Wednesday, July 11, 2012

So What!? It's Ok! I'm fired up today - Real Talk

Posted By: Leah
So What! I have quite a few blogging issues on my mind this week that have me fired up and It's Ok! I'm going to vent on them for my So What! Wednesday. In the essence of full disclosure, I will be providing the links so you can read more from the blogs I'm discussing. So What! Even though I said I'm fired up, that doesn't necessarily mean I'm going to bash anybody... It's Ok! for me to say what I'm thinking and maybe you are feeling the same way too. 
Renegade time!
It's about to get  weird and random. Ice Cream and Ducklips necessary. Word to your mom. 

So What! I do not charge for ads on my blog. I am purely a stop & swap kinda gal right now. I am not open to accepting any of your hard earned cash. Especially from SAHM's on tight budgets. I have a full time job, so I have a non-blog driven income. Plus, I don't have anything I can think of applying cash earned on this blog for, except for another  trip to Target, or maybe a pedi. It's Ok! that I fully understand and support other bloggers who have paid advertising. Your blog is your real estate. It only makes sense to accept payment to showcase other blogs on your site. I have paid for ad space and truly am excited about the opportunities and exposure that my little blog has had on some decent sized blogs out there. I think it's crazy for the big blogs not to charge other blogs for exposure. I have gotten some very awesome followers through my affiliations with the bigger blogs. Plus, if you can afford it, I highly recommend the smaller blogs to pay for advertising on the big ones. It's amazing how these nice ladies will pimp you out!

So What! This first rant was inspired by Jess's post on I Rock So What! And I though she made a good point. Ads are totally necessary for the big blogs.  I was just asking for purely informational reasons. I mean IS there a magic number when it makes sense to charge for ads? I guess for me I am not there, don't want to be there, would be uncomfortable being there. But I think eventually we'll all be there. So it's good to have research done, am I wrong?

So What! That leads me to a question for you (Can one of you help me out? I'm really curious). At what point did you start offering ads on your blogs? Was it a certain follower count (like 500 followers) or certain number of views a day (like 10,000)? Also, as a SAHM would you be more likely to charge for ads when you realize your blog is turning into a job vs the bloggers who have a 9-5? 

When does blogging become business?

So What! Although I JUST SAID I would be weird about accepting cash from you guys, I have no problem accepting and participating in corporate sponsored posts and giveaways, such as through my relationship with Clever Girls Collective. And... It's Ok! (not really) I first spelled Clever Cleaver. Yikes! I think the big companies out there know blogging is where so many of us get our news, inspiration, ideas, keep up with trends, etc. The big companies have cash to spend and a sponsored post is the perfect way to get their name out there.

It's Ok! I hate Coldplay. Always have. But this stupid Paradise song seems appropriate for this post. Just hit play so you can have some semi-annoying background music for the rest of your reading. Warning - this video is WEIRD. Not sure if drugs are required to make it a good video. Pretty sure this video is about a random Capetown,  trying to be hipster but failing, plushie/furry elephant dressed weird weirdness. Or it's over my head. Just whatever. don't play the video. So What! I don't care.

So What! It's Ok! I'm combining two link-ups into one today (So What! Wednesday and It's Ok Thursday!) because I can. I sometimes get burnt out on seeing  post after post after post with the same header (of course not these, these I love!). It's Ok! I will sometimes skip over mass link-ups on my blog feed. Yup, truth. I like to read original content from an originally inspired post most of the time over link-ups.

So What! I have a secret... if you're in the market for followers or to find new blogs to read It's OK! to link up to posts to meet new people and gain more blog exposure for free. I took part in a few new link ups last week (link ups are everywhere!!) and gained quite a few new followers because of it. Yes, your blog's content clearly plays a part. It's Ok! Not everyone is going to identify with your blog and/or want to follow you. So What! People play the follower discrimination game all the time. It sucks, but it's real. The more followers you have, the more people will think you have something of value to say and follow you. Unfortunate to the small blogs just getting started, but true.

