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Audra's tips for her 14 year old self...

Posted By: Leah
Hey LLoL Readers!

My name is Audra and I blog over at A Little Bit of Rain. I'm so happy to be guest posting for Leah, who is a pretty darn cool chick and pretty much as sweet and sassy as they come!

A little about me. I'm 28, from Ohio, married to my best friend/wittiest man there is, and together we have a beautiful daughter named Emerson. Now that I'm a mom, most things that happen on a day-to-day basis get me thinking about how my actions have, can, and will affect my daughter. I feel like it's tough growing up as a girl in this day and age (and I guess it's always been, but I only have the 1980s to present to speak from personal experience), so I am doing everything I can to ensure that my daughter has a happy, healthy life. But I still worry about her, particularly when she enters middle school and beyond. Will she escape unscathed? Will she make good decisions? Will she trust me enough to come to me when she makes bad ones?

When I was in middle school, I, naturally, thought I knew *everything*. I was like, soooo mature, dude. And I look back, now double the age I was then, and think wow.... I could really use a DeLorean to go back in time and a) bitch slap myself and b) give myself a good talking to.

Well, I can't of course - it's life, and I'm a stronger, better person now because of the lessons I've learned along the way. Still, if I could just borrow that time machine for an afternoon, this is what I would say to braces-faced Audra 14 years ago....

Things I wish I could tell my 14-year old self:

~ Don't over-tweeze your eyebrows. Despite the current trend of having super thin brows, DON'T DO IT. Eventually, they will stop growing back, and then you'll be pissed at yourself when, in a year or so, thin eyebrows are out again. And for that matter, don't alter your body in any way that is irreversible until you are old enough to understand the repercussions. And 14 ain't that age.

~ I promise, I swear, I assure you.... no boy is EVER worth your tears or your dignity. Period. End of discussion.

~ Friendships based on the superficial will not last. Keep the friends who make you feel good about yourself close, and the "friends" who make you feel like you constantly have to prove yourself as far away as possible.

~ It's okay to be your own person. Don't spend your entire allowance on some terribly ugly trend that you KNOW in the back of your mind you don't like.
I kid you not, it was considered COOL in 8th grade to carry about purses that looked like this. Seriously??!?!
You know you're a child of the 90s if you had a Starter jacket. I had no clue who the Charlotte Hornets were, but I had their very expensive, very hideous jacket..
~ If something doesn't feel right, just remove yourself from the situation. That nagging voice in your head that says "It's just peer pressure, and you don't have to go along with it." She is wise, and you should listen to her. Remember, if a "friend" is bothered by you not wanting to do something that makes you uncomfortable, they're not a real friend anyway.

~ Repeat this mantra to yourself often "It is not that big of a deal." Drama will follow you for the next 4 years, but seriously... it's not a big deal. The girl you hate wore the same outfit as you? Not a big deal. Your mom won't let you go to the party because no parents are there? Not a big deal. You have a giant zit on your face right before yearbook pictures? Not a big deal. I promise none of that will negatively affect your future in any way.

~ Bullying and teasing are lame. Put yourself in their shoes, and remember that everyone is human and has insecurities, just like you.

Though I know I would tell my 14-year old self all of this, I consider myself one of the lucky ones. Despite having thin eyebrows to this day, I am not permanently damaged by my teen years. Others are not so lucky. I just hope I can remember all of this when Emerson comes to me asking for $230 to buy an ugly-ass jacket. I hope my inner 14-year old has the strength to say no.

Well, that's all for now folks! Come join me over at A Little Bit of Rain for more random musings and awkward life lessons.


A Note from Leah: Thank you Audra! I am from Charlotte and feel super honored you chose Charlotte Hornets for your awesome starter jacket! The teal and purple were the hottttest colors of the 90's. I know you wore this jacket proudly with some high top LA Gear with the crazy laces, right!? That jacket is probably worth BANK now. Hope you kept it lol!

Audra's life is wonderful now, but she has gone through a lot. Her family has a guardian angel who watches over them. Audra now also has a rainbow baby! Audra is a sweet mom who we can all relate to. She loves to find the humor in the every day... don't we all wish we could do that!?


  1. I'm pretty sure that I had that same jacket. Oh if we could only go back...

  2. OMG I had that same jacket and I have NO idea why. I think I just liked the colors.

  3. Ha! I had that same jacket, along with my best friend. We used to hang out together wearing our matching jackets. Hilarious!!


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