Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Tooth Fairy Visit and Glitter Money

Posted By: Leah
Gav lost his first tooth! I was soo worried he would lose it when I was in Cali and I would have missed it. But he held out and lost his first tooth after I got back home. Thanks Gav!

Gav lost his tooth at school and apparently his teacher was awesome in handling the situation. He lost his tooth at lunch and his teacher wrapped it in a paper towel and put it in a ziplock bag and put it in his bookbag for me.

My mom made Gav the adorable hand-stitched tooth pillow you will see in the pics. But for some reason Gav really thought that if the tooth wasn't in plain site, the tooth fairy would miss it when he went to sleep.

Little kid's baby teeth look tiny in their mouths, but when they come out, they are the shape of a tiny ravioli.

Here's the tooth pillow my mom had given Gav for his 6th birthday. I still have mine she made me too. I can remember waking up in the middle of the night and feeling the pillow to see if the tooth was still in there. I got $0.25. And yes, my mom will be the 1st to tell you that she spaced out and forgot to have the tooth fairy come many nights. My dad picked me up and drove me to school in the mornings and he would say 'why don't you check again' and the quarter would be in my special tooth fairy pillow.
 It was not hard to get Gav in bed that evening. He was sooo excited for the tooth fairy to come. I had sat him with me on the computer looking at tooth fairy pinterest ideas. Just to see his interest level before I spent hours crafting a tiny door for his wall. Thank goodness he wasn't that into it... but the idea is adorable! If you're interested, check out that DIY here.
PS the lady doing the diy calls it a crack house door. I can't even handle how funny that was to me.

Finally I convinced Gav that the tooth fairy would not come to get his tooth if it wasn't in the pillow. So after placing it in a few locations, he settled on having it on his side. Yeah.
"peace out mom!"

On pinterest I saw this link to CaptureTheMagic where they basically let you photoshop in Santa, the Easter Bunny or in this case, the Tooth Fairy next to your sleeping kid/pet/etc. Sounds awesome, right? Well they are asking $10 for 3 photos. Um no way. So with my own skilz I created the above pic using a tooth fairy halloween costume chick I found on google images. Pretty sweet, right? PS if you don't know how to do this type of thing and want me to do this for you, I totally will! I will charge wayyy less. Promise!

So I have Gav asleep and knew I needed to have the tooth fairy arrive with something awesome. There is much debate about the 'current rate' the tooth fairy pays per tooth. I got $0.25 in the 1980s. I would say with inflation that equals about a dollar now. Not a fancy silver dollar, a regular one. And I get it, a dollar buys you nothing these days. Well your kid did nothing to lose their tooth other than to live their life, so I think a dollar is fitting. But why give a plain old dirty dollar? 

Gav seemed to be into the glitter money pics we found on Pinterest and luckily I keep glitter paint pins around the house for situations such as these (totally a lie, I went to Target and dropped $2 to buy a set of 6). 
But his dollar turned out pretty cool, right? And if this is considered 'defaced' and is unspendable, that's ok... it's just a dollar. If I got this dollar at the store as change... oh man, it would make my week.

So there you go, my story of Gav's first tooth lost. Feel free to steal, take, borrow, or pin any of these ideas. Like I said, I found them all on pinterest/google images. This is just my own  awesome version of them.

OH! and for all you moms who wonder about kid's losing their first teeth. If your kid got teeth early (like 3 months) they will lose them early (before 5 yrs). If your kid got them at a regular time (7 or 8 months) they probably will lose their first tooth around age 5 or 6. 

The first tooth they have is the first that will fall out. And it just so happens I have pics from the day I discovered Gav's first tooth poking through! No pics of the actual tooth, but it was Easter of 2007 and Gav was right around 8 months old. 

 Look there's me! yay. Check out Gav pointing at me below lol!

Do you remember losing your first tooth? I remember losing mine. My Nana was taking care of me and I ate something that knocked it out. I cried and cried. I felt like my body parts were falling off. I was also super scared. My mouth felt weird! Gav was totally fine, brave, and said he didn't cry and it didn't feel that weird. It's because he's awesome. Way more cool than I ever was. Clearly hahah :) 


  1. OMG!I did that for Abby once! I sprayed the shit out of her dolla dolla bill ya'll with TONS of glitter!!! She freaking loved it! I need a pillow like that for Teagan and the rest of Abbys teeth when they decide to go! How much? AND I need you to do that for my pictures! It's cutting it into a psd.... and I SUCK at that!!!

    1. My mom made the pillow so I'll have to see if she'd be available to make more. For the photos, I'm thinking $3 for one.

  2. Aww, these are some awesome idea! I'm definitely pinning the door one! Yay for Gav and his first lost tooth!

  3. BABY GAVIN OMG. He is so cute!! I would be super stoked for that glitter dollar too.

  4. Omg, baby Gavin was beyond adorable! Too cute. Love your photoshop skills...damn girl, you so talented haha.

    And you totally had me cracking up with this -> "Well your kid did nothing to lose their tooth other than to live their life, so I think a dollar is fitting."


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