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Back to School... yikes! or yay?

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School starts back for Gav August 27 (I think, I don't even know for sure lol) and I have super mixed emotions on him going back to school. And I hate to say it, but it is mostly all selfish reasons. The parts I'm not excited about are:
having to do homework with him everynight, dealing with a new teacher, and Gav HAVING to be at school on time, everyday with no vacation.

There are some good things about Gav going back to school, as well. The school is directly across the street from where we live so we can be a little more leasurly in waking up/getting ready, Gav likes the constant activities at school, not a lot of 'free time' like at the Y, Gav said he can't wait for the cafeteria and I can't wait to STOP packing his lunch, breakfast and 2 snacks every day. 
Here's Gav packing his own lunch, helping me out because he's the best ever!
(In an ON red T)

But really what I'm excited about, and Gav is too, is back to school shopping. Back in the day, I used to buy all his clothes at the consignment stores. As he has gotten older, the styles are not as current at those stores and the clothes look really worn. This spring was actually the first time I've purchased him 100% new clothes. It's cute and fun to find him thrift store stuff, but let's be serious... he is 6, it's 2012, and an entire wardrobe of thrifted clothes is not going to cut it for him anymore.  

The exciting news is earlier this year when I was at Old Navy shopping for myself, I realized they had kid's clothes (ok duh, old news), but for CHEAP! Like as in really cute, new clothes for the same or less than what I was paying at consignment stores.  

Sidenote: ok, let's be honest, it is no secret that when I was pregnant I wanted a girl. I'm super girly and wanted a baby girl and a Hello Kitty nursery. And as a result of having a boy, I have not cared a whole lot about the clothes Gav wore. Sad but true. Baby boy clothes just aren't as awesome.

Clearly, for me, having a boy has been AMAZING! Gav is the SWEETEST. Totally a Mama's Boy and TRUST ME I've saved a TON on not being obsessed with the cute frilly baby girl clothes. I can see how I easily would have gone into debt over sweet little monograms, and HK EVERYTHING.  

All from ON found HERE (Why do these not all come in my size!?)

ANYWAY, sorry, side-tracked on baby girl cuteness. It happens. So like I was saying, earlier this year I was at Old Navy and crazy enough they had the most perfect shorts for Gav. He knows how to zip and snap, but he prefers an elastic waist (don't we all!) and if you've tried looking for elastic waist in pants or shorts past a size 4T it's pretty much impossible. So I got him 5 pairs of these awesome shorts in every color. And he's worn them all summer, and they still look brand new. And he has been all dusty and dirty every day at the Y camp. It's not like he's sitting inside watching TV all day keeping his clothes clean.

And can we talk about Old Navy's graphic t's they have for little kids? So cute! I've always dressed Gav like a tiny little man. And looking back, ok yes I probably should have embraced the pastels when I had the chance, but now that he's older, there is no question that I dress him like a teenager, not a baby. Gav's just now getting to the point where he cares about what he wears (only just a little). For example he LOVES skulls. He thinks they are super awesome.  
Here he is in a plain ON t-shirt and the shorts, I wish I had a better pic of them!

I also take a lot of pride in dressing gav like a tiny hipster sometimes too. BF has been a huge help (he has wayyy better fashion sense than I do for girls or guys). BF is all the time hooking Gav up with cool outfit ideas from what he already ownes. This is a total Old Navy outfit with the button down over the tank and little camo shorts (all from last year's Old Navy summer collection). So adorable, right?

Yes, it's a little past Tax Free Weekend down in North Carolina, but with Old Navy's prices (especially on their sale clothes right now) we are still going to get amazing deals when Gav and I hit up ON.

Are you excited for back to school and back to school shopping?
This is us getting in on the $10 jeans sale that's today (Friday) - Sunday for kid's jeans. I can't wait to post more pics, gav looked sooo adorable in his new skinny jeans!

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  1. I love Old Navy clothes for both myself and Hunter. Cute and affordable.

  2. i am right with you on the upcoming school schedules. i'm not looking forward to having to stick to a schedule but i am looking forward to having quiet afternoons to myself. ahhh! uninterrupted time!

  3. Old Navy really does have adorable kiddo clothes! I'm SO nervous about my lil' dude's first day of preschool!

  4. I love Old Navy! Granted they never have pants that fit me perfectly but they have fantastic dresses & adorable shoes :)

  5. Gav is soooo cute! And those deals sound AWESOME!


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