Friday, August 31, 2012

Janette the Jongleur on Losing Followers

Posted By: Leah
Hello! I'm not Leah! Surprise!!!! It's me, Janette! Janette who?? Well, I blog over at Janette the Jongleur. It's a happy little lifestyle blog (age 1.5 years) mostly featuring a collection of thoughts & photographs of my daily shenanigans as a SoCal resident. I'm super duper happy to be here today filling in for your lovely blogtress, Leah! So lets get right to it!

 I’m here to talk about losing followers. I know, I know. You wish I had tips on how to get followers, right? Well I can’t help you there. I’m not really sure exactly how that works. But I am here to give you some pointers on how to feel better about losing followers. It happens to all bloggers at some point, right? 


 I know it’s easier said than done, but just shrug off those shrinking numbers! Okay, if you’ve lost 70 followers in one day THAT might be hard shrugging off... But 1 or 2? Not a big deal!

Don’t lash out, get angry, and take to Twitter...Relax!

I know it’s hard the first time you lose a follower(s) and you can’t stop thinking about it for weeks, but it gets easier as time goes by. TRUST ME. Chances are a reader unfollowed you because their Blogger account got deleted due to inactivity, or they died while snorkeling in the Bermuda triangle... (The things I tell myself and believe… Haha!)

Don’t sweat it! THEY’LL COME BACK
Ok, chances are “they”, as in “the person(s) who unfollowed”, will not come back... But guess what?
YOU. WILL. GET. MORE. FOLLOWERS....IF you keep blogging. It’s a fact!

And when you’ve replaced the 1 that got away with 20, you won’t even remember who left. I promise! IT’S NOT ABOUT NUMBERS ANYWAY, RIGHT? I tell myself this every day! It’s NOT ABOUT NUMBERS! Cause honestly, I always think in my head, “If I just had 1,000 readers then I would be happy and not worry about numbers…” Really, Janette?? You really believe that? No. If I had 1,000 followers, I would be thinking about my next 1,000. I’ll never be happy with my reader count. So I might as well stop worrying about it. I have a handful of bloggy friends that leave regular comments, and I’m soo grateful they take the time....And as long as those 20 stick around, I’m happy! So focus on the readers you do have. Be grateful. Be content.

Now here are some reasons why I unfollow blogs... Maybe you can relate.

1. I only followed for a giveaway.       
-Gosh. I’m that person. How horrible!! But I know it happens to me a lot, so I don’t sweat it.

2. The blog changed direction.       
-In other words, the blogger suddenly started focusing only on health food, workout clothes, and fitness routines. Yeah. I can’t relate to that. I’m a fat kid and like to eat ice cream. Sorry.

3. Too many blogs on my blogroll. - I read and comment on 200+ blogs regularly. But sometimes I can’t handle the time demands so I unfollow people who haven’t posted in months. It clears out my blogroll a bit. So here are some questions that I hope you can answer in the comments below..

1. If you have unfollowed blogs, what were your reasons?
2. How do you handle losing a follower? Thanks so much for reading! Please feel free to visit my blog, Janette the Jongleur, any time!

A Note from Leah:
Thank you Janette! You guys, Janette's the most effortlessly cool girl ever and her blog is a total reflection of her awesome life! I am thrilled to have Janette over visiting Lovely Life of Leah as the author of my first guest-post while I'm away on vacay. Everyone be sure to come back to meet more of my favorite blog gals this week!


  1. Eee I love this because it's not about numbers but some how they always seem important. I always enjoy what you have to say janette

  2. Pictures are a big one for me. I'm not the greatest photographer myself, but I have unfollowed more popular blogs than my own because they have terrible photos.

    1. OH MY GOSH! YOU ARE SOOOOO RIGHT Rachel! Having bad picture quality or tiiiiiny photos is such a turn off! Thanks so much for reading!


  3. I have always loved Janette! And you know, every time I lose a follower, I will be honest.. it bums me out a bit. But then I got Janette (who I always run to when it comes to losing a follower) and she tells me this!

    Thanks girl for saying this. Now I will go clean out my blog feed because I too, followed for the same reasons you did! BAHA

    1. lol Gosh! Words cannot express how much I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!! Gahhh! You're awesome! And just for the record, those people who unfollowed you are lame-O's! You're a peach!


  4. LOVE this post. Being someone who lost 2 followers last week and stressed over it, I so needed to read this!


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