Tuesday, July 3, 2012

My Timeline of Being Adorable

Posted By: Leah
I am not the prettiest girl. Or the thinnest. I'm not tan, nor do I have the best hair. I'm not petite, or popular. I never have been rich or had a fancy car or clothes. I'm a divorced single mom. To be honest, I've never had anything that other people wanted. No one has ever been jealous of me... except of the fact that I'm 'adorable.' And what is adorable anyways? Puppies and rainbows and buttercups?
  1. a·dor·a·ble/əˈdôrəbəl/

    Inspiring great affection; delightful; charming.

(IE- Lovely Life of Leah) Being adorable is the confidence and positive self-image that helps me to stand apart from everyone else. It's the reason people enjoy being around me and don't mind that I'm a 32 year old in a Hello Kitty shirt with tattoos of stars and flowers. It's what makes me ME.

But unfortunately, I have not always been who I am today. I was a very cute little girl, absolutely darling.

Then something happened middle-school through the end of high school. We will call those years 'the not adorable years.' Again, I was never ugly or excessively overweight or even had bad skin. I just.... was. I didn't stand out in any way. And it wasn't awful, just not adorable. (I'm in the white shirt)

(I'm in the middle with the bangs and red gingham shirt).

I was totally okay with who I was. I wasn't a teen in angst or emo (wait, it was called goth in the '90s). I was totally fine with just being okay. I had friends, I had support... I just wasn't adorable on the outside even though I felt like I was on the inside.

This is me at my senior prom. I swore I looked like Kate Winslet (this was in '98 around the time when Titanic came out). 

And then I went to college, and started to slowly discover my adorableness.... s.l.o.w.l.y....
 I lost about 10 lbs (I know, it looks like more, right?) My square jaw narrowed I realized that I liked going out. I liked going to clubs, concerts and listening to hip hop. These were very much a departure from my life prior to college where I sat home on the weekends and listened to depressing alternative music.
After college I had a good grasp on my adorableness, I had lost even more weight (I was around 125 in this photo, yikes!) had blonde(ish) hair and was employed and engaged!
My adorableness was at an all-time high until... dunt... dunt dun...... I got pregnant. I won't bore you with maternity shots, but something about being married and having a baby made me not adorable. at all. But it was cool, Gav got ALLL my adorableness genes and is super awesome. And me... um... yeah.

Yikes, right? I mean not the worst look, but I had lost almost all of my adorableness. I was feeling very exhausted and in survival mode all the time. Life was a lot of work for me. And then I ended up getting divorced from Gav's dad. I'm not sure what specifically changed, but my adorableness started slowly coming back. 

 As I started feeling more empowered, I also started looking adorable once again too.
Don't get me wrong, I have always been a super happy person. No event in my life has ever caused me not to feel that way. I just started getting even more and more confident. I cared less about what others thought and focused more on myself. 

I truly came into my own and tricked convinced in some way got BF (the football player from High School, thanks FB!) to ask me out (clearly he was not BF then). Here's BF in '97

BF was not an easy one to wrangle. However my adorableness was back in full force and I felt on top of the world. Nothing could hold me back!

And that pretty much leads us to today. 

I have a couple tips to being adorable if you are ever feeling less-than. Following these (for the most part, subconsciously) really got me to my current adorable level. (in the below pic, I'm on the right)

1- The company you keep can highly impact your adorability-levels (pretty sure I just made that term up). I'm not suggesting you ditch all of your current mom-group friends. I am just saying to stand back and observe who are you around who 'lifts you up' emotionally, socially... who is in your life that is FUN!? Generally these people are pretty adorable themselves. And if that's the other moms in your mom-group than HECK YES!!!

Also, don't be afraid to meet new people! try new things! Who you always have been doesn't define you. YOU define YOU. Do what you enjoy and you'll be amazed at who you will meet.

2- What is it that you really like to do anyway? Do you even know? For me, it's going to concerts, I love it! Also (old news) I love Hello Kitty! Don't let who you 'think you should be' define what makes you truly happy. Chances are if you aren't honest with your self, it'll show outwardly and you'll be less-than adorable. Don't conform to fit in!

3- Speaking of your inward feelings reflecting on the outside... be confident! This isn't always easy, but it is necessary for being adorable. If you're a sassy bitch, own it! If you're like me and a genuinely nice girl who is snarky at the same time, own that too! 

When you are true to who you are, you will feel free. Your adorableness will shine through and no one can hold that back. People will constantly remark how adorable you look and you will FEEL adorable too. That's what it's all about :)

*Please note this post is not in anyway meant to speak negatively of anyone I have ever known or associated myself with. Being 'Adorable' is about confidence. That is something that a person must gain for themself. No  amount of dieting, make-up, or anything else can change that. 


  1. You are adorable! And the best way to tell is because you're confident! GO GIRL!


  2. I love love love this post.

    I have accepted that I will never be described as beautiful. Or even pretty. I'm cute. And I'm actually OK with that. :)

  3. "When you are true to who you are, you will feel free. Your adorableness will shine through and no one can hold that back. People will constantly remark how adorable you look and you will FEEL adorable too. That's what it's all about :)"

    You hit the nail on the head!! As long as you feel adorable- that's all that matters!!

  4. Love your post!!! I march to the beat of my own drum, and often times people think I’m crazy BUT I like me, being cute and girly, and that’s all that matters. I love your blog and am so happy that I found you! you make me feel like it’s okay that I’m this way! Sometimes I do question myself, and try to tone myself down for people, but then I realize that I’m not happy that way, and if they don’t like me for me then they can just.... lol.

    You rock!

  5. Love this post, Leah. And girl, I think you are so cool.

  6. You are extra adorable, and kind, and inspiring, and pretty, and nice...

    Have a great day!



  7. You are extra adorable, and kind, and inspiring, and pretty, and nice...

    Have a great day!




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