Friday, August 3, 2012

Leah's Five Friday Favorites

Posted By: Leah

I'm a little nervous over wanting everything to be perefect for BF's and Gav's birthdays which are both this week. To get my mind off of coming up with EVEN MORE cute details and DIY projects (my brain is it's own Pinterest at this point). I want to share with you guys some of my favorite posts from the last week or so from some favorite blogs I follow:

Umm.... can I just be the first to say BEST IDEA EVER! I don't own a sewing machine and so many DIY projects for hair accessories requires one. But not this one. This headband is awesome. I have only a zillion stretched out headbands. I totally have everything else required too. I'm making this. For serious. And selling it at the craft fair coming up. Yup, it's happening. And you can make it too soo easliy!

And I NEVER do this, but I have a 2nd DIY post from the same site, OH SO PRETTY the DIARIES "the DIY: EXTREME HIGH LOW SKIRT

I saw a girl at the salon in a high-low skirt, and had never seen anything like it before. It was GORGEOUS! I rarely stop people about their clothes considering I'm a non-fashionista (unless it's Hello Kitty and generally the girls wearing HK shirts are under 10 yrs old). But this skirt was PA-BOW! Absolutely striking. I just figured it was some rich people expensive style you have to pay an arm and a leg for. Well my girls Savanah and Casey created this skirt for.... wait for it.... $4.29 from the Good Will! These pretty ladies have a NO SEW version with a bonus scarf!

4) Raw is Sexy's "First Week of Rawgust"

Remember that time I tried going raw for a week and failed after about 2 days. Yeah, I have an addiction to cooked food. I think most people do. Anyway, Lauren is gorgeous and sexy! She is a raw food chef and has published cookbooks. But I love her blog because she makes eating raw seem totally doable. She also talks about how eating raw can heal you from diseases and illnesses. It's amazing stuff. Anyhow, I found this post especially inspiring. And if you think eating raw is lame boring, she has found Organic Rain Vodka... just saying!

3) Grapefruitprincess ReLoaded's "My First BIG Love Turns...."
Anni is awesome. She's a graphic designer from F├╝rth Germany. She celebrated David Hasselhoff's 60th birthday (I thought he was older!?) by posting a spectacular DIY posable paper Hoff! So many faces to choose from (Bay Watch, Knight Rider, Garthe Knight- Michael's Evil Twin from "the enemy you know" episode of Knight Rider). So many interchangable hands (thumbs up, finger gun, fist bump). Removable chest hair carpet. Some shorty short hot pants aka Hoff Pants. German singing sensation microphone.... and can I just mention the fact that I LOVE that Anni's German. Yes, it's totally stereo-typical that Europeans love the 'Hoff. I think Americans love the Hoff in a kitchie sort of way, but Anni's love is real. I totally respect that, plus I'm German too (like 3 generations back).

2) Please Note's "Free August Desktop!"
I am such a fan of Elizabeth's work. She is the sweetests and posts a free desktop wallpaper each month for her readers. And I have faithfully downloaded her wallpapers each month on my personal laptop at home since I started following her. Normally it is a design (like chevron or watercolor splotches, etc) with a calander (trust me, it's awesome and so helpful!) I truly have the raddest wallpaper of anyone I know, it's super chic too! Rad-chic! ANYWAY this month's desktop from Elizabeth is a little different... it's the olympic rings (she has a couple photo options and screen res sizes). These desktops are free, gorgeous, and I am obsessed with the olympics. Super thrilled this month's is olympic themed :)

1) The Bargain Blonde's "Olympic Inspired: My Vintage Gymnastics Pics"

OHMYGOODNESS. Bela Karoyli is probably my favorite coach in the history of the world. You can ask my mom, we had his accent (and Kerri Strugg's helium-voice) DOWN! We have the entire 'go for the golden golden' speech rehearsed, it's a trip. ANYWAY! I had no idea, ever never ever that my girl Lindsey (aka Lauren Conrad lookalike) was a gymnast, let alone trained at Bela's gymnastics camp! Look how much he likes her in the pic above, he's holding her umbrella! I found this post so amazingly awesome and fascinating. Get it Lindsey! and CONGRATULATIONS FAB 5!


  1. The skirt look really cute although I could never pull it off with my preggo belly and chunky thighs.

    I don't remember the Olympics ever being this exciting. Maybe it's just my kids and their fascination? My 22 month old does flips across the living room floor while they're on.

  2. Thanks so much, Leah! You're so sweet!! :)

  3. I'm loving that headband DIY. Truth is, I'd probably find a way to screw it up cause I suck at all things crafty haha.


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