Monday, August 20, 2012

12 Week Shape up - Week 11

Posted By: Leah

Welcome to my 12 week shape up for Cali! What are you getting in shape for?

This week my weight loss was 0
Wait... hasn't this looked the same for the past month or more. Well, yes!
Honestly, I had all these plans for dropping the lbs before California and with 2 weeks left before my trip, I'm realizing time got away from me.

BF is totally on it with eating healthy for cali. He's lost a bunch of weight doing the low carb/adkins in the past, and whenever he wants to shed a quick few, that's what he does. So I attempted to eat low-carb with him this weekend but it didn't go so well. He is an amazing chef and the food tasted soo good. It's just that all the protein. it's too too much in my belly. like a brick

Mission 6 Diet Impossible!
Ok, ok, before you guys get all worried about me, I already know there's not a whole lot I can do in 2 weeks. I can't go from a size 10 to a size 4.  Even if Jillian Anderson moved into my apartment and made me work out 8 hrs a day, it wouldn't happen.

So what CAN I do? The very best possible! What that means is 1- no going out to eat. I have zero social occasions coming up work or otherwise that require me to go out and tempt me to eat unhealthy. 2- Plan meals. I am the only one in control of what I put in my mouth, I might as well buckle down for these last 2 weeks. 3- track EVERYTHING! I really think that's the secret. More so than exercise or anything else. Just staying within the calorie count I need to each day.

So in summary, I wish I could have been a better motivator for you guys these past 2, almost 3 months. It's just been crazy hectic busy and I have not been making it a priority. Gav starts school next Monday. That will bring in a whole new level of stress, but also a whole new opportunity for organization.

How are you doing with your weight-loss/summer fitness plan? I really wish I could do better. I plan to check in next week with my final weight loss during this 12 weeks. As long as it's something, I'll consider that a success. 

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  1. Good luck, lady! One of these days I have got to figure out the meal planning stuff. I'm just SO. BAD. at it.

  2. Isn't Jillian Anderson from the XFiles? ;)

    I'm trying to make improvement in my life too as far as health is concerned. I gave up soda on the first. Which was a big thing for me. I did have a root beer the other day because we were having root beer floats. But not bad for almost 3 weeks. :)

    I've also been cooking almost every night. And meal planning which has helped a ton!

    Good luck!



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