Friday, August 24, 2012

Foxy Friday! Intervention

Posted By: Leah

The start of this week was a little rough in the healthy eating dept. And here's why: remember when I said BF is all losing 10 lbs a week (slight exaggeration) all on no low carbs? So I tried eating that way this past weekend and OH MY GOD. No! Not to TMI you all but I felt awful. Like I had swallowed bricks that just sat in my stomach and they were slowly piling up into my throat. Clearly, a high-protein diet is not  for me.

I came back and did my freak-out post on how I'd be in cali in less than 2 weeks and I was eating healthy until then. WELLL... that night I was so carb-deprived the only thing that made sense to me was to go to the store and get all the ingredients for baked spaghetti. Because you know how it is, a 6 year old and I really need a huge pan of baked spaghetti sitting around.

So we had baked spaghetti monday night. Then tuesday I had it for lunch. And dinner. Again. Gav of course LOVED IT! (I don't think he's ever had it before) but for me, it was delicious, yet tooo filling. Instead of feeling like I swallowed bricks, I felt like I wanted to take a 30 hour nap.

Wednesday morning I came to work and through a strange series of events Lauren (my co-worker bff) and I had an intervention. On each other and ourselves. A frindervention, if you will. We realized that now is the time to get back on the healthyness.

Fortuinately, we work in a hospital and our friend, who is also the wellness coordinator, is only a couple floors above us. We went up and got on her scale. Facing the numbers is never easy. Granted I knew how much I weighed, I have a scale at home. But when its' in front of my friends/coworkers it's a little different than in the privacy of my own bathroom.

We made a plan, that's always the first step. We made small goals. It's a shame that I leave for cali in a week because at this rate I could have actually dropped the 15 lbs i wanted to before the trip. But that's just how life is. Our first official weigh-in is next Monday. I'm not sure what I'll have lost between  Wednesday and this upcoming Monday, but I hope it is something.

This weekend I have no excuses and the only thing happening is to get Gav ready for his first day of 1st grade on Monday. So what is my current eating plan? What am I doing as a last-stitch effort before cali? I'm going back on the Shakes. I know, I know, they are not good for long-term. Clearly. But both Lauren and I still have tubs of the shake mix from when we were on that kick earlier this year. So there's nothing new to buy. We're doing the same meal plan, And remember when I felt amazing and lost 5 lbs in one week HERE? Crossing my fingers that happens again. I know what to do. I just have to DO IT.

And on the whole losing weight for Cali thing, better late than never. Stuff happens when it's supposed to. Maybe if I lost a ton of weight earlier in the summer I'd have to have purchased a whole new wardrobe. So by me not losing weight I was actually saving myself money. Yeah, something like that!


  1. Best photos ever. I tried doing GF and ugh. Life is too short to not enjoy eating the things you love. Moderation is where it's at. Also, what you just described is one of the reasons why I miss working at a hospital.

  2. I wish I had someone around to keep me honest - maybe it would make the Cinnamon Toast Cruch I just had for breakfast a little less appealing. =P


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