Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Hello Kitty Yogurtland and Sprinkles Cupcakes!

Posted By: Leah
Before going to San Diego I had a short list of all the things I wanted to do, see, and EAT! I was sooo excited to go to the much-hyped Sprinkles Cupcakes. You know, the place that single-handily started the popularity of cupcakes world wide?

And Yogurtland. A frozen yogurt chain who lets Sanrio take over every summer. Hello Kitty + Cupcakes = the two things that make me extra super happy no matter what :)

I'll let the photos of Yogurtland speak for themselves. I mean seriously... imagine me, the biggest Hello Kitty fan, stepping into a froyo place that was sooo HK decked out. There may have been shrieks and Gasps. I was sooo happy to be in the midst of this awesome. I couldn't stand still. I wanted to try everything, to look at everything. This was pretty much just as good as if I had flown to Sanrio Puroland (hello kitty theme park) in Japan. For me, it was the next best thing.

The poor lady at the register I think was honestly a little freaked out by me. I promise I semi-kept it together, but when I asked for an extra Hello Kitty spoon to take back to NC she said 'no way.' Then somehow with my amazing charm I asked to see all of their merchandise (yes they had shirts, HK plush, pins, bags, key chains, etc.) and after purchasing probably more than the average person would. I think the casheer realized my love of HK was for real. She gave me a wink and tossed about 10 HK spoons and several twin stars spoons in my bag too! And the spoons are nice. I mean they are that biodegradable plastic (like what they give you at Whole Foods). So you can wash and reuse them for many many uses.

Oh! And the fro yo! It was good! It's the kind that tastes like soft-serve not the bitter yogurt kind, thank goodness! I think I got like 4 samples and my cup had at least 3 different types in it and I was so excited about HK that I couldn't even tell you what the flavors were ;)


Sprinkles Cupcakes was another must-see (must eat!) on my Cali list. We went to Sprinkles in La Jolla one evening and got there 15 minutes before it closed. Ok, really how we got there was BF and I were going to La Jolla to see the beach at night, but didn't really have a destination. So I typed Sprinkle's address into the Garmin and there we were!

I had pretty much the same reaction to going into Sprinkles as I did at Yogurtland. Me, gasping, then trying to compose myself, totally trying to play it cool, when really I wanted to jump up and down, point, and hug all the cupcakes (don't worry, they were behind glass). You can tell from the expression in the employee's face above  that she totally was getting a kick out of how giddy Sprinkles made me. I know, I know, I'm 32 yrs old and should be able to compose myself. I just couldn't. I told her I came all the way from NC for Sprinkles and I was so excited that I couldn't choose a flavor. BF said to go ahead and have them get us a few (OH yeah! I seriously felt like I had to pick only one). So we ended up getting s'mores, vanilla hazelnut, lemon and dark chocolate. 

The cupcakes were good. Especially the s'mores one. I wouldn't say they were any better or any worse than the cupcakes I could find at a bakery locally, but just to have that dot. You know, the signature sprinkles dot (yes, I know it looks like a boob) on my cupcake made it sooo special! 

I didn't keep the wooden cupcake spoon or knife. And I didn't get any Sprinkles merchandise to take home. But I got to eat at Sprinkles!!! I have been obsessed with that company for years. I get their newsletter and (#geekmoment) even have a Sprinkles screensaver on my computer at work. You can have one too lol. Yeah, there's actually an ilovesprinkles.com website for other crazy fans like me. 

SN: I am not LDS, but directly across from Sprinkles was the most gorgeous temple I had ever seen. There are quite a few LDS bloggers that I follow so as soon as I saw this absolutely breathtaking temple all lit up at night, I immediately knew what it was. Those Mormons know how to build a spectacular place of worship for sure!
San Diego Mormon Temple (_DSC0539a)


  1. OMG I can just picture you running around like a crazy person in there scaring the woman! Hahaha. Glad you had fun!

  2. I am loving all your Cali recaps...you took such great pictures! All the food you're posting is making me hongray too. I can so see you running around all HK crazy, love it! :)

  3. See, I would have totally kept the wooden utensils - but that's just me! It all looks super yummy, I'm glad you got to check a couple of things off of your bucket list!


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