So What! My next topic is regarding blog swaps. *Knock on wood* I have been very lucky in blog swaps. I have had the most amazing girls hook me up with really cool stuff! As a result, I keep participating! AND I've made some awesome new friends that way. But I know that my story is (unfortunately) rare. Sooo many girls have communicated with me their bad experiences in receiving crappy gifts (not just lack of material items, but lack of thought as well). And worse... some have taken part and gotten no item in return at all! :(

So What! On giveaways! Giveaways are the best, right!? You know what you're getting and all you have to do is put your name down or comment, etc. But of course, like anything with blogging it can somehow take a turn for the worse because of other people's lack of initiative. So here's a secret that is not a secret at all.... giveaways are not free to the giver. It takes time, work, postage, not to mention the cost of the materials and supplies of the actual item being given away. I was inspired to write about this via Yellow Heart Art, an AMAZING artist who sometimes receives clearly c&p'd e-mails requesting her work to giveaway. for free. She loves working with new audiences all the time (heck, I found her blog through a giveaway) but there's such a fine line between working with an artist and taking advantage of them. It's OK! I kind of am in love with her rad jams mixed tape:
and her wood art necklaces:

So What!  It's Ok! that I'm reminding you (speaking of giveaways) that I have a giveaway in honor of reaching 200 followers on Monday of this week (yup, I still consider myself a small blog)... it's $50 of Leah's (my) favorite things!!! From Hello Kitty and Cupcakes to Lotion and nail stuff. Raindrops on Roses and Whiskers on Kittens (ok not the last part). To check out my giveaway and to enter click HERE. And if you've already entered, don't forget you can gain more entries every day via Twitter.

So What! Sponsors, I shrunk your ads by about 25 pixels each side this week. I hope that will be okay and I'll understand if any of you want to discontinue your blog swapping with me because I did that. I can hear you saying, "I thought I was getting a 125 x 225 on Lovely Life of Leah... that ho shrunk my ad. I'm outta here!" Well.... sorry. In the spirit of me continuing to offer a free ad swap, I kinda needed to make more room. I'm thinking about having a couple LARGE featured spots available in the future. Don't call me out as a hypocrite thinking I'd charge for these after I JUST went through me not wanting your cash for advertising on here. Maybe offer the opportunity via a drawing or if you're sponsoring a giveaway on my site (dual exposure?) Eh? No? Ok just a thought.

So What! It's Ok! That I am about to share my feelings on other blogger's content (well... lack of). Not that you asked, but incase you were wondering.... I don't like when people  blog about nothing. I'm talking about the ladies who live dull lives and write just for the sake of making their web presence known. Y'all, do us a favor and wait until you have something interesting to say. And yes, there sooo is an art of writing about nothing and making it interesting (hello? Seinfeld... Curb... shows about nothing that are amazing). 

 My issue is when bloggers go from "This is who I am, I am a mom and so much more" to 
"I'm ... wait... who am I? All I know is  my kid. I'm so overwhelmed, I forget everything else. I'm depressed. I have no friends. My only identity is that I had a kid and wait, who am I?"
That's when I get a little bored. Actually, no. I'd read a blog like that. The basket-case high-drama bloggers are INTERESTING! a little depression and self-hate is pure entertainment in the blog world (joking... kinda). 

It's when the bloggers have very little writing skills and zero humor to begin with become reclusive and depressed but still push some kind of content out. You know the types of blogs I'm talking about. I don't want to hurt your feelings and send you into a deeper depression if this is you. Ladies, you are awesome, your kids are awesome, your husband's awesome, just don't forget that YOU are the center of the awesomeness! It's OK!!! (and no i'm not trying to call out SAHM's or married people. There are plenty of single girls with these blogs too)

So What! I have edited this post LIKE CRAZY! I had some 'ish in here and deleted it ALL. Mostly it was about people different than me. You know, the 'happily married' type with the 'perfect lives.' As a person who's 'been there' I can see through so much of the fakeness in the blog world. I know what to look for when things go bad. I can scroll back a couple of years ago on my own blog and seen some BAD TIMES I tried to cover up. My followers have always been the sweetest and most supportive. It's Ok! That when I finally announced I was separated most people were like 'wait... what? since when were you married?' yeah. that. 

The other 'ish was regarding my 'expert opinion' when I see people who I'd like to give advice to. I'm an expert on being a happy working single mama, I can tell you how to find a great BF if you are separated and have a kid. I can help you plan your party or plan your vacation. We can chat vegetarian or vegan lifestyles and cooking. I can help you with giving thoughtful gifts or getting motivated losing weight. I can talk reality TV and shopping and nail art.... BUT I'm totally an expert in that and nothing else. 

It's Ok! crazy Leah's blog rant is finally over :)

So What! If I now lose all my new blog friends and drop below 200 followers because I'm fired up today. If your feelings get all hurt because you are like "AWWW SNAP! I'm so unhappy in my marriage and LEAH KNOWS!!! I AM super dull. I put zero thought into writing my own posts. I have 10 followers and then post all day how no one wants to advertise on my blog. This post IS ABOUT ME!" I'm still going to host my giveaway!

