Thursday, July 19, 2012

Random Thursdays - My Celebrity Doppleganger is....

Posted By: Leah

I went to and look! they said I looked like Mila Kunitz, YES!
 Oh wait... no they didn't.

No, they said Mira Sorvino.... you know... that old girl with Phoebe from Romy & Michelle's High School Reunion. 

I've actually heard that I look like Meryl Streep and when X Files was on Gillian Anderson all the time. Or Finch! (out of EVERY guy, why him?) PS is this website based in the 90's? Can we get some current people? And speaking of the 90's I think I look more like Janeane Garaffalo than Romy or Michelle.

So I did a little more broad search with the same photo....
Sigh... the same folks plus some really old people (not like Meryl Streep isn't pushing 70. And RIP Lucille Ball and Bette Davis). 

So I had a great idea that instead of using my web cam, I'd use an actual photo you we all know and love and see what that got me...
HOLLER! I'm practically Angelina Jolie's twin! And Rachael McAdams, only the most adorable ever! Speaking of Finch, people use to tell me I spoke like Alyson Hannigan "One Time... At Band Camp.."
And Lee Hyori, YES PLEASE! You all know my Asian-obsession. If I were Lee Hyori I would rock out Kawaii and HK  everything every day in every way! Not sure about Barbara Stanwyck, but who cares, I was ready to take this to the next level. No more old people, only young hotties (Angelina defies age!)

Wait... these people are all really old. I'll tell myself they are 'classic' but lets be serious. I look old. myHeritage tells me so. 

So super bummed the site didn't say I look like who I tell myself I resemble. I think I look like:

Drew Barrymore (kinda, maybe?)

and my #1 Choice who I look like in my mind (geez, maybe I really am stuck in the 90s too)
Kate Winslet!

So what do you think? So you have a celebrity doppleganger?

Warning, if you use MyHeriatige or any of the other sites they make you register. Honestly, I think I did better with my own pics and google images of who I like to think I look like. 

I am super excited to link up with my girls on Random Thursdays again. Word!


  1. Haha nice! Raven from "A Momma's Desires and Pacifiers" did a link up about that a couple of months ago! It was so funny! I got Mr. Bean for one of them! Hahahaha

  2. My vote is for Kate Winslet! You're a brunette version of her for sure! :)

  3. Dying over the fact that it said you looked like "Shit Break" from American Pie. Did you do Stifler's mom after writing this post: ;-)

    1. Heck yes! I did the 'bend and snap!'
      oh wait... that's from legally blonde.

  4. I see more Dita VonStripperChick... do you know who I mean??

    1. hahahah ok! I can be down with looking like her! thanks!

  5. Dita Von Tesse!! Yes!! You look more like her!!

  6. I think you look like Dita Von Teese too! And I have thought that before I have read the other comments. :)
    Found you at the link up!

  7. You're hilarious! I wish I looked like Mila Kunis too, she's hot as hell. There's definitely a resemblance between you & Mira Sorvino. According to our doppelgangers, we're both in that Romy & Michelle photo since I supposedly look a lot like Janeane Garaffalo (w/glasses on).

  8. Meryl Streep for sure D: I can see the resemblance a lot more! The eyes. The nose! D: You are so going to age well D:

  9. I can totally see the resemblance to Janeane Garofalo!!!!


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