Monday, August 13, 2012

Summertime Swap Reveal!

Posted By: Leah
I love sending letters and gifts in the mail, and even more than that, I love getting mail. I feel so special and like it's my birthday every time something arrives for me. I pay all my bills online, so I can't use the old line of 'it's nice to receive something other than bills' because truly, everything in my mailbox is a surprise. Whether it's a catalog or coupon, getting mail is always exciting to me.

But even more exciting than regular circulars and the millionth 20% off coupon from Bed, Bath, and Beyond is when I receive a package. Especially a package from another blogger. I love taking part in blog swaps. I think bloggers are all super cool girls and it is so fun that we can share our lives with each other. I am friends with amazing ladies I would have never otherwise known. I have found so many people who are like me, and so many who are very different from me and I consider them all friends. Blogging is a great network for support, ideas, and inspiration. I love writing, and reading other people's thoughts.

Taking part in blog swaps allows friends from online to become more 'real' to me. I find it sooo interesting to see what other people select especially for me after reading my blog. Sometimes it's as if other bloggers know me better than I know myself. I say this at every blog swap reveal, but I truly am matched up with the BEST ladies. I don't know how I have gotten so lucky. I truly believe in going above and beyond to 'pay it forward' with amazing blog swap boxes. I don't think blog swaps are a time to be cheap, either. It is a chance to truly make another girl's day, and why be stingy?

For the Summertime Swap, hosted by Lin of Linny's Vault it was an even swap this time. As swaps go, this is truly the best way. You are accountable to the person you buy for, and they are accountable to you. If you don't get your stuff, you know who to bitch at, right!? On my interest form I filled out for the swap, I indicated I was open to having an partner who was international. This can equal a little more in shipping, but who cares, you could also receive some REALLY REALLY cool, unique stuff, so I thought it was totally worth it.

And boy was I right!!! I was paired with Clare of The Life of Clare and she lives in... Australia! Not only is Clare on the other side of the world, she's in Australia which is a country I have ALWAYS wanted to visit. I even considered studying abroad there in college and wished I had pursued it. On the form for the swap you could fill out what you liked/didn't like/were allergic to/etc. I just indicated that I wanted something local from whoever I was paired with. Little did I know I would be receiving awesome Australian items! Ok, on to the reveal...
I received a copy of Frankie magazine, an Australian magazine of pure win! I opened it up and each article was something super awesome that I adore. There was a cute potholder section, a tiny furniture section (!!!), all sorts of super Australian-Hipster fashion, music groups I've not heard of, and just all around awesome. 

She also included a facial toner that I LOVE! It's all natural, made of Australian plant extracts and smells amazing. It is so refreshing, I spray it on my face (and Gav's!) all the time. 

Clare also included rum! Yup, she sent me alcohol and I can.not.wait to crack it open! It's Australian rum and I have no clue what that will be like. I would have never in a zillion years thought of sending alcohol in a swap but fabulous idea! *noted* lol ;)

Next was the most amazing smelling coconut milk hand sanitizer. I LOVE coconut and this smells like the creamiest dessert. I can't believe it sanitizes. 

The last item was soo cool... it is Melbourne candy rocks. I have never had anything like it. The outside looks like rainbow glass, the inside says "I heart Melbourne" and the texture is super light and airy. Not like the hard candy we're used to in the US at all. Oh and the taste! I would describe it as a cross between acai and grapefruit... but in a super good, sweet and delicious/exotic way. 

I seriously love Frankie magazine, I'm going to have to find a way to subscribe. It rocks my life. 
And I looked it up and it's $121.67 a year... so maybe I'll just subscribe online for $15.82  for 3 issues.
Sorry for the paragraph caption but if this stuff looks awesome to you too, click HERE for the online 
subscription preview mag. it's so rad!

Clare is so cute, after receiving my package she contacted me to let me know that she worked extra hard on my package and I'd receive it a couple days after the reveal date. Honestly, it was fine with me. I've had such a hectic past few weeks I had almost forgotten what I had sent her. Fortunately Clare did an awesome reveal of what it was! 

Check out the whole post HERE, and below are a few photos from Claire. OH! And I must add, that where Clare is in the southern hemisphere it's the middle of WINTER right now! She let me know that in her request portion where she filled out her information for the swap. Also that she did not like pink. I totally forgot how the seasons 'down under' worked (but I did remember their toilets flush the opposite way. I'm full of classy knowledge). Claire said she opened her package from me under her covers, it's that cold where she is. And this is what she saw....

I really wanted to include as many american-summer items as possible. I couldn't send an Icee, but sent icee lip gloss! Clare's going to visit Hawaii soon (it's probably a shorter trip for her to visit the islands than for me and I live in the US, just on the east coast). So of course I included a Spam tin in honor of her trip lol. And no package I send is complete without something cupcake and also Hello Kitty. I just have to include them.
Thank you Clare so much for such a perfectly package and for being so thoughtful! And thank you Lin for such a well organized blog swap. I can't wait until the next one. I was *kinda* thinking about hosting one with a blog friend of mine this fall. It would be 'local' themed because lets be serious, every town has a Target, possibly even Clare's town in Australia.


  1. oh em gee! I want that pen and one of those magazines!!!

  2. This is so awesome! What a great idea, and what awesome things in that package. Seriously, LOVE it!

    I host a weekly instagram/phone pic link-up on my blog. In case you have 20 seconds today, I'd love for you to link up this post and join the party!

    Happy Monday!


  3. thats so awesome.. wish i would of done this!

  4. how fun!!!!
    I cant believe i missed out on this :( next time!!!

    Both packages look amazing!!! such a great thing to do international to get things from out of the state that we normally cant get!!

    Happy Monday

  5. I'm really so glad you love it all. It's funny because alcohol was one of the first things I though to send, it's so Australian to have a drink together by the BBQ, but discovered you weren't a wine drinker.

    It was so much fun! Thanks do much for your wonderful package!

  6. Ok, I loved my swap package but I'm totally jealous of what Clare sent! Not only did you get some very some very unique items but you also got booze out of it, go you haha. Thanks so much for signing up for the swap, both you gals rock my socks off ;)


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