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So What! Cali and my unsolicited parenting advice

Posted By: Leah
So What! I figured out how to make those super gentle luxe hair ties. We have a fall craft fair at work and I'm totally excited about selling these. I've been putting together packaging ideas all week. Super excited to add something new to my etsy shop as well, it's felt a little empty lately.

So What! I'm looking forward to, but also dreading September. It's going to be a BUSY month. Yay for my Cali vacay! Yay for a fun work conference at the capital! Boo for Gav starting back to school and us being on a rigid schedule of super early bed times, and hours of homework again. And boo to having so much coming up that I can already feel myself drowning.

So What! The timing of my vacay couldn't be better, though. I have the most amazing ladies signed up to guest post. I think it'll work out really well. And their posts are each AMAZING! I seriously am looking forward to re-reading all the scheduled guest posts for Aug 31 - Sept 14. It's super exciting. I can't wait for you guys to read these posts. So so good.

So What! I cannot stop thinking about these shoes I saw at the goodwill on Monday before Gav's swim lesson. We randomly stopped in to kill some time at goodwill and I'm obsessed with these. $25 is wayyyy too much for some used shoes, right? But did you see the hearts on them?!

So What! Ok back to me going on vacay at the end of next week to Cali (sorry, I know lots of you live there and it's no big deal, but I'm in North Carolina, have never been to the west coast and am soo stoked!) The things I'm most excited about seeing/doing out there are mostly food-related LOL! Who would have guessed?

So What! Here are some examples of what I consider as must-have's when I'm out there:

Sprinkles Cupcakes

The Mission (for breakfast, not the actual Mission building lol)

Oh! And going to La Jolla of course!
(yes duh, there are beaches in San Diego, but I want to go to La Jolla)

I know we're going to be riding bikes and I imagine it looking like this. You know, me waving at palm trees and stuff.

We're really going to be out in cali to pet-sit/house-sit. So we'll have some down-time hanging out with the pups and stuff too. I usually know what to expect if I'm going on vacay, and this time I really am not sure all that's happening. And that's a good thing!

So What! Ok I admit it, I'm a control freak. Especially when it comes to traveling. I feel like the happiness of myself and anyone else I'm with while on vacation lies in my hands. I feel like if I don't plan what we are doing, and include at least 1-2 fun things a day it'll be boring. And it'll be my fault. So because of that mindset, I sort-of over prepare. Then I get bummed when the random things I 'thought' were fun (thanks for nothing TripAdvisor) are less than awesome.   So for this vacay, especially becaue BF has been to San Diego multiple times and I have not. I'm really only going to have a few HAVE-TO's and let the rest just happen. I'm kind of excited about it!

So What! Is it just me or are other people's kids more and more annoying in public these days? It might be the kids not wanting to go back to school, a full moon? who knows. But I've noticed this week kids are acting CRAY! Gav and I were at Target yesterday and it seemed like every aisle we turned down, another kid was losing their Ish. It's always a good time for me to point out to Gav "See how that boy is crying because he's not getting those pokemon cards? he's acting like a baby, isn't he!" I say this quietly, don't worry LOL! So only I turn other family's drama into a teaching moment hahaah.


So What! Ok I am no child psychologist, but I pretty much always can find the root of the issue with the kids having meltdowns in stores. It's because they aren't getting enough attention, and are not the focus of the shopping trip. I get it, not all moms can leave their kids with someone else to get shopping done. but you HAVE to make it fun for EVERYONE, especially your kid. Why ruin Target for the rest of us?

So What! No, that doesn't mean bribing your kid with snacks and toys. What you do is grab your cart and get the shopping you need done finished first. Then as a 'reward' take your kid to LOOK ONLY (not buy) toys, games, whatever they are into. And if they can't even keep it together during your shopping, you leave. No toy looking for them. And if your kid can't look at toys without wanting them (and they're kids, what do you expect?) let them know you'll "call santa" or say you'll "remember it for their birthday in 8  months" or whatever. But let them look at the toys, that's totally fine! Make shopping fun.

Oh wow, not sure where all that unsolicited parenting advice came from, but you're welcome!

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  1. I hope you enjoy your Cali trip! I miss it there. I lived in the SF bay area for 5 years before I moved to the UK. It's so nice there and if I were ever to move back home to the US I'd be looking at settling in the bay area, for sure.

    When I go grocery shopping with my little one I start out at the toy section. I pick up 2 toys (and sometimes a book) and he gets to play with them in the box while we're shopping. Then, I ditch it somewhere before we hit the check out. The store would probably hate me if they knew, but it makes for a much more pleasant shopping experience!

  2. I'll take some yogurtland and that beach! Enjoy Cali! I love, love, love San Diego!

  3. Have a wonderful time in Cali, I won't even try to pretend like I'm not completely jealous. I've never been there either. And I'm with Michelle with the kid and shopping thing - I'm a total last-minute toy ditcher. By the time I get through the store, my son is usually bored with the new toys anyway.

    1. Michelle & Jenn fab toy ditching idea!
      You know what? I think I might have done that a t Kohl's! They have this $5 rack of random stuffed animals for charity (sorry!) at the front. I would stick gav in one of those stroller shopping carts, give him one of those $5 toys and we'd ditch it in the store at some point, because it wasn't even that exciting!

  4. I just love those nikes! Im a little nuts, but i think i would of spent the money! lol. I wish i could find a pair like that for me! Im so excited to hear about your trip to Cali! Im sure your going to have an amazing time and get a sweet tan! Make sure to stock up on the cute HK spoons at yogurtland! lol

    1. And you know you're the ONLY person i'd take advice from on the used cute shoe subject. Gav has swimming again tonight and so we have another 45 minutes to kill. I will stop in and if Goodwill has the shoes, they are my size, and I love them I will drop the $25. Thanks for your help with the decision!

  5. Yeah for vacation! Can't wait to read the guest posts (not bias at all hehe :))


    1. hahah they are awesome! but yes, anyone who is reading this... be sure to check my blog on Friday, September 14th if you check it no other day ;)

    2. Ahh thanks girlie! That might be my fav post hehe :)

  6. Have fun in Cali. I haven't been since I was little and really want to go back. Both sides of my family are from parts of Cali.
    Also I agree with the kids and meltdows. I make sure to take a drink, snack, toy for my kid. She has tried to throw a tantrum because I didnt give her the eggs to play with. I tell her that's not right. (she's 14 months, so she sort of understands) but if it's not looking good I leave and go back with out her when I can.
    I also don't go to 'browse' while shopping with her.
    I also have a problem buying her an outfit when I go to target so if I get it first she likes to play with the hanger.

    And to end without kids and stores....I really like that headband!! Off to check out your store now. :)

  7. You're coming to CA? Awesome! I'm like an hour away from San Diego. Was just there 2 weeks ago for a wedding & it was so much fun so I can totally see why you're excited.

  8. LOL I love your "why ruin target for the rest of us" bit - soo true :)

  9. I live in SoCal and can vouch for Yogurtland, it's the 'ish! If you're in San Diego Extraordinary Desserts is AMAZING! Also, Vin de Syrah is this cool wine bar in the Gaslamp District that has an Alice in Wonderland vibe to it, super cool. Have fun in Cali!


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