Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mama said knock you out!

Posted By: Leah
Oh LL. How brave of you to take down the intruder in your Studio City home. Did you guys hear about LL Cool J capturing the guy who broke into his home? I wouldn't mess with LL, he has big muscles. And big lips.
Did you know LL Cool J lived in Charlotte? Not recently, but when I was in high school a girl I worked with and I saw him at a restaurant. She went up to him (I stood back like omg I can't believe this is happening) and my friend said "LL Lick Your Lips!" and he did. I think it's a nervous habit. Regardless, it happened. Ladies Love Cool James (LL Cool J)! Since then LL and I have had a bond. I'm proud he saved his family from the burglar and broke the guy's nose and jaw. Mama said knock you out!

The Office's 9th season will be it's last. That show is still funny, for sure. Great writers. But it's day has come and gone. And I just learned this on Linny's Vault, Dwight is getting his own spin off show "The Farm." Super excited.

I am not feeling good about Averil Lavigne and Chad Kroeger being engaged. I get they are both Canadian. And both have really overplayed, annoying songs. But really Averil? I understand he cut his hair, straightened and trimmed the whole beard thing down. But he looks like he should be your dad. Your annoying Nickleback dad.

Did you hear about Prince Harry's naked pics in Vegas!? I'm pretty sure these shots are 'innocent' (I mean as innocent as a prince can be naked up on a naked girl). But just incase something's happening in the 2nd one, I don't want to be that kind of blog but if you're curious click here (don't say I didn't warn you).
Harry looks like Jim from the Office in this pic

So much happening in Hollywood and with celebrities this week! I couldn't help but talk about it. Any other big stories I've missed?


  1. I hear Harry has a teenie weenie. I love how all the articles are like, "William is not impressed."

    LL Cool J has always been amazing, but this was obviously only solidified after his Oscar worthy performance in Deep Blue Sea.

  2. I had not heard that this will be The Office's last season. That makes me sad. My husband and I have watched every single flippin' episode and we love it. (Although it was nicer when Steve Carell was still there and I will swear until the day I die that the whole show died a little when Pam and Jim finally got married... just sayin') I'm glad that there will be a show for Rainn Wilson though. Did you know that he has his own Youtube channel as well? It's called soulpancake. Haha. I swear I am not obsessed as I sound in this comment.

    1. Oh Girl, I'm all over soulpancake. I am obsessed with Golriz. You've seen her blog, right? and her wedding to other soulpanker devon? Swoon... best. wedding. ever. and now they have a sweet baby. and ok yes. also obsessed lol!

  3. LL Cool J. HA! hahaha! I can't help but to laugh. When I went to the Ellen show, during last year's Orlando taping, he was there. He bored me to tears. ;)

    I want to party with Prince Harry. (Don't tell my man)

  4. Avril and Nickleback dude? Eww. Didn't she get divorced like 5 seconds ago?

  5. I heard about Avril & Nickleback guy.. I cant believe it!!! Does she have her son? I havent heard anything about that in awhile..
    On a different note - very upset that I did not go to the XS pool party last weekend just to find out Prince Harry was there.. WTF. We were on the guest list and everything.. I knew I shoulda just went and lived it up!!!!!

  6. BAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA... LL has big lips.. they are actually sexy... hehe

  7. Sad about The Office, but I totally agree. It's time has come. And LL, yes I love him too :) And Prince Harry, you should know better than to play nakey with the ladies...

  8. LL Cool J will forever be a damn hottie. I'd like to think I'd climb him like a tree if I saw him in person but truth is I'd probably turn to stone & just start drooling.

    Avril's engaged to that old man? What is it with her marrying guys in shitty bands? lol


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