Wednesday, July 18, 2012

So What! It's Ok!

Posted By: Leah
It's Wednesday, time for everybody's favorite post of me saying So What! and It's Ok!

So What! I believe in karma. Little things, like holding the door for the person walking in behind me, even if they are like 30 feet away. Or putting away rogue shopping carts in the parking lot. Or even giving. I give a lot to the organizations I believe in. I donate blood... I just have this need to give. I have gained so much from blogging and am so happy I have been able to do a couple 'giving back' giveaways recently. AND I think that when you do good things, good things come back to you. It's Ok! I won not one but 2 blog giveaways for $50 each to online stores recently. I know that's more of a numbers game/luck thing. But I also believe that what you do, circles around back to you eventually.

So What! I've learned a hard lesson... finally. In my 32 years of trying to make other people happy, I've realized that I just always need to put myself first. If I do what makes me truly happy, other people will either 1- understand and respect it or 2- deal with it, forcing them to have to understand and respect it. It's hard and it's caused me a lot of undue emotional stress. It's ok! that I think we all deal with this.

So What! I really mis Gav. I have been apart from him for this long before, but I was always off doing something awesome or traveling or having fun. What's making this time so hard is that I am going through my same routine, just without him. I'm going to work, coming home, running errands, and I'm so used to him being there. He's such a huge and special part of my life. It's ok! That I miss him. It just means I love him and  guess what? He's having a BLAST this week. WAYYY more fun than he's had all summer, actually. Plus it's good for us to be apart. I know that. 

So What! If you follow my instagram, you already know alll about this, probably TMI, but I got new ink this week! Yup, my 5th tattoo! (sorry for the bloody photo!)
And OhMyEverLovingGod it hurt like A MO FO! This is my 5th tattoo (it's on my ribs. Yup that black thing in the upper right is my bra/boob). Words cannot even describe the evil, tortorous, pain of this tattoo. I plan on doing an entire post on it soon... so you can plan to not read it if you are squemish. It's ok! I am SOO that girl who always said 'tattoos don't hurt.' Like I said, I have 4 other ones, and I've had each one fully retouched so that = 8 sittings. So 8 chances of me saying tattoos hurt. And yes, tattoos don't hurt me on my feet, shoulder, and lower back. But on my ribs...  SWEET BABY JESUS (you like how the only words I can use to describe the excruciating pain involve religious connotations. That means it's SERIOUS pain lol). 

So What! This tattoo totally sent me into a downward spiral. Ok that sounds crazy hahah. But for a good 2 days I was no-sort-of-good. Just wait for my full post on this. I'm telling you, it was somehow WORSE than child birth (how is that for being overly-dramatic)! It's ok! that I'm waiting for this thing to fully heal before I can even attempt to write about it. It's like telling your birth story an hour after you give birth, you have to give yourself a minute to fully grasp it all. (Seriously, this tattoo is up there as one of the most painful experiences of my life. And it was by choice. No Eve eating the apple induced pain Yes I went there... about a tattoo!)  PS - notice the Hello kitty bow at the top. 

So What! We're FINALLY going to see Childish Gambino (he had to reschedule from March when he broke his foot). OMG Donald Glover, Man UP! You're a rapper not a dancer. you could have sat on a chair. But here's the problem, The show is 7/27... the same night and time as the 2012 Summer Olympics opening ceremonies. Watching them live (ok US primetime tv live, I know it's on delay from 1/2 way around the world usually) is so epic. And memorable. I am a little bummed not to be watching them live. It's OK! I love donald glover and forgive him. He's missing them too to perform for us. 

So What! I know this is snarky to say, but there's another blogger out there who I feel is ripping off my blog. Granted it's not word for word, however I could go back like 2 years ago and say 'yeah... I posted about this back then, why are you bringing it up now on your blog?' on SEVERAL things. For now, I'm going to keep brushing it aside as coincidence. But just so you all know know...
Plus It's Ok! my blog is copyrighted. I saw this happen to somebody else a while back and I covered my bases. So this is your warning. And I get it... we're all in the same age group, all similar lifestyles and stuff so of course we'll all talk about similar things. But when it comes to the EXACT photos time after time (I mean not my PERSONAL ones but ones from etsy/pinterest/google image search)... yeah. Has anyone else dealt with this?

So What! Speaking of us all being in the same age group/lifestyle (you know, basic demographics of the ladies who blog). I sometimes get a little jealous of other bloggers. In a good way. I see your super happy marriages and 2.5 kids and pinterest worthy houses and yards. And how much fun you have staying at home and taking care of your family and cooking amazing dinners. It's Ok! That, for whatever reason, it is not the life I've ended up with. One day maybe, eventually... but not right now. I guess it's always the life I thought I'd have. But I'm still excited for the future, and finding the amazing in my everyday.

So What! I actually was not going to do a So What! this week. I honestly normally write this post days ahead (thats why they are always so long). But today It's wednesday and for once I'm not using the 'schedule' feature lol. It's Ok! 

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  1. So you finally got the tattoo??!! Yay! It looks reallly good!! Rib tattoos are so cute but I can imagine the pain (ouch!)! I'm still debating on mine.

  2. I am a cart nazi! I always have to put it back because I loathe pulling into a spot and having a cart be in it. Drives me nuts. Also, kudos on that tattoo lady, I can only imagine how much it hurt, but it rocks!

  3. I relate to the blog copying. It has happened to me too.

  4. Yeah for the tattoo! I can't wait to read about it. I said on my last tattoo that child birth was easier - dang it hurt. I think that is why it has been what 3 years since my last one.

  5. ooh great tattoo! I really hope that person isn't ripping off your blog content cause that shit's just NOT cool. Also, that .gif totally made me laugh out loud!

  6. OMG! I've been meaning to comment on the tattoo, but then we had our long e-mail love fest and I forgot! Haha. I love it! And I'm so jealous! I hear the ribs kill! I got one on the front of my hip... worst EVER!

  7. First of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new ink! (: I'm totally obsessed with anchors. I love this! I hope your recovery goes quickly though! ):

    And that totally frustrates me when someone else duplicates your creativity. I mean, yes it's nice that they read and can relate to your content, but when someone starts rewriting your every thought, right down to the post title? Yeah. I don't think so. Breathe in, Breathe out. Something about karma? Right? (:


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