Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I'm guest posting today with a Tortilla and Black Bean Pie

Posted By: Leah
I'm guest posting on Down At Fraggle Rock for my girl Kayleigh while she's on her honeymoon! You know how I used to post delicious recipes all the time? Wait... that's a lie. I can sometimes make semi-decent things. Well for Kayleigh, BF and I made Martha' Black Bean and Tortilla pie thanks to Pinterest and it was... well... you'll just have to visit me at Down At Fraggle Rock for the recipe and to see how it turned out.

PS- Kayleigh called me a Southern Gangster in my guest post intro and this seriously has made my day! I think she may know me better than I know myself! LOL  - ok so as a background she saw my ShopLeah Luxe Hair Tie YouTube video from THIS POST and was like omg that's how you really speak!? Yup. Southern Gangster at it's finest :)

(Martha Stewart's photo. Not mine)

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  1. That looks amazing! : )

    I love pintrest and it's ideas!


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