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Julep Maven for $0.01 and a FAST $10 Credit From Birchbox

Posted By: Leah
These mail subscription boxes are everywhere! From Birchbox to BarkBox. From Julep for nails to ConsciousBox. What is the big deal and are they worth it?

My answer is YES YES YES

... IF you know how to 'work the system.'
I have my most recent reviews AND I've figured out how to get these beauty items for practically free!

Julep Maven
This box of 3 gorgeous colors came to me shipped for a total of only $0.01!

First of all a HUGE thank you to Jessica who wrote this post and got me excited about Julep. She did a fabulous review. You guys... this is the best deal out there right now! A new subscriber's Julep Maven box is only $0.01
...a PENNY! For three really great polish colors. This is 'Sasha' (the orangish one on the left) and with  HK  below :)

I am kind of addicted to painting my nails if you haven't noticed by now on my blog. I can tell the difference between China Glaze, OPI, Zoya, Essie vs. the cheap stuff any day. Really, anybody can. Either your polish applies easily and requires one, max 2 coats. Or it is the wattery crap kind and you need about 4 coats to be able to see the color you intended. In my opinion Julep polish ranks up there with the expensive $9+ a bottle brands. It's actually *almost* a little too thick. One coat of Julep and your're pretty much set.

To get your three polishes for $0.01, all you need to do is fill out the little style survey and Julep will determine 'what kind of girl' you are. They said I was an "It Girl," but the good thing is you preview your nail polish colors prior to receiving it in the mail, so you can switch to another box's colors if you prefer. If you want to put your subscription on hold, that's okay with them. If you want to send that month's box to a friend, they let you do that too.

So here's the catch. It's expensive. It is $19.99/month for the 3 polishes (sometimes they will include a certificate for aditional polishes). They also throw in some pedicure goodies (like those foam toe separator things, lotions, nail files, etc on occassion). To get your first Julep Maven box for $0.01, after you complete the style survey, at check-out enter code: PENNY  this will only work for your 1st box. (I also heard that another code currently working is COLORS4ONE)

So what about after you get your first box, what if you don't want to have to pay $19.99/month? Julep is a referral program. So all you need to do is share your referal code with your friends, fam, post on your blog, etc. (they'll give you the code as soon as you sign up).  For ever 2 people who sign up with Julep with your link, you will get a month free! So that's pretty easy to do. Of course you can cancel your subscription anytime, put it on hold, etc. My link is HERE. (thanks for the free month in advance you guys!)

But there is some fine print to keep in mind. The people who sign up with your referral code must remain enrolled with Julep for 30 days after receiving their first box to keep your referral credit. AND free months will not apply until you personally are enrolled with Julep for 6 months. So my first free month (well that's if 2 people click my referal code for their penny maven box) is is FEBRUARY of 2013. Yeah... that. Just an FYI.  But the $0.01 for 3 cute nail polishes is a deal not worth passing up!

This box cost me $9.99 shipped.
BUT I have a credit of $10 on the Birchbox site towards full size products.
So it evens out!

Can I just say I really really love Birchbox? I have only been with them for a month and already I have a $10 credit towards any of the full size products on their site. Oh and all with free shipping. You can check out my exciting post on getting my very first Birchbox last month HERE.

Just like with Julep, you fill out a survey when you sign up with Birchbox. Just know there can be a bit of a waiting list with this one (unless you sign-up via referral, they'll get you in). I was lucky and got in after only a few weeks.

I was sooo overjoyed with this month's Birchbox, especially the full sized Eyeko liquid liner. You know how I pretend to have the 'pin-up' look happening sometimes? I have tiny, baby eyes, but when I line them they look a WHOLE lot better. ANYHOW I use the twist-up eye liner (instead of the pencil kind) but never use liquid liner... Until now! The Eyeko liner is super dry, almost like a marker and has a fine tip. So no chance of messing up like with the old school liquid liner paint brush kind. YES!

I loved everything else in this box; this month they teamed up with Glamor Magazine and the theme was the 5 senses. The Hello fragrance (I was never a perfume girl, but I am enjoying trying these out!) the adorable ear buds, LOVE Jouer tinted moisturizer (wish it was bigger!), cute aqua polish (but it was 'cheap' and went on thin), and gav ate the banana foster Uber bar (he said it was good. He's 5 and a little picky, so that's a complement!). To subscribe to Birchbox click HERE.

ANYWAY... once you receive your Birchbox, you can then go online and earn points for reviewing the samples you received. For every 100 points, you will receive $10 towards full sized products on the Birchbox site. I had 5 products in last month's Birchbox, I did 5 reviews and had 50 points. Then my friend read my blog, subscribed to Birchbox and I got 50 pts for referring so I was right there at 100 pts and got my $10 credit sitting in my Birchbox account online. This month's Birchbox has 5 products, I've done my 5 reviews and am now sitting only 50 pts away from another $10 in credit.

The fine print on this one isn't as sketchy as it is with Julep. Your friends can cancel anytime, you don't lose your points. You can't suspend your membership, but when you're done with Birchbox, you're done, you know? You probably won't care about waiting to become a member again. So it's looking like 50 points or 1/2 way to $10 every month. or 2 months of 5 reviews = $10. Just don't forget to do the reviews! You only have that month to do them. You can't go back to previous boxes once you have your new one. How to find the review section... they make it tricky... just go to your account, then your box (left side of page, tab at the top), it'll have a listing of what you got in your current month's box and the purchase price for full size items). Click on it like you want to buy/get more info and on the right it'll have a 'give feedback' button on the right. Fill out a quick survey on it and you get 10 pts. Quick, easy, WORTH IT!

Do you subscribe to any mail-order boxes? Have you found any other tips or tricks to getting the most of them that I've left out!?

There are lots of Birchbox haters, I know. Like I said in last month's review... this is something I do for ME. I LOVE suprises, I love getting mail. Even if I'm having a tough day, this (for whatever retail-therapy weird psychological reason) makes me HAPPY. I know next to nothing about beauty products. I don't have the time, money or energy to try every new thing or even care about products. Birchbox sends me products I didn't even know existed, products hand-picked for me that I love. For only $10. It's the cost of a dinner or 2 lunches out. It's worth it. It's for ME. Do I care if you sign up?  (I've filled this e-mail FULL of referral links lol) No. I truly don't. All I can do is commit to making myself happy and sharing that with you :)

Now it's time to SHARE! In The Comment section below, post any of the other boxes out there that YOU subscribe to and links with your referral codes! I want to know what you think and if this surprise mail every month makes you as happy as it makes me :) 


  1. Leah, the Julep referral credits start immediately. You don't have to wait six months. Promise! I got my first month free using referrals. And this month as well.

  2. oh that's soo awesome!
    Thank you so much for letting me know about Julep and for the update on the referral credits!

  3. This is a new Subscription Box that I came across. I signed up because it looked like it might be really good. It's Popsugar's Must Have bag. It is new and I will be receiving the first one next week. I am SO excited!

    1. OOH I am DYING to see what's in the pop sugar box! It's like $35/month but they say it's $150+ worth of items. I googled all over the place and couldn't find any pics except the outside of a box! This is a little more than I'd drop on a subscription box. I can't wait to see what's inside of yours when you get it though :)

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

    3. Here's my blog post showing exactly what I got in my box:

      Popsugar Unveiling

      I was VERY pleased and will keep going on this one! I get my fist Birchbox soon and am excited to see what's inside.

  4. I meant to ask... which Julep box are you getting for July?


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