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Birchbox... underwhelmed in August

Posted By: Leah
 This month was an underwhelming Birchbox for me. Here's why...

1- EVERYONE ELSE got theirs before I did. Was mine lost in the mail? I don't know. But seeing on IG and twitter everyone else's Birchboxes made me bummed. Mine was a week later this time.

2- But whatever, right? good things are worth the wait. I actually would have forgotten about the box except Birchbox sent me e-mails of WHAT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE IN THE  AUGUST BOX. And you guys, I was stoked!!! It's like getting a sneek peak at your Christmas presents! I felt naughty. But like I was in on a secret! This box looked good!
 Then the next day I got an e-mail from Birchbox saying they hope I'm enjoying my products and they included this video (below). I watch it and am PSYCHED! They always send me videos of stuff I've gotten in my box. Like how to apply self tanner, nail art tips, useful info. So of course I watch this  video, I'm getting the most awesome eyeliner stickers ever! I just knew it! I gotta apply them right! OMG EXCITEMENT!

3- Everyday I'm still checking my mailbox, I am so excited about these eyeliner stickers. And then finally, this week my box arrives.... I was so distrought I didn't even take a picture. I was like wai!?!?! WHAT!? This must be some sort of mistake.
Here is what was inside:

1- Some lotion in the tiniest trial size. Nothing thatspecial about it.

2- Viva la Jucy? I can just walk through any department store and spray it on. I already own Juicy.  Yes this one is a little different, but not unusual .

3- Face wash? I can't even use it. You all read in my favorite beauty products post that I have SUPER sensitive skin and have to use a specific face wash. If I use anything else my skin is dry/breaks out it's embarassing. (*note, yes I did try this product just to see if there was another brand that could work for me. The results were AWFUL! All week I've had to battle the results of using a sub-par face wash. Dry, peeling skin, break-outs, it was a mistake to try). And I think this was this month's full size product. not sure.

4- The q-tips with built in nail polish remover are okay. But I'm not 5 years old. I can paint my nails without going 'outside the lines.' This was actually kind of an insult to my skills. I know I am maybe in the minority of people who can do this.

5- (not pictured) A razer. I got this EXACT razer the last time I walked into a costco as a free sample. It's actually a really good one. But again, not an item that was unique or new to me.


Birchbox is usually the beacon of light in my otherwise boring mailbox. This Birchbox was not only un-exciting this month, the box made me mad with the late arrival and the misunderstanding of the eyeliner stickers. I've heard other girls getting upset with their Birchboxes and I thought they were being silly and overreacting when they are late or have boring products. BUT I FEEL THE WRATH NOW!

I am at the point where I am about ready to call and cancel the whole thing. I "thought" $10 to try new/exciting  products each month was a good deal. But this whole tease of e-mails and getting the worst box I could have gotten was beyond disappointing.

*note* Yes, I later re-checked my e-mails and the photo of the box with the eyeliner stickers was just a "sample of what could be in august's box" I didn't realize I had to log in from that e-mail for my account. Ugh, BURN.

And honestly, I feel bad. I have had 2 people in just the month of August sign up with my referral code to receive Birchbox. I have $20 in rewards so yes I could just purchase these beloved eyeliner stickers for $13 on the site. Have them and be happy.

But isn't the whole point getting to TRY something? I'm just mad. And sad. And if September's box is this lame I will cash out on my rewards and cancel. I cannot handle being underwhelmed like this anymore.

Who uses another subscription service that they LOVE!? I heard MyGlambag was a winner. PLUS they send you a cute little make-up bag each month!

I'm just a working mom who has no time to try out make-up and who has limited cash to spend on this sort of stuff. Birchbox was supposed to change that. To send me exciting samples of products that were awesome and interesting. To allow me to try things I would not want to pay a ton for before. To find new favorites. And this month, they have failed.

Also, I feel bad for even admitting I didn't like August's Birchbox. You ALLLL know Kate with The Small Things Blog (she's the girl who can single handidly thank pinterest for going from like 1 follower to like 10,000 in a month or something because of this photo. best.profile.ever!):

ANYHOW! Kate's from just down the road from me in NC, so I totally listen to her beauty advice. She's actually the one who I first learned about Birchbox from like a year ago. 

Well Kate LOVED her august Birchbox (here's her pic of her box, a little different than mine)

So now I feel guilty for not liking the stuff I got. Ugh, maybe I'm just not a beauty girl? I don't know! All I know is September's box better rock my socks off or this girl's getting OUT of my Birchbox subscription.

...and yes. I will contact Birchbox. I think their job as a company is to provide their customers with great products and samples. I feel they deserve to know that this month they did not get that job right with me. That their samples in the box I got were underwhelming and that I am considering canceling my subscription. Their customer service department can choose how to handle my situation. I'll report back because I do feel obligated, as a consumer, and as a blog that has influenced others to purchase their products in the past.


  1. I LOVE GLAMBAG. It's wayyyyyyyy better than birchbox! the last 2 I got FULL SIZE nail polishes!!!

  2. MyGlam bag is the biggest win of all the sample subscriptions I've tried out. They ALWAYS hook it up, I swear. They've yet to disappoint me... as Birchbox is hit or miss - Glam Bag is always a win!

  3. awe yes. I heard Birchbox is just being lame these days.. but it is fun to get packages in the mail but sometimes I feel its not worth the month.. Yay for glam bag!!

  4. I'm glad I'm not the only one who was not impressed with Birchbox this month. It was my first month ever for Birchbox and if they don't blow me away next time, someone else can have my spot!

  5. I apparently need to get out there more because I have never heard of either Birchbox or GlamBag. I hate when things are disappointing though, maybe it's better that I didn't know? NAH! I'm off to do some research...

  6. I fell the same way. August is my first month with them and well I saw everyone have them before me - I finally get mine and ummmm well not that happy. Here is to September being better!


  7. Now I feel bad for giving those stickers away, I got them in my Burchbox like 5-6 months ago and gave them to a friend. I was super stoked about the razor, but the rest? eh. Seriously I have a stash of like 20 different purfume samples, ENOUGH WITH THE PURFUME BIRCHBOX! I've heard about My Glam Bag, but it's one or the other for me. Maybe one day I'll tire of the Birchbox and give MGB a try.

  8. I have both MyGlam and Birchbox. The bags lately in MyGlam have been of a poor grade. And unless you have been in love with yellow or orange nail polish, perhaps bright red lipstick no one can pull off. You would have been disappointed in MyGlam too.

  9. I signed up to get Birchbox, but then when they finally sent me the e-mail that they had an opening for me, I passed it up because I have seen so many bad reviews of them recently. Plus, I am just not a fan of getting tiny one-time use samples and especially perfume samples. I'd much rather pay a bit more for larger samples or full size.

  10. Hi Leah. I got the SAME Birchbox this month! I opened up that baby and was like "a razor? really, a RAZOR?". I feel your pain sista, I feel your pain. Ah sigh... till next month.
    Thanks for checking out my blog!


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