Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Jessica with the insider's scoop on San Diego!

Posted By: Leah
Hello Beautiful Readers of Lovely Life of Leah. I am so excited to be taking over the blog today while Leah is out visiting San Diego... just in case you don't know me, Some call me Jessica while the others call me.... well that is a post for a later date ;) My little home on the web is actually not Leah's blog even though that would be pretty awesome, but I like to call it Before The I Do's. It is all about everything. I am smack dab in the middle of wedding planning, home remodel, raising a 4 year old and soon to be married to the military.

So I thought with all that craziness I would take a little vacation in my own little city of San Diego. After all, so many of you want to visit here but no idea what to do when you get here!!! 

If you do make it here - make sure to tell me so we can meet up!  

First thing first - I would suggest you know this 

Did you know San Diego airport is the #10th most extreme airport? 

Don't believe me do you... Read this

Now that you have landed safely and ready to explore. 
There is all kinds of places to go..

Find a hotel. I would suggest going downtown to the Marriott

I mean this is the PERFECT hotel to be at. So perfect, that some friends & I rented a room to go out downtown because NO ONE wanted to drive. 

Than I would head on over to Seaport Village 

Its a cute little area of shops & yummy food. 
After dinner, is when the REAL fun begins. 

Get all dolled up, put on those high heels, that pretty dress you had NO Idea where to wear it too and head out on the town in Gas Lamp. 

These few blocks are FULL of fun bars and dancing. 
Dance the night away & at 2 am when everything closes you won't be the ONLY ones walking back to that awesome hotel I can promise you that.. 
Make Friends along the way & continue the party in the Hotel... :) 

Unlike Minnesota & other states, California sells alcohol ALL days of the week at ALL hours of the day at almost EVERY store. No ABC's No Liquor stores needed.. just the local corner store will do!!! 

Make sure to pull the black out blinds close though before bed and turn up the AC.. 
SLEEP IN!!! Enjoy vacation. 

The next day when you get up, 
you have a few options. 

1. Repeat the first day (sounds fun right) 
2. Go to the San Diego Zoo {close to downtown}
3. Head on over to Balboa Park for a day in the sun
4. My Favorite, GO TO THE BEACH!!! 
Put your feet in the sand, lay on the best beach towel, take a nap, drink a slurpee with some vodka in it, snack on mexican food. 

that is a MUST - if you come to San Diego MUST HAVE MEXICAN FOOD!!! 

There you have it.. My life is a dream vacation for so many others!!! 
I must admit, I am pretty spoiled living in San Diego. 
but if you decide to come visit, make sure to tell me so we can have a date!!!

Thank you Leah for allowing me to take over your blog!!! 
Enjoy your Vacation.
Eat Mexican Food. Soak in the Sun. Run your toes through the sand. 
Looking forward to hearing all about it. 

A Note from Leah: Thank you Jessica! I cannot wait to check out all the places you suggested, especially the Gas Lamp. I had never heard of it! Or anywhere in SD! I am from North Carolina and had never been to the West Coast at all... until now! 

Do you all remember when I did my vlog? I met Jessica through a mug swap. It was through meeting her that a whole new blog circle of awesome ladies opened up to me. And can I just brag on Jessica that the mug she got me... was from Modcloth! Um yes, this girl knows perfection. Check out my vlog HERE. Where I realize Jessica sent me the mug... and ... ok this is really me, really how I talk. And sweet Gav!

Jessica's getting married next month! She just had an AMAZING bachelorette weekend in Vegas a couple weeks back. This girl is a blast!


  1. Now I really want to go to San Diego!

  2. Thanks for having me Leah!! I love the surprise in the mail. (I got it yesterday :)


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