Monday, July 2, 2012

Tubing in the New River

Posted By: Leah
This weekend  was hot, really hot, as in triple-digit temperatures all over the south. So what did we do to stay cool? We went tubing in the Virginia mountains!

Thanks to my google searching skills I found a super awesome place called New River Junction. It was the perfect setting where we could go tubing and camp... all at the same place. It looked gorgeous on the website. Very lush and green, and right on the New River. Plus it was only about 2 1/2 hrs away from where we live. I made reservations and off BF, Gav and I went super early on Saturday morning.....

Until we got there and found out they had an AWFUL storm the night before. Not only did they have no electricity, but they said 50 trees fell down in 10 minutes. The storm came out of nowhere. The photo below is of the camp site next to ours, there's a crushed tent under there. As well as Apples to Apples cards, and a 1/2 eaten dinner! Apparently the storm came through with no warning at all. People had to run for their lives. Scary stuff!

But it was fine by the time we got there. Just trees down. And our site that we thought would have electric didn't. But whatever, we were camping. They had port-a-jons brought in  because the water didn't work. We didn't really need electric (and yes, I went a good 36+ hrs with no cell phone, internet, anything. It was roughing it for sure)!

This is our power line that would have let me charge my cell phone. I even had my charged ipad and wifi card... but this place was so remote I couldn't get internet anywhere. I had BF and Gav, so I was fine. If I hadn't had them both with me I would have been worried for sure.

The people at the campground were super nice. They gave us some stuff to help start our fire. We had brought supplies for s'mores and I had food for Gav for dinner. Just BF and I couldn't use the electric skillet to cook our own fancy dinner. Oh well, s'mores is a super delicious dinner.

Gav said, "I don't like s'mores, I only like roasting marshmallows." So that's another s'more I had for dinner. I think I had 4 total. Yikes! Lol.

Tubing was a lot of fun, but even though we put on tons of sunscreen, we all still got sunburnt :( Check out my cool river-shoe tan lines. Oh and the river destroyed my pedicure. I promise all 10 toes were painted that  morning. It's all good, I did it myself so I'll fix it :)

I'd been tubing in the  mountains before, but tubing at this place was for real! I'd heard stories of people taking coolers and going down the river. I hadn't seen that in real life until Saturday. It was kind of awesome! I mean, if you are into drinking beer and floating down the river. Not really good to do if you have a kid, but I would have loved that when I was in college. I wish I could have taken my camera in the tube, but it would have gotten destroyed. My skin got torn up (other than the sunburn) because there were rapids and I always somehow managed to scrape my legs, back, or hit my hip on every single rock. So here are some photos from the New River Junction website of people who aren't us in the river:
We were right outside of Blacksburg, VA where VA Tech is. I think a lot of the people who were tubing were college kids who stayed up there for the summer.

BF and I had Gav's tiny tube attached to either BF's or my tube. This worked out well until I flipped over much like this photo. Gav only flipped out once, but don't worry, he had on his lifejacket and was totally fine.

I love how the sun stays out so late in the summer. Until 9pm or so. This was especially nice considering there was no electricity. BF, Gav and I sat down by the river after our s'mores dinner. A girl and her cousin who was around Gav's age came down and hung out with us. Gav was happy to have a friend to play with for a little bit.  
I didn't sleep super well, I got really cold and the air mattress deflated (we blew it up with my car charger). Oh, and I forgot to pack pillows. I know, I'm not a boss at camping. Oh well.  

We woke up Sunday morning and hit the road by 10am. No chance of taking a shower or making the breakfast we brought. We got home around noon and  I was really happy to take a shower and take a nap :) 
What did you do to stay out of the heat this weekend?


  1. We lost our power in Columbus, OH from the storm from Friday at 6pm till Saturday at 7pm. We hung out all day Saturday with the in-laws in their cool house and thankfully came back home to having power again.

    This trip looks awesome!!!!

  2. That stinks that they had that big storm! Sounds like you guys made the best of out it though. My dad used to take up camping when we were little. It was always so much fun! I don't know how I would like it now. Those things are just so much more fun when you are little!

  3. What a great time!!! I used to intertube all the time as a child, haven't done it in ages but would love to take baby girl there some day.

    I have eaten 10 smores in one sitting. I wish I were lying.

  4. OMG the trip looked amazing. I can't wait for our babies to be old enough to go white water rafting. And smores yummy!


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