It's like on Weight Watchers when I got my 10% keychain then ate a bunch of wings and cupcakes (and pizza and pasta and brownies.... ) and gained 5 lbs that next week and asked if I had to give the keychain back (they didn't make me. thank goodness. PS this was years ago. things could have changed. this is why as a Lifetime member I can't go back. They'd kick me out or have Jen Hudson sing me outta there for being such a slacker).

So What! Didn't enter my giveaway? I made life sooo much easier. I linked up a copy of the form here. Yay!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Speaking of linking up, head on over and link up with my 2 fav link-ups of the week (why are they my fav's? google analytics tells me so, plus I like the excuse to ramble!). Plus I like the lack of judgement for So What! and It's OK! Kind of a cone of safety. Please link up! These are every Wednesday and Thursday. I'm combining them this week just because they are very similar but have slightly different circles of who links up. Going to do the whole double-link up on this one post.

Its Ok Thursdays

Word... yo.


  1. You KNOW that I agree 100% with some of these items... I bet you can guess which! Haha. I get annoyed (and this is me being a total Jelly Belly) when I read blogs that A) aren't funny or interesting B) have HORRIBLE writing skills and C) provide NO valuable content and they have like a billion followers. I don't get it.

    1. Yes, with the one part on here that clearly is about you... I hope that girl (whoever she is)'s karma catches up with her and she chooses to do the right thing :/

  2. I am so taking my ads down. Lol. Seriousness! I mean, nobody buys them anyways, I just wanted passionfruit to set them up for me. Dammit! And word yo! I heart you!

    1. no, don't take ads down. that's sooooo not where I was going! and you KNOW this isn't about you or any of my followers. I have way too guilty of a conscious to talk crap about people who follow me. yikes!

      I say you should totally do what I do and have passionfruit host your ad swap.

      It's just as easy and it's free!!! I heart you too!

  3. I LOVE a good rant. I also love a good picture that is a precursor to the actual rant. Who doesn't appreciate duck lips, the ice cream, the quote bubble?! Keep it up, girl!

    1. hahah I am kind of loving the picture too! I was first trying to draw something in paint (because somehow that seemed appropriate) but in scrolling through photos I was like oh wait. this is a rant-face.

  4. Great post today. I am so proud of you. RANT baby RANT. It makes you feel better and it allows others to open up about their feelings and maybe what they are doing as well.

  5. I loved this post!

    I'm absolutely one of those mommy's who is trying to find her voice and herself right now. I'll never be a proper blogger and I know that. I was on Livejournal for 10+ years (it's even where I met my husband) and I just needed a fresh start and that's why I came to Blogger. It's been refreshing but I'm also struggling with what to talk about right now and that's why I've been doing so many link ups.

    I follow quite a few proper bloggers (like you) know because I enjoy the reading but don't expect anyone to follow me back because I'm just not keeping the same type of blog and I'm okay with that.

    Loving the photo on this entry! LOL

    1. Thanks so much for your comment! I keep trying to write you back via e-mail (not today but several times in the past) but it doesn't work and my firewall has disqus blocked :( I think you're a very very good writer and blogger! Everything you say is fascinating to me (mainly because of the British words you have picked up living in England lol!) We link up to SO MANY of the same posts, so I always see you around and I'm pretty sure we think the same thoughts!

  6. I've never tried to use my blog to make money, mostly because I'm lazy and because its just not that popular!

  7. I feel you on the "My marriage is so perfect. My husband is my soul mate" bloggers. Barf. I struggle with how much to write about my marriage because I believe in not bashing my husband in public, but I also don't want to come across as one of those fake folks. I generally just save the sappy stuff for a brief anniversary post with a couple wedding pics. Also, this is kind-of weird, but I want to lose the exact same amount of weight as you based on the ticker to the right. Even down to the .2. ;)

  8. Yep - you're awesome. I so appreciate all your thoughts and have had many of the same before.

    I think I started offering paid sponsorships when I hit 10,000 hits/month. I still swap alot and mostly have $ amounts posted for larger companies that contact me.

    1. Thank you so much for sharing about your paid sponsorships! I had a little over 17,000 page views last month.... but I know 75% are via my high ranking with google and google images. Basically, people will search google images for something (like Fruit till Noon that I always talk about) and then bam, I'm currently #4 in the image results. But I don't get any new followers or comments... however the people do view my site, and see my sponsors ads.

  9. A good rant is always needed to let off some steam! I don't see the point in paid ads anyway! I love swapping! Stopping by from the link up!
    XO Anna

  10. You rock, Leah! But i guess you know that. Thoroughly enjoyed your rant and look forward to more. I should probably mention that I have been blogging for under a year and still don't know how the blogging world works - links, giveaways, ads? Are you freaking kidding me? I get about 20 something visits a day. How popular am I? Love you, girl. Respect. x


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