Tuesday, August 28, 2012

HK Fall Fashion! Polyvore

Posted By: Leah

You guys, I'm not a fashionista. At all. I really wish I was. If I go shopping, I generally just come home with a new Hello Kitty t-shirt (or three). I like color a lot too. But sometimes HK + Color is a little hard to find without looking like a 5 yr old trapped in a 32 year old's body.

BUT! I do have some fall fashions I cannot wait to share with you guys. Just last Thursday on one of my Hello Kitty feeds I follow, I saw this photo:
Notice the subtle HK's in the print? Oh Oh Oh Oh My GOD! 
And guess where these are from.....?????

Available online only so DUH I had to purchase them both immediately. I'm generally not an impulse buyer but COME ON... this is every Hello Kitty Adult Girl's dream! 
And the price was not bad! I scored BOTH, including the free shiping, plus $5 off code (thanks RetailMenot.com) for under $50. 
Efffff YES!!!!

I have quite a few HK girls who follow me, so in case you also want to score these amazingly perfect HK outfits (there are even subtle HK leopard jeggings, a blazer, it's amazing stuff!) click HERE.

And, I went ahead and created a Polyvore to show off more of the amazing Target HK line (the accessories are from Sephora).

Hello Kitty Fall 2012

For being an all Hello Kitty all the time girl, I understand it gets a little much. But I think the geometric blue dress and top were solid purchases. I cannot wait! What are you excited about for your fall fashions? Probably not HK, but help me get some more inspiration!
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  1. I wish I were more fashionable - but my fall fashions are probably going to include a handful of sweatshirts and my favorite jeans.

  2. So cute! I love how the Hello Kitty heads are subtle.

  3. I looooooooooove Hello Kitty too!!!!!

    And I love your outfit!! xoxo

  4. I am not a huge Hello Kitty fan, but my best friend is. These are the cutest! I love the dress and the shirt. And that blazer is pretty sweer too. So awesome!

  5. Well shoot, I'm not even a Hello Kitty girl but that blazer is to die for. I love!

  6. Target has some pretty fantastic things!!! I am loving their clothes for the fall.

  7. Love it! Post pics when you wear yours!

  8. Oh wow, that blue top is adorable! Great selection!


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