Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Secret Summer Sisters Blog Swap Reveal!

Posted By: Leah

Here's the reveal of my Summer Secret Sisters blogswap!

When I first got the package I was like YAY! then I was like wait... who is it from? There's no note!
But thanks to IG and sooo many girls I know, I was able to find out that my secret summer sister was.... Cynthia of Ramblings of a Brunette aka the little sister of Jessica, who had me for another swap (oh the blogging world is such a small place). Cynthis e-mailed me that night so I could properly thank her. Isn't the tank she sent me cute? It matches my gold shorts perfectly! 

And... I know you are all so curious as to what I sent to my Summer Secret Sister (because I may or may not talk about what an awesome a gift giver I am  lol ;)

My swap partner was Natalie with He. Me & Them. Can I just start with the fact that Natalie has quickly become a super good blog friend of mine? She did an awesomely adorable write up of the package she received from me. I spent a little time scanning her blog (I had not met her prior to the swap) and was SO thrilled to get to shop for her. Yes, as she mentioned I did a little spoiling. But Natalie's just so fun, I felt like I knew her so well and she was super easy to find things for... I just couldn't stop! HERE's the reveal post she did. I'm so flattered and so happy Natalie loved everything so much. 

And I can already hear you guys thinking 'oh this is so unfair, I do blog swaps all the time and I never get good stuff. I want Leah to shop for me and buy me presents.' Well guess what friends? I DID!!!! I just hit 200 followers last night. If you missed the post, I have a giveaway for $50 worth of MY FAVORITE THINGS! Click HERE to go get entered already :) And you too can have an awesome package in the mail coming from me that is sure to make you happy!


  1. OMG, a blog swap sounds like so much fun! I want to play next time!

  2. I thought the reveal wasn't until the 13th? And how did you figure out it was her! Doesn't that take away from the surprise! Haha

  3. Ooh that's one nifty package! I'm especially fond of that tank, mostly because I have the same one haha. You were lucky to be paired up with Natalie, she's awesome.


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