Monday, August 27, 2012

Gav's 6th Birthday - Lego Land City

Posted By: Leah
This year Gav chose to have a Lego Land City theme for his 6th Birthday Party!
Gav doesn't like ice cream, cake or cupcakes (how is he related to me?!), but he does love donuts! 
I found lego block candy in the bulk section of the Fresh market that was so perfect for the Lego city theme. 

My mom came up for the party, and helped me with last minute preparation.

There were 25 kids at the party plus 2 counselors, my mom and me. Gav's dad came too. It was a big party! I had the kids make DIY lego heads. If you'd like the PDF click HERE for the Etsy shop. And HERE for the exact link. Huge thanks to BF's mom for helping me the week before cut these out of the construction paper!

I made Gav's bunting out of lego block pattern found on google image search. I cut up black straws and used baker's twine. I discovered a lego font for his name, and then stuck the lego men in with toothpicks. 

It's hard to know what to do with 25 six year olds, but they were occupied for a long time creating their lego masks. 

I made a photo booth with a plastic Lego City wall-hanging I found at PartyCity. 

Then all the kids wanted to be in the picture :) 

I put custom cupcake toppers in all the donuts along with lego brick candies for the kids. 

It was a HOT day, and I had 2 gallons of juice, 2 gallons of water and they went through every bit of it!

Every year I have Gav's birthday parties at his school, or in this case, day camp. 
It is sooo nice to have the counselors there to help. Plus, Gav is ensured that all his friends are there.
 By having Gav's birthday's at school, his friends don't bring him gifts. Most of the parents doesn't even know their kids will be attending a party that day. It's a fun suprise for everyone. Gav is very fortunate and has everything that he needs. No need for gifts from anyone except his immediate family/close relatives and friends he sees outside of camp.

AND the best part about having Gav's parties at his school is that the counselors can help wrangle the kids so I can clean up!

The most important thing to Gav for his birthday every year is the goodie bags for his friends! Making 30 goodie bags this year was more than we've ever made. But at 6 years old, Gav was a huge help in assembling them!

Happy 6th Birthday Gav!

And Yes! I actually took real photos on my camera for this post! I need to get back into doing that. It takes a little bit to edit but sooo worth it :) 


  1. This is so cute! I have a million things on Pinterest planned for a Lego party one of these years for my Henry. I'll have to steal a few ideas from you now as well!

  2. Awww such a cute idea! You can plan ALL of my birthday parties from now on!

  3. This looks like SUCH a blast! You know what too? I love that it looks like a normal kid's birthday party. It isn't this giant overmassed production with a $300 cake and the DiY makings of a sultan. It looks like a birthday party I would have had when I was younger. Happy Birthday Gav!

  4. So cute! Age 6 is such a fun age too. You "baby" is adorable. :)

  5. how fun, we love us some lego here, too ;)

  6. What a cute idea! Love the Lego heads. Donuts are a great alternative to cake/ice cream, wouldn't have thought of that.

  7. What a cute birthday idea! Love the fact you had donuts instead of cake...I love donuts.

  8. Hi Thank you for posting this! :) doing a simple Lego themed picnic for kindergarten recognition. would love to include the masks. :) May you please send me the pdf for the masks? much thanks! :)


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