Thursday, September 20, 2012

Farmer's Market in San Diego and The Mission for Brunch

Posted By: Leah
While riding bikes, bf and I randomly found a really cool farmer's market in the middle of San Diego in the Hillcrest neighborhood. Here are a bunch of random pics bf took while we were there!

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Kale chips we got from a raw foods vendor. And I know, you're jealous of my ghetto-fab nails. Sally Hanson salon effects nail polish stickers, yo!?
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yup, this is exactly what it looks like. a car covered in peeps. like 5 months after Easter
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I ended up getting gav a t-shirt and a couple xmas gifts for family members (no sorry I can't say what it is or post those pics, because they might see!) It was a cool farmer's market and I'm so excited we found it!

We actually were originally riding bikes that day over to The Mission, a super well known breakfast/brunch spot. The first time we passed by the line was out the door. We rode by the Zoo area (we didn't go to the zoo), then discovered the Farmer's market, then when we came back the like STILL was out the door. That means this place had to be good, and it was!

BF got a breakfast burrito/wrap and I got blackberry and banana pancakes. Looks like an ad, right? No this pic was of my actual plate. SO SOOO good!

The absolutely BEST part of our entire trip was the food. OH MAN>>> I can't even describe how much better the food is out there, than around here in NC. It's like all the food out there is prepared fresh, super flavorful, perfectly seasoned and made with love! You can taste it! 
Next post... OB (or Ocean Beach)!


  1. Man those pancakes look good right now. I'm so jealous of people that live close to super cool farmer's markets - especially the ones with all the fresh cut flowers. I'd spend a fortune on fresh flowers if I lived close enough to go pick out a bunch once a week.

  2. LOVE it!!! I could eat that whole plate of pancakes right now!!!!! :)

  3. i loves those skulls... ahh soo pretty


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