Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Bloggy Fav's

Posted By: Leah
Here are a list of my all-time favorite blogs. If you haven't checked these ladies out, you're in for a treat!

MODG. Best. Blog. Ever. The end. You're welcome. Prepare to laugh for weeks, years, hours, infinity. I hope they give her book and movie deals. She is just... the best ever. And somehow she's a mom but that makes her funnier. Like a Kardashian but hilarious. Like if Kourtney was pee your pants funny. Yes that is MODG.

Did you like MODG? Well somehow, someway Allie is even more hilarious. And someone actually did give her a book deal. I'm rating this blog NSFW, not because it's inappropriate, it's because it's soooo funny that you will be laughing hysterically, tears coming down your cheeks and people will worry about you. And maybe try to call EAP to get you professional help. Yes. that ROTFLMAO thing will be happening.

Dani is freakin awesome. She's truly the sweetest mama around. Her lifestyle is fascinating, she and her adorable family live in Arizona in a gorgeous golf course community. She used to be an english teacher. She even wrote for Hello Giggles (Zooey's site!) She had the most gorgeous tattoos I think I've ever seen. And... (I know this because I follow her on IG) she is always at Target! and I *may* have gotten a dress just like one of hers and *may* have tagged her in my pic. And she wrote back telling me how gorgeous I looked and that she wished her Target had that print! Sigh.

Everyday is a Holiday. Jenny is a doll. No really, with pink hair, and love of everything aqua, gold, pink and black, she is a true flashback to a 50's vintage doll. Her blog is not only visually stunning, but she provides the most amazing craft ideas and inspiration. She lives on the Jersey Shore and her home is like a museum of awesome. ANDDDD.... (I've mentioned this before but it's worth saying again) Jenny follows my blog! I KNOW!!! WHAT!? It's the biggest honor ever. This girl is my blog crush. If I could close my eyes and wake up as someone else, it would be her. Totally gorgeous. She. Is. The. BEST!

Rachele's blog is all about embracing yourself no matter what size you are. She is always finding the coolest thrift items. Super friendly and easy to relate to. But her style, oh wow... she is sooo cool! From her glasses to her red pixie cut. I adore her! She makes the readers feel empowered, happy and loved. She is proud of her size. She helps me feel proud of my size too :) That we are all perfect, beautiful, and unique.

Jessica is a musician who lives in Hawaii. She's inked up and ... she's a rocker mama in Hawaii! This trumps everything. She hosts Mad Men parties in her livingroom. She did the hottest ever vintage, beachside pin-up maternity photo shoot when pregnant. She's just... amazing!

Jordan, her husband (an artist) and their two kids just returned home to San Fran after a year living abroad a year in Paris. When you're an amazing event planner, you can do these kinds of things. Her blog is FULL of DIY's, printables, but this isn't the normal, boring, run of the mill pinterest stuff. It is party planning to the max. It's the details, bright colors, and sunshine in everything this family does. It's addicting to watch and sooo beautifully photographed.

I'm linking up with the weekly dish on my fav blogs. Now before all of you get your feelings hurt, these blog gals above are not necessarily my blog-friends. These are my all time favorite big-blogs. They are the celebrities (in my mind) in the blog world. And none are blog snobs. They are genuine, amazing people. I'm sure you've heard of at least a few of them. And sure, they are more amazing blogs out there I also love. But this is who you get for today. These blogs I listed are so big the majority of them don't hold link-ups, their ads cost hundreds a month. They have huge corporate sponsors (well, a couple do). And I think they're super rad! These are more than blogs (I'm talking about the top few, especially). They are a more of a website, a brand, with cult-like followings. Seriously... take a moment and check them out. You'll be glad you did!

Do you follow any of these blogs? What are your fav blogs (other than mine, duh!) Click the Weekly Dish circle above for the link up!


  1. I went to MODG and she is fuuuuuuuuunny!!! Thanks for linking up doll!!

  2. Should have read the diclaimer at the bottom before I went in cried in the bathroom for not making the list. I kid. I kid. I forgot about "Hyperbole and a Half" that is some seriously funny stuff!

  3. Cool stuff. I'll have to check these blogs out.

  4. Ohh Leah, you absolute sweetheart! My goodness I don't even know what to say. Thank you so so much for the entirely too sweet words! Just beyond kind of you. Thank you for reading my blog and for being a fan of what we do. I'm happy to share. :)

    Hooray for blogs! ... and making lots of blog friends! :)

    Love to you!
    xo Jenny


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