Thursday, August 2, 2012

Girl. Crush.

Posted By: Leah

On this Random Thursday, I'm discussing something I think everyone can appreciate. And that is my list of celebrity girl crushes. Before I let you in on who they are, do you have any guesses? Who do you think I crush on girl-wise?
Oh wait... you all know what a girl-crush is, right? If you think I'm about to come out of the closet on this post, sorry. Not today. I am absolutely not one to judge others, and for the sake of this link-up here's the official definition of girl-crush. Just FYI:

Now we have that cleared up. Here are my girl-crushes.  I think it's safe to say the reason I like these ladies is because they are successful, beautiful, popular, and I can see parts of myself in them too.Yup... I like girls who I think look like me. Really what I'm saying is I want to look like these girls. If you haven't caught on by the title of this blog, I'm a little bit vain. Ok that's wayyy too harsh. I have a good sense of confidence and self worth. And these celebrities and I favor each other (sorta).

Zooey Deschanel
 In my mind Zooey D. is who I look like. And act like. She's adorable and fun and carefree. On her IG, she's constantly posting pics of her cute nail designs, and I love nail art. She is on the iPhone commercial dancing around ordering tomato soup. What's not to like about her?

Alexis Krauss
You know Alexis, the girl from Sleigh Bells I talked about yesterday who wears the Keds. I like everything about this girl, especially her style. Oh and her voice! She seems super cool, but also a lot of fun. She likes sugar sculls and because my birthday is Cinco de Mayo, I like everything Mexican, and that includes sugar sculls too!

Soliel Moon Frye
Ring a bell? How about when she looks like this! It's Punky Brewster you guys! I have always liked her from Punky days to Sabrina the Teenage Witch Days and even now. I think she's super stunning and gorgeous. And so funny. Ok I know, it's a weird girl crush.

Kate Winslet
Speaking of throw backs, I truly look in the mirror and see Kate Winslet. I think I hoped & wished I looked just like her so much in High School that I tricked myself into thinking I was really her twin. You may also remember her from this doppleganger post on Random Thursday a few weeks back.

Lisa Loeb
Clearly I'm stuck in the 90's. But whatever, Lisa Loeb is the first celebrity I ever knew to embrace her HK love. And those glasses... adorable! She had a show on VH1 called Number One Single. it was her quest to find a husband. She ended up getting with her guy friend/wingman. It was kind of weird, but also interesting! Oh and she's Jewish! I was not born Jewish, but it's a faith very close to me. I'm kind of like Charlotte from Sex and the City so don't be suprised if some day I convert.

Radeo Suicide
I had a little trouble finding pics of her. Most were SNFW, but whatever... you guys probably thought it was this type of post when you first saw the title anyway, right? Anyhow, Radeo is my favorite Suicide Girl. She's probably their most popular one too. She has gorgeous eyes, gorgeous tattoos. If I could look how I truly wanted to look, like 'style icon' stuff... I would look/dress (ok not much clothes shown here) like Radeo. Here she is in glasses... more NSFW business happening. This is a more recent pic, she got more ink.

Honorable Mention:
Justin Bieber

I'm sorry, but the dude looks like a lady. Every time I see him, I think he's just a really pretty girl. And ok no, technically he and I look nothing alike (I like to think the other girls I included and I are practically twins). But I almost wish he and I were twins. He's super pretty!


  1. LMFAO!! Justin Bieber does look like a girl!!! BAHAHA!! And Zooey is soooo gorgeous! OMG you love Suicide Girls?? I almost auditioned a few years ago but I didn't want to get nekkid LMAO!! Thanks for linking up toots!

  2. Have you seen Justin Bieber's Rolling Stones cover? It's out now and he looks like a total girl.

    1. ooh no I haven't seen it! I think he should just grow his hair out and embrace his girlieness. He'd be the prettiest girl ever! As a guy it's just weird.

  3. Zooey is MY girl crush too. Her and Emma Stone and I would be besties in real life, I swear.

  4. Oh, Soleil is really cute! I loved her as Roxie! And yay for Zooey!

  5. zooey. i think she'd take the title in everyone's heart.
    right after beiber.

  6. I LOVE Zooey!!!! She is my favorite ever! I follow her in IG too, lol.

  7. Hey lovely. I did, pretty much the exact same post back in 2011


  8. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who thinks Bieber looks like a girl...I'm waiting for the Behind the Music in 15 years when "he" reveals that he really is a girl.

  9. Zooey is my girl! Seriously, I love that chick. Totally hilarious how you added Justin Beiber to this list - I literally LOL'd and then had to explain to my coworkers what was so funny, lol. You are just great!

  10. Hha!! Beib's as an honorable mention! I love it!!! :)

  11. LMFAO I LOVE YOU. And even though I looooooove JB, I love that you put him in here! hahah!!!

  12. Omg, I literally spit out my water when I got to the Bieber photo. Hilarious! Also, you picked some gorgeous ladies, wow. I'd never heard of Alexis Krauss but she is pretty hot and I've always had a lil crush on Lisa Loeb.

  13. hahhaha I love this!! too funny - BIEBER!!!!

  14. So funny, I've included a guy on mine too! I started working on my post yesterday but still need to finish it up. Zooey is my number one right now. :)

  15. OMG, I laughed so hard when I got to your honorable mention. LOL!!!
    Kate Winslet is hawt!

  16. to be honest - i would just use bieber to get closer to 90s usher.


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