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Having great friends, even after moving far away

Posted By: Leah
Hi Lovely Life of Leah readers!!! I'm Wendy, and I blog over at Our Happily Ever After. I was so excited when Leah asked me to write a guest post for her while she is away enjoying a much deserved vacation with her BF! It took me some time of figure out what I wanted to blog about, especially at a time where my life is going through some MAJOR changes. 

My husband, Jon, and I JUST moved from Seattle, WA to San Jose, CA, like we arrived in San Jose on Saturday, September 1st! For the past 2 years, our lives have been going through lots of changes.  We got engaged in September 2010, and then in October 2010 we found out that Jon's company was promoting him and relocating us to Seattle, WA.  Imagine how I felt finding out that I would have to plan my wedding living 3 hours away!! At the end of December 2010 Jon and I packed up our lives and moved to Seattle.  We got married July 2011 and were adjusting to the newlywed life and our new home, but then, this May we got word that we would be relocating AGAIN, this time to California, our dream state, where we want to settle down and start a family.  So as you can see (read), our life has changed drastically, but one thing that has stayed constant and I am very thankful for are our friends! 

Living away from you friends and family is HARD! But one thing that Jon and I learned from moving is who our real friends are.  Who are the friends that support us, are excited for us and are there for us whenever we need them?  I feel like once we moved away, we became even closer to our friends.  I think since we all lived 10-15 mins away from each other, we took advantage of the fact that we could see each other whenever, and we never put much effort in spending time together. 

Now that we moved, I feel like we have such an awesome community of friends, like we all just band together and built a family and support system for one another.  Of course Jon and I also have our family, which we love and that are there for us.  But it’s also such a great feeling knowing that you have friends that are there for you, willing to open up their homes for you and support you every step of your way.  These people don't HAVE to do any of those things for us, but they chose to because they love us, and we love them. It’s hard not being able to be there for all the fun parties and special events, but we are always there in spirit thinking of them.  
I couldn't have asked for a better group of friends! Jon and I are lucky to have such wonderful people in our lives!

Okay, I'm done, I think I've blabbed enough about my friends and I’ll stop being mushy, lol.  Now lets look at pictures of the fun times Jon and I have had with our friends!
Ringing in 2010 together!

Visiting us in Seattle and going to concerts together

College football games! GO DUCKS!

Helping us pick out wine for our wedding!

Spending their weekends with us along with our new Seattle friends!

Going in vacations together!

Dressing up together!!! (Hopefully none of you are afraid of clowns! I made my husband dress up as one with me! lol)

Rose bowl champs! (Sports are a BIG part of our lives!)

Planning the most perfect bachelorette party for me!

Standing by my side on my wedding day!

Getting down! lol
 I hope all of you also have some great friends by your side! And if you want grow your circle of friends; I'm a pretty good friend! (wink!)  Thanks for checking out my guest post and hope you all enjoyed it! And if you think I'm cool, feel free to come and visit me too!

A Note from Leah: Thank you Wendy! I hope your move has gone smoothly and I am so excited for you and Jon's newest adventure together... moving to Cali! 

You guys, I love Wendy. Since the moment we found each other's blogs, I just knew we were meant to be good friends. First of all, Wendy is a Hello Kitty girl, just like I am. A real, true lifelong HK girl. Reading about Wendy and her husband Jon's relationship truly makes me happy. They are the sweetest couple and always doing so much for one another. They have found true love! And Jon's constantly surprising Wendy with HK awesomeness... can we talk about her HK skateboard? And she has HK Vans like me! OH! and on her wedding day she wore a HK necklace. I wish she and I lived closer because I think she would be so much fun and a genuinely sweet friend to have IRL. 

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  1. Friends really are great to have and I think it's true that you find who your 'real' friends are when you move.


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