Wednesday, August 15, 2012

So What! (If you really knew me) Wednesday

Posted By: Leah
Ugh. I hate having so much to do that I don't get a chance to blog. I get on here and type so much more for myself, than anyone reading, that's for sure. When I go several days without blogging I get a little on edge. I know, weird, right? I guess it's like therapy. Not that I write all that much about what happening in my personal life. But it's the act of writing... something... anything...that helps.

Ok sorry for debbie downer over here, I have lots to blog about... like..... Gav's bday! Asheville! Whitewater Center! Tattoo! and so much more. But first I need to get a chance to actually upload/edit the photos for that to happen and clearly that's not going to be today. I need to write just to empty out my brain. In honor of seemingly EVERYONE doing the 'if you really knew me' posts, I'm going to combine that and So What! Wednesday for a big list of awesome!

So What! If you really knew me...

I can quote every line of Wayne's World. Seriously. And I used to have a Wayne's World trucker cap. But I lost it. And am still sad about that. Like over 15 yrs later.

I can also quote every line of Coming to America. If you can too, we should be bff.

I'm going through Olympic withdrawal. I didn't really like the games as much this year... maybe I didn't watch them as much as I should have. Or the coverage was different, bounced around too much.... or something. But none the less, I miss them. PS did you see the Spice Girls at the closing ceremony? My sister and I saw them in concert back in the day, it was a total flashback! If you missed the awesome reunion, here it is:

I used to LOVE David Copperfield. I saw him perform live when I was 5 and had the chicken pox and a high fever (this is before they had vaccines for everything). My parents let me go! He also escaped from a building they were going to implode in uptown Charlotte and I got to see it LIVE!
Oh David, you're so intense

And yes, I know David Copperfield turned out to be a creep. And there is even talk of 'David Copperfield's rape island' and that is not cool at all. What he did with ladies there I guess no one knows except them.
You can rent rape island David Copperfield's private island for $37,000 a day. 
What a deal! Pretty sure David won't be there. 
(insert inappropriate jokes about illusions and making things disappear)

Hey, speaking of rape island (this post is going downhill so fast!) I used to also be obsessed with Michael Flatley. You know, the riverdance guy. He, too, was accussed of all sorts of awful things with the ladies. Geez celebrities of my youth, what is your deal? Next it'll be Ralph Maccio. Please no. No Daniel San.

Ok, enough flashback!

On to more random stuff about me!
I get ocular headaches allll the time. It's one of those stupid things that can be prevented. If I don't wear glasses or contacts and look at the computer ot TV all day my head hurts. Actually, it feels like my eye ball sockets are super sore and being pushed all the way back into my brain.

I never pluck my eyebrows. I know, you can hate me now. I clean them up maybe once every 6 months if I'm REALLY bored, but no one would notice even if I didn't. I have luck like that.

Gav had a bathing suit induced injury yesterday. Don't worry, he's fine now but it happened after swim class. Head's up to moms with boys, there weird injuries a girl could never experience but be on the look-out for it happening.

I really wanted to take part in some new linkups, but I have absolutely nothing to contribute on the topics. I feel like I can relate to anyone about anything for the most part, but these subjects I'm just.... ::blink:: blank stare.

OH! But something I'm sooo super crazy thrilled about is alllllll the guest posts for when I'm in San Diego in a few weeks. I can't wait. About the trip and about the posts. Seriously, these guest posts are GOOD! so if you never really read my blog, or my narcissism is too much for you, here are some posts totally NOT ABOUT ME! lol. Ok seriously, though, they are such a perfect mix of topics. Everything from DIY to an adoption story. From blogging tips to embarrassing moments. I can't wait to share these with you guys! I have learned sooo much for each post and you will too!

That's it for today. I'm taking my laptop to Gav's swim class tonight. Having an hour on Monday and Wednesday nights with nothing to do while Gav is in the pool is getting old fast! They have wi-fi, but my iPad wasn't having it. So i'm taking my laptop and maybe will get a chance to bang out some posts / edit pics during the hot HOT steamy 100% humidity swim class (seriously, I walk into the room with the pool and my hair is immediately drenched! It's like YMCA Rainforest.)


  1. Wayne's World and Coming to America - classics!!

    Your royal penis is clean your highness :)

  2. lol, I dont pluck my eyebrows either. I do nothing to them!

  3. Waynes World is my favorite movie!!!!!!!! Exsqueeze me, baby powder. No stairway, denied!

    I could go on for DAYS!

  4. jealous u dont gotta pluck your eyebrows!!! mine would look like a giant Caterpillar if i didnt!!!

  5. Well, all I have to say to this post is: You're one freakin' awesome gal! You can quote 2 of the best movies and dont pluck your eyebrows. Hello my new bff, haha.

    I rarely pluck my eyebrows too. However, most of the hair that should grow on my eyebrows ends up growing excessively on my legs or arms haha.


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