part of. I like to 'pay it forward' and give people awesome things for blog swaps. I believe the term 'spoiled' has been used to describe how people feel when they open what I've sent. Just sayin'  ;)  Blog swaps are not for everyone. But, here is one to check out: if it's your thing.

It's Ok- And totally the oldest news ever that Andy Cooper came out thsi week. It clearly wasn't shocking to anyone. Have you seen his CNN NYE with Kathy Griffin? I'm pretty sure her whole goal in life was to help him come out. But regardless, I'm really happy that Anderson Cooper is officially out. I know from seeing friends struggle with 'outting' themselves, it's hard to be honest with everyone. There's so much judgement in the world. Yay Andy for being a great rolemodel to us all. It's Ok to be yourself :)

What are you saying It's Ok to this week?

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  1. Your one-liners crack up "That's why it's in black and white, for the sadness"

    I died! Even though it's not funny. (Sorry)

  2. OMG! Where to start?! Haha. A) That sucks that you got sick and that restaurant is closing (and I did think preggers for a sec...haha sorry!) B) That hot dog looks slightly intriguing, but I don't think I could ever do chocolate and marshmallows on it! and C) I've decided that I will sign up for swaps only if you get me... I'm hardcore bummed about this one!

  3. Maybe I was the only person surprised about Anderson Cooper lol

  4. I had no idea about Anderson either but I don't really watch newsy shows. I'm just not sure about the Campfire hotdog. I like everything on it but put them together and I just don't know if I could do it! lol

    Glad you had an awesome Friday night :)


  5. You (& your blog!) are the cutest! I'm with ya on the Anderson Cooper thing-- I'm not sure if you saw him when he was on Kathy's new show on Bravo, but I think he came daaangerously close to admitting it (there were like 2 or 3 "slip ups")... pretty sure that helped trigger his announcement. ;)
    Have a great weekend!

  6. Umm... the food looks friggin amazing. And J Cole, say what? We were dancing to said song in our "turn your yard into a club" last night.. oh yeah, cause I'ma BO$$! Holla.

    Hope you had a great 4th ma'am!

  7. Hi Leah, I'm here from the link-up and love, love, LOVE this post! I'm so sorry that this restaurant is closing. I can't say the hot dog with marshmallows is appetizing, but any place with sweet tea is a place I want to visit!!!!!!!

    Nicole @ Three 31

  8. Hahaha, I died laughing at "that's why it's in B&W, for the sadness" - that's hilarious!

    I LOVE Anderson Cooper, and was so proud of him for coming out, even though like you said - no surprise!

    Thanks so much for linking up with us girly :)

  9. Holy MOLY those dogs look like they should be illegal!! Freaking awesome!

    ... Can't blame you for jumping in the pool... Or any body of water at this point!

  10. WHAT! You can get chocolate dipped cones? Where have I been and why did they never ask me if I wanted my cone dipped?

  11. That hot dog sounds amazing and I want one right now!!!

    Thanks for stopping my blog! : ]


  12. Oh, Anderson...He's so dreamy! :)

  13. Hey! It's nice to meet you Leah! I love your blog. You are a cute girl! :)
    P.S. Are McD's chocolate cones really better than DQ?!

  14. I have never even heard of a dessert hot dog before! Is it good?! Also, some of your one-liners really cracked me up. I'm sorry some unfortunate things have happened, but girl at least you can write about it in an awesome way :)

    Thanks for linking up! You can link up again next Monday :)